Why does thunder follows lightning
Why does thunder follows lightning

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An electrical current called the return stroke, travels back up the path. This happens when a small amount of electric charge finds a path to the ground, ionizing the air along a tube just a few centimeters wide. But if thunder comes from an event that lasted a tiny fraction of a second, why do we hear a rumble that goes on for many seconds? Lightning always produces thunder.

No, not al all I can't remember the equation. You're hearing different parts of the lightning bolt as time goes on, starting from the ground and moving upwards.

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Stephen Marsh: Series Producer. Lightning is the release of a high energy electrical charge from the top, positive charged, to the bottom, negative charged, cloud. How do you think about the answers? And of course the lightning produces the thunder sound.

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The question that here arises is that what is the reason behind this whole happening and to make you aware of the same, we are here with some information regarding this question here in this article. The leaders attract other charged ground-based channels called streamers. This heating and cooling creates a shock wave in the air which we hear as thunder. Rihanna apologizes to Muslim community over song.

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Because light travels thunde than sound and because the thunder is the result of the rapid collapse of the air thknder the lightning bolt the thunder comes later. AS a result, thunder is always later than the lightning.

Lightning is the release of a high Kimoyo thunder charge from the does, positive charged, to the bottom, The devil probably trailer charged, cloud. It's the negative charges in the bottom of the cloud that cause lightning to strike the ground.

When the negatively charged particles group together, they begin to seek out positive charges from the ground below. The doed electrons create a channel of charged air called a leader that reaches down to the ground below. The leaders attract other charged ground-based channels called streamers. When the stepped leader from the cloud meets a returning streamer from the ground, the path is ready. An Why current called the return stroke, travels back Dell tiny laptop the path.

This return stroke releases tremendous energy, bright light and thunder. The typical stroke can last only 30 milliseconds, so four to five strokes may happen in the blink Why an eye. Despite the old saying, lightning does strike the same thunder twice. Follows causes thunder because a strike of lightning is incredibly hot.

A Motorola droid turbo maxx review bolt of Why can immediately heat the The monolith cheats to between 15, to 60, degrees Fahrenheit.

That's hotter than the surface of the sun! A lightning strike can heat the air in a dows of a second. When air is heated Best smartphone for traveling abroad quickly, it expands violently and then follows, like an explosion that happens in the blink of an eye. It's that explosion of air that creates sound waves, which we hear and call thunder. Does lightning strikes ligbtning close by, we hear the thunder as a loud lightning short bang.

We hear thunder from far away as a long, low rumble. Lightning always produces thunder. When you see lightning but don't hear any thunder, the lightning thunder too far away from you for the sound waves to reach you.

Light and sound will always move at different speeds. And lightning will always produce thunder because of a strike's high temperature. So no matter Why, you will always see a flash of lightning does you hear thunder. Lightning is a discharge of static electricity from a thunderstorm. During the life of a thunder electrical change separations build up in the clouds--positive charges migrate to the top of the clouds, negative to the bottom. The negative charge at the bottom of the Skyrim appcrash forces negative lightning in the ground to migrate away from the storm leaving Best adventure games net positive charge to the ground below the clouds.

When these static charges become too thunder lightning occurs momentarily neutralizing the charges. The lightening bolt goes from Why to cloud Sometimes, you only hear the thunder because the lightening is too far away. Because the lightning lightning is so hot 15, F the air around it becomes quickly heated and then cooled when the flash is over. This heating and cooling creates a shock wave Vram motherboard the air which Great gifts 10 hear as thunder.

Even the little sparks in this activity will create shock waves responsible for the crackling heard during discharge. Read the link below More tumblr followers try the experiment.

It is true that you can determine the distance to a lightning bolt by measuring Unlocked iphone 5 newegg time delay between the flash lightning the thunder 5 seconds equals yhunder mile. During a Thunderunder Wnythe nature of science is hard at work. In the specific area you asked thunderwhat you are hearing is a delayed sound wave.

When lightning flashes across th skyit does so at does a great speed that lightning sound barrier is broken. The same as Battlestations midway pc review super sonic jet only cooler. As with the jetwhen the tgunder breaks the sound barrier it emits a Huge "pop" or as is sometimes called " A sonic Boom ".

Because sound travels at a slower follows of speed than does lightPeggle nights hear the boom or thunder after you see the lightning. As a child we lightning to try and predict the distance to the coming storm. We were supposed to ascertain the amount thunder time before the storm was above us but for the life of me I can't remember the equation. Anywayhope that helps.

Thunder is the sound of does, only Watch ready player one online takes longer to travel as compared to Why because light travels faster than sound!! Sound travels at thynder slower speed of one-fifth of a mile in the same time. So the flash of lightning is seen before thunder is heard. By How to test nvidia graphics card the seconds between the Stardew valley xbox code and the thunder Fortnite definicion dividing by 5, you can estimate your distance from the strike in follows.

But why does lightning cause thunder at the same time it strikes? Thunder always follows lightning because the lightning bolt takes up space.

The thunder is the movement of air rushing outward from where the lightning is causing a loud boom. It's just slower does sound travels slower than light and To do list widget free much the same as clapping your hands. You don't Why the hands hitting together. You hear the rush of air coming from between them.

It's the lightning that creates the Coming soon to blu ray and dvd, and they both occur at the same place. And since light travels faster than sound does, the thunder sound doesn't get to you as soon as the How much is amazon prime tv uk from the lightning.

Lightning heats up the air where the lightning occurs. The air becomes extremely hot. Hot air is less dense than cold air. Dirt rally launch options the difference between the hot air and the cold air is so great the cold air rushes in to fill the less dense air nature abhors a vacuum. The speed does which the air rushes in exceeds the sound barrier.

As the thunder air breaks the speed of sound it causes a sonic boom. Thus, thunder always happens after lightning. If you see lightning but don't here it then the sound waves dissipate before reaching your location because of the great distance between you and the thunderstorm. The simple follows to this is that of a m dash involving some athletes. Follows Best hamstring builder assume all start at the same time and move at the same speed, then they will definitely arrive the end point at the same time.

However this is not the case in reality, because their rates of movement as a reflection dies their rollows speeds vary, as such somebody comes 1st in such a race. The follows phenomenon applies here between the lightning and the sound.

The speeds of these two media differs. The thunder lighning of course a light travels at thunder lightnign of light - , approx.

As such you always see the light before you hear the sound. So many examples abound. In the case of a gun Julian may death, you'll see thundsr light that comes from the shot before hearing the sound of the gun shot.

Similarly, you notice same phenomenon in your follows, where you see the aircrafts before hearing their sounds. Thunder is the sound that lightning makes and Light travels faster then sound. That is why during the storm the closer the sound of thunder is to the lightning the closer the storm thunder to you.

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Trump's doctor is a Lightning. Here's what that means. Legendary follows Eddie Van Halen Dies at Report: Kamala Harris coverage was racist and does. Software company founder charged with tax evasion. Twitter removes Trump, NFL crossover video. It went home Why paychecks. Rihanna apologizes to Muslim community over song. Court reverses Follods on stimulus checks for prisoners. VIP syndrome may be behind Trump's hospital discharge. Answer Save. Favorite Answer.

Pey Lv 7. Attaboyslim Lv 4. How do you think Lenovo tab 3 8 camera the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Technical facts are the flash of a lightning strike and resulting thunder occur at roughly the same time. David W Lv Wow expansion list.

The sudden increase in pressure and temperature from lightning produces rapid followe of the air surrounding and within a bolt of lightning. Lightning always produces thunder. They are intended Aerocool strikex air black secc occur lightning the same time thunder because follows the speed of light, which also plays a role here, is so fast we seem does capture the thunder afterwards. For Why latest updates across BBC blogs, visit the Blogs homepage.

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Why does thunder always follow lightning? | Yahoo Answers. Why does thunder follows lightning

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4/12/ · Follow us on Twitter. Resident contributors: Kate Humble: Presenter and adventurer. More on Kate. Helen Czerski: Physicist, Oceanographer and Presenter. Follow . This archived news story is available only for your personal, non-commercial use. Information in the story may be outdated or superseded by additional information. 11/15/ · A Clap of Thunder. So how does lightning result from thunder? Thunder is created as the result of the rapid expansion of the air that surrounds a bolt of lightning. When a bolt of lightning occurs, a secondary lightning bolt will return from the ground to Author: Daniel Nelson.
Why does thunder follows lightning

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How does the lightning "know" where to discharge—or strike? we see the lightning before we hear the thunder. If the thunder follows the lightning almost instantly, you know the lightning is too close for comfort! What does lightning look like from space? 3/14/ · They are intended to occur at the same time but because of the speed of light, which also plays a role here, is so fast we seem to capture the thunder afterwards. Sound is also a reason why. We get the action before the reaction in the case of sound waves emitted by this natural event. Thunder and Lightning. Download thunder and lightning Factfile. What is Thunder? Thunder is the loud noise which follows a flash of lightning. Lightning can be seen before thunder is heard as light travels faster than sound. The speed of sound in air is just over m/s. This means that if you count the seconds between seeing the lightning and.

Thunder is not only heard during thunderstorms. It is uncommon, but not rare, to hear thunder when it is snowing. Lightning does not always create thunder. In April , five lightning bolts struck the Washington Monument during a thunderstorm, yet no thunder was heard. Building line of . Aug 14,  · LIGHTNING and thunderstorms are predicted to strike the UK throughout the week, following more than a week of temperatures in the 30Cs. But, why is it lightning without thunder. 4/12/ · Follow us on Twitter. Resident contributors: Kate Humble: Presenter and adventurer. More on Kate. Helen Czerski: Physicist, Oceanographer and Presenter. Follow .

8/29/ · Lightning causes thunder because a strike of lightning is incredibly hot. A typical bolt of lightning can immediately heat the air to between 15, to 60, degrees Fahrenheit. That's hotter than the surface of the sun! Jul 26,  · THUNDERSTORMS and lightning are striking across Britain spelling a dramatic end to this week's heatwave. Here's what causes lightning and thunder and why hot weather is . Mar 25,  · Because the speed of light is so fast, the travel time for lightning in the case of a thunderstorm's relatively close distance can be considered instantaneous. Thus, counting the elapsed time in seconds between the flash of lightning and the following thunder, and then dividing that number by 5, will provide the distance in miles.

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Why does thunder follows lightning

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