Tribute to the beautiful Queen of the screen.


It was a rude shock to all her fans across the length and breadth of the world when the news of her sudden untimely death engulfed the news media and all other social media platform.

It was a moment of lamentations and wailing when the news of her demise was aired .

Even it was quite amazing checking on wikipedia immediately after demise that her profile has been updated and the date of her death is already available for documentation.

According to wikipedia,she was born on the 27th of February 1975 to the popular highlife musician VICTOR OLAIYA.

She started her acting career with Wale Adenuga’s production tagged “SUPER STORY”.

The deceased married Bayo Okesola in 2007 but later separated.

She converted from Christianity to Islam in 2014.

The news of her death was announced on may 17,2017.

It was reported she died of cardiac arrest in Canada,where she had…

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The 2015 Presidential candidate of the National Conscience Party (NCP), Chief Martin Onovo, has commended ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo’s call for Igbo Presidency in 2019. Onovo, in an interview, on Thursday, in Lagos, also commended former Head of State, retired Gen. Ibrahim Babangida for his declaration of support for such call. “Obj is the most experienced […]

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Here’s a conversation we can all sink our teeth into! Are you hungry? If you are, you’re in luck. Savannah’s Restaurant Week is coming up. That means many of us will take advantage of the opportunity to dine at places we may have wanted to, but haven’t had the chance. LeAndrea Mikell from Savannah…

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Business savvy, Tayo Sobola best known by her stage name Sotayo Gaga is an actress, model and film producer who made name in Yoruba flicks like Arewa Onijogbon and Copper Jide among others. The actress cum movie maker attended Olabisi Onabanjo University where she bagged a degree in Public Administration. The star of Aba Ikilo […]

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5 Basic Ways of Maintaining a healthy Lifestyle.


In recent times,the spread of diseases and the spate at which people contact diseases is quite alarming and disturbing which signals the inability of many people to live,manage and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It can be vividly observed that the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle has become a luxury to many people with fortunes and resources being wasted in seeking solutions to ailments and diseases that can be concluded to be as a result of poor healthy lifestyle.

With the unsual spread of terminal and communicable diseases,it cannot be a mistake to look deeply into some basic ways by which  a healthy lifestyle can be cultivated and nutured into a habit and a culture personally and within the confines of our community and environment.

The five(5) basic ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle are:

1.Maintaining a good personal and environmental hygiene.

2.Maintaining a good eating habit.

3.Creating ample quality time…

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The prospect and prosperity of evil with its accompanying gains are ephemeral.Although the prevalence and preference of evil over good might have been in existence for ages with its reign and ruler-ship being celebrated to high heaven by many for a long period of time with no one having the time frame when it will be over.

The ripple effects of its existence in correspondence with its multiplication in the mind of every mankind will end up producing mortals having the wall of their souls and conscience being seared with hot iron rod.

good 6This simply inhibits the propensity of good overcoming evil with the  birth of a kind of sophistication in the form of confusion that is platformed and premised on the acceptability of the celebration of good been enshrined on the walls of individual conscience based on the concept of evil profiting more than good .

This configures mortals…

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The stages of development of a child starts from infancy and terminates at adulthood and each stage requires many forms of supports that are necessary to make each of the stages a successful endeavor expected to lead to the emergence of a complete and a responsible adult.

The various forms of support needed are categorized into different areas of developments viz:

1.Physical developments.

2.Emotional Developments.

3.Social Developments.

4.Financial Developments.

5.Intellectual Developments.

6.Spiritual Developments.

The perfect combination of all these should be confined in the nucleus of every child developmental curriculum.


Parenting or child rearing is the process of promoting and supporting the physical,emotional,social,financial and intellectual developments of a child from infancy to adulthood.

Parenting entails caretakers and the most common caretaker among others in parenting is the biological parents of the child in question.

What makes child bearing successful is nothing but good child rearing methods,ideology…

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