The fulfillment of my vision

Give me a piece of paper,

Give me bottles of ink,

Give me a pen

Give me a table,

This is all I want,

In the darkest place,

In the lighted path,

Like a spring of water,

Like a fountain from a rock,

Words flow from my mind,

I believed to be an introvert by nature,

I discovered myself as an extrovert on paper,

Fight my battle with pen,

Won my war on paper,

Filled is my spirit an,

With longings for words,

An august visitor occupied my mind,

Asking me to write,

Asking me to put my thought,

On tablet,

Not for now,

For history and posterity,

The vision is for an appointed time,

Thought it tarried,

At the end, it will speak,

It will not lie,

Thought it tarried,

I will wait,

For the fulfilment of my vision.


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