US judge defers sentencing of Akasha brothers

As part of US court procedures, defendants who have pleaded guilty to or been convicted of federal offences are interviewed by a government probation officer to gather information concerning the individuals’ family histories, education background, history of substance abuse and financial status, as well as their physical, mental and emotional health.

Buhari Declines Assent to Five Bills

The Bills that were denied presidential assent included the Maritime Security Operations Coordinating Board (Amendment) Bill, 2018; Revenue Mobilisation Allocation And Fiscal Commission (Amendment) Bill, 2018; the Bankruptcy And Insolvency Bill, 2018; the Federal Polytechnic (Amendment) Bill, 2018 and the Energy Commission (Amendment) Bill, 2018.

Saudi Arabian flag statue removed from World Trade Centre grounds

“Given the unique and justified sensitivities surrounding the World Trade Centre, it came to my mind to propose to remove the sculpture showcasing the flag of Saudi Arabia, or relocate it to a less sensitive location,” Ms Jenkell said. “But there is no way I can do such a thing as the flag of Saudi Arabia is entirely part of the G20 just like any other candy flag of this Candy Nations show. And G20 is all about that: Peace, Unity and Love among mankind. Exactly [the] same meaning as my candy flags sculptures bringing joy and happiness to everyone on earth.”

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