Someone foreign to the culture of the Nigeria south-western state might have his or her tongue clipped  having difficulty to pronounce “OWAMBE”.This is really a common parlance used in describing social gathering and any form of party organised in any part of yoruba land in Nigeria.Literally, it simply connotes “I am there” or I witnessed it”.



Every Saturday of every year can never be vacant of one owambe or the other in yorubaland, it is deeply embedded as part of cultural virtues of the yorubas and it is exhibited as an important part of the yoruba society.



Not that other tribe or part of the world are not social but one can easily observe a unique way by which all resources are maximised for the success of such a gathering in yorubaland.”Owambe(s)” of few hours is always celebrated as a celebration that will last a long time.



Not that celebration is awful and absurd but one can never shy away from the volume of resources that goes down the drain in the process of organising a gathering that is societal and eventful.



No doubt about it, it is always filled with fun fare, jamboree and  eventful with series of programmes that makes such a day complete and satisfactory. Right from the colourful attires with varieties of foods having different meats and fish as a good companion.It is only available statistics that can provide the numbers of cattle, goats and rams from the Northern part of the country that are sacrificed in the course of owambe every year in Nigeria.



Truly, the Yoruba culture is one of the rich culture available all over the world but it is quite appalling to note that the demands of meeting up with this cultural values is quite tensed and unbearable.Many people go along way in leaving their comfort zone and inconveniencing themselves to get any of their owambe meaningful and successful. 



Despite the gloomy low ebbed economy being witnessed all over the world, one would think that their will be a recession to such an extravagant and flamboyant celebration . People always goes to the extreme in sourcing for fund in the form of borrowing in order to be acceptable to their invitees, colleagues , families and friends.




owambe 1



From this , investors and  smart entrepreneur need not to go far to understand that the south-western part of Nigeria is a fertile ground for investing a bunch into event planning and other source of social activities that will make every owambe acceptable to international standard.This sector of our economy is a gold mine awaiting a lot of resourcefulness to tap into it.It can also serve as a source of IGR and forex for Nigerian government only if the capacity to maximize every available opportunities inherent in this sector towards massive employment, taxation generation and infracstructural development of Nigeria society.



In considering the fabrics and attires that goes into making owambe colorful, beautiful and eventful, one needs to know that it will aid massive geometric development of the textile industries that have been moribund  since ages in Nigeria.The food and beverages industries are not left behind as one of the sectors that can be developed from the affinity of the yorubas for owambe.The demand for food in any of this gathering is a pointer to the fact that the agricultural sector will not be left behind in the course of overall general development. 



To cap it up, it is pertinent to note that extremism in organising owambe and it’s accompany demands through unnecessary profligacies is unreasonable and unacceptable, moderacy is needed in everything needed to be done for any engagement and social gathering.




OWAMBE 3 (1)

On a personal ground , as a conservative I believe to a large extent that owambe is profligacy and wastefulness. The essence for frugality and persimoniosity should not be mortgaged at all.



The need to champion and channel every available resources at our disposal is of essence and importance.What is wasted in every social gathering is enough to take good care of the indigent and downtrodden in the society.



I wrote this piece sitting down in a marital owambe at Sam Ethnam Airforce Base in Lagos. 

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