The trend of present realities in the Nigerian society always forced someone to have a deep breathe considering series of societal values that have gone down the drain.


Nowadays,it takes a lot of boldness and thinking for anyone to really convince the Millenia about the necessity of education in their journey to greatness.


In a situation whereby the society we live in abhors and praised to high heaven characters who are uneducated accompanied with the fact that it is some of these uneducated personalities that determines what is happening in the society makes it more frustrating.


It happened sometimes ago that one of the popular Road Transport Workers Chairman throw a jab at the Nigeria Education system claiming that the work of an ‘agbero’ is also a professional job like every other professional job being studied in every other Nigerian schools is a confirmation of the evil that has bedevilled the entirety of the Nigerian educational system.






No doubt about it,a monetized society can never appreciate any good thing that quality education can offer.


A society that believed in extreme accumulation of wealth without any traceable source of income will end up like the Nigerian society whereby no one gives a damn about the beauty of working hard to achieve a feat.


The evil of a negative society has eaten deep into every fabrics of the Nigerian existence to the point that promotion and appraisal in many corporate entity is no longer by merit but it has been subjected to dirty approaches that might be beyond what a sane human mind can comprehend.


This makes someone to keep asking series of questions that boils down to the fate of those who are educated when the economy of the entire nation has been sold of to Asian Tigers that has little or no respect to academic achievements.


Not that some of the educated can be shielded from blame due to the fact that many educated ones can not stand their feet to defend what they studied in school because it has gotten to the point that Masters degree holders in this part of the world have become a show of disgrace.





It is appalling and mind-blowing that this is happening in our time but it will be more disheartening for the coming generation because someone could easily observed that the crop of young minds around gives no damn about being serious with their academic achievements.


Can we blame them?




It will be a sin to blame them when some of their uncles and aunties that finished from one higher institution or the other are busy wandering around looking for what to do.The lucky ones among them are busy teaching in the classroom whereby they are being given paenuts as take home pay.


A situation whereby the shout of skills acquisition is on a top gear is quite insulting whereby a MSc holders are being seen frying chin-chin and puff puff makes it more discouraging due to the fact that the contributions of this form of endeavour is too low to add value to the person involved and the GDP of the Nigerian economy.


If at all skills acquisition is the alternative for unemployment,many of the skills being portrayed as a source of employment is too low for what a nation that is bothered about the development of its economy and citizenry should be dashing out as a source of livelihood in Nigeria.


Hence,with all these,it is impossible for any sane mind to rely on whatever is being thrown out as a benefit of education considering the rigours that young Nigerian pass through while in school.


The uncertainty of dreams and visions being fulfilled through the accumulation of academic certification is a mirage in Nigeria now.  It is another means of becoming perpetually miserable for the rest of someone’s life.


The reality of the Nigerian society is discouraging.


In conclusion, what defines aberration is when the society of the educated is being governed by the uneducated. It will trigger confusion and a dampened spirit will be the order of the day.


What a pity.




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10 Essential Skills for Every Writer — Nicholas C. Rossis

This is a guest post by Lucy Benton. Lucy is a writing coach and editor who finds her passion in expressing own thoughts as a blogger, and currently works at Assignment Helper. She is constantly looking for the ways to improve her skills and expertise. If you’re interested in working with Lucy, you can find her […]

via 10 Essential Skills for Every Writer — Nicholas C. Rossis

10 Essential Skills for Every Writer — Nicholas C. Rossis

This is a guest post by Lucy Benton. Lucy is a writing coach and editor who finds her passion in expressing own thoughts as a blogger, and currently works at Assignment Helper. She is constantly looking for the ways to improve her skills and expertise. If you’re interested in working with Lucy, you can find her […]

via 10 Essential Skills for Every Writer — Nicholas C. Rossis

10 Essential Skills for Every Writer — Nicholas C. Rossis

This is a guest post by Lucy Benton. Lucy is a writing coach and editor who finds her passion in expressing own thoughts as a blogger, and currently works at Assignment Helper. She is constantly looking for the ways to improve her skills and expertise. If you’re interested in working with Lucy, you can find her […]

via 10 Essential Skills for Every Writer — Nicholas C. Rossis


This articles was published on facebook by a friend of mine this morning and in his generosity, he sent it to my whatsapp and he asked me if it can find a space in my blog. Anyway, I appreciate your kind gesture bro. You have made your contribution to me and a positive impart to […]



Without any iota of doubt,I am confident that the first-six nuggets that will guarantee a succesful 2018 have been making a lot of impact and I am sure that they are reasonable to a large extent in serving as a resources and a material that will enhance better and firm understanding of what is necessary for anyone who desire better personal performance in the course of the year and beyond.




In continuation of what we jointly started as a form of publications that are of different topical nuggets numbered up to 31,with all humility and humaness,I present to you another three sets of nuggets tagged 7,8,9 meant to serve as a material for January 7th,January 8th and January 9th 2018.




It goes thus.





The best in this life are not available to every dick and harry.They are in the form of secrets hiding from the surface and kept or buried deep far away from people on the surface of the earth.Some of these are mysteries that need to be painstainkly unravelled by anyone who desire to understand such mysteries.


Once,it is unravelled,it becomes a source of launch pad that will catapault such person into another realm of breakthrough.


As the new year begins,opportunities begin to unfold gradually that needs to be maximized optimally for the beauty of the new year to see the light of the day.


With this,it now become a responsibility and a duty for thorough responsiveness for you to dig,search and seek for opportunities in the course of the year.Opportunities for success in the course of the year should not be expected to fall on our laps but it should be created through innovations that are needed and accepted by others around us.


It is pertinent to launch into the deep in order for resources that are buried underneath the water to be unravelled.





Just as Jesus Christ commnded Simon Peter to launch into the deep after series of trial and toiling throughout the night,there is a need for anyone who desire success in 2018,to go for what is needed and necessary for the expected success to unfold and emerge in the course of the new year.


It is the depth of your search for opportunities that determines the brightness of the glory that will accompany your success in the course of the year.


When you are digging, it is always accompany with darkness but light and brightness emerge gradually or faintly as the depth of your digging increases with time.The deep belongs to those who are deep to recognise that deep things in terms of secret and mysteries need to be dug out for the emancipation of the beauty which has been enslaved and imprisoned by the lack of understanding of what needs to be done to obtain success and breakthrough.


The new year is a year filled with great and deep rooted opportunities that will be deciphered by those who are deep enough in knowledge, wisdom and understanding to see beyond the surface in order to uphold the deep resources buried undernaeth the earth surface which has been hiding from others in time past.


Do not be sluggish,myopic and slow to cast your net into the deep this year in order for you to catch net-tearing fish just as it happened fish just as it happened to Simon Peter but the only prerequisites to catch any fish when you launch into deep is obedience.


Obedience enhances your launching into the deep to be succesful while reluctance and disobedience stagnate and truncte your desire to launch into deep  from the beginning of the year to the end.








An amateurish position might not be a position that you like in any form but in a situation whereby someone decide consciously to remain an amateur with an open mind targetted to enhance learning from others will go a long way in making the drive of becoming succesful in 2018 a possible and a plausible reality.


Assuming an amateurish status will help greatly in allowing you to become better tapping from the wealth of experience of others that have gone ahead of you in their chosen field of endeavour.





Since learning is a necessary and mandatory continuos process designed for growth and personal development,it is advisable to remain permanently and continuosly an amateur deliberately conceived in order to accommodate other peopl’s view that might be useful in enhancing greater and optional performance in your chosen field of endeavour.









The values exhibited in any human is shown visibly in the simplicity of such individual to be humble in bowing down to receive knowledge and training.Anyone who desire success in the course of the year should not be complacent in being receptive to learning and tutelage.Your training should be constant and continuos because new ideas,philosophies and innovations emerge without any constraints on a daily basis.Anyone who desire to remain a student or an apprentice is perfectly qualified to emerge succesful in 2018.



NUGGET 9—JANUARY 9TH 2018—                                                                                                              (BE RECEPTIVE TO LEARNING AND BE ACCOMMODATING TO TUTORSHIP AND TUTELAGE.)


Your mind must be soft,elastic,flexible and receptive to accept and accmmodate innovative and creative ideas and philosophies that has the inherent ability and capacity to launch you into the realm of succesful accomplishmants in the course of year 2018.



NUGGET 9—JANUARY 9TH 2018–                                                                                                                 (BE RECEPTIVE TO LEARNING AND BE ACCOMMODATING TO TUTELAGE AND TUTORSHIP)


Be receptive to learning.


Be flexible and accommodating to tutorship and tutelage.

























Happy Reading……


Watch out for the next Nuggets—Nuggets 10,11,12 soon.


to be continued>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

WHAT DOES SUCCESS ENTAILS? —————(6 Minutes Read)

I published the original piece of this article on th 15th of August 2016 on facebook without any title.It is one of my random line of thought that I find quite amazing,useful and evergreen even after it was shared by facebook as a memory after one year.And at the point of viewing it this year, i deemed it fit that it will be beneficial and reasonable to share it with all my friends,followers and viewers on my blog.

It might end up being a new twist to the concept of success or it might be an addition to what all of us knew about success before.Whether it is a new twist or not,lets roll up our sleeves with our mind openned to accommodate this little idea of mine.

Can we start?

It goes thus:

Little steps with little efforts geared towards achieving little feats and channelled towards the promotion of a better society with the development  of every fargments of human endeavour in all existential simply connotes success.

Success is triggered when deliberate concerted efforts are made to implement ideas that will change the course and plight humanity towards achieving a common goals that will incorporate every dwellers of any communal society as part of the global community without making one to be superior to others.

According to Napoleon Hill:

“Patience, Perstitence and Perspiration make an unbeatable combination of success”

Without any shade and iota of doubt, one could easily understand that before success can be achieved by anyone, there are so many parameters in form of attitude, understanding and characters that must become habitual in our quest for success.Some of these parameters are:


  • Vision
  • Confidence
  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • Persevearance
  • Perspiration
  • Knowledge
  • Honesty
  • Humility and meekness
  • Sensitivity and responsiveness
  • Being focussed and unrelenting
  • Being responsible and hardworking
  • Ability to create opportunity from any challenge.

It is until when all these parameters are well and carefully inculcated as a habit that one could be confident of being  qualified to be succesful.

In another twist, many wait believing that it is until when a massive feats of achievements are made that they can be qualified to be succesful.This is a wrong assumption.This kind of assumption only triggers and encourage many to be on a rat race competing with others they they believed have made better impart.

Success is simply triggered when we contribute in our own little ways and means in making what is difficult and unachievable by others to become a reality no matter how little, insignificant and inconsequential it might be.

It is until when every dweller of a society is viewed and treated as a stakeholde of the larger global world that success being yearned for by all and sundry for the reality of global peace can surface in no distant time.

It is on the platform of our contribution to better the lot of the society in our own little way that our names  will be inscribed in gold and our memoir will be a memeory that will be viewed by posterity in the annals of human history.


No successful impart and impact can be made by anyone without any effort to understand the essence of humanity and the yearnings of the next person sitting at a little distance to us.It is until when we are able to fathom the need of others and accept it as our own need that will be able to understand what is needed to be done per time and what steps need to be taken to fashion a way out to help people around us to meet the needed solution.

It is at the point of proffering the needed solution and implementing it with the reality at hand that any one of us who has been yearning to be succesful can be confident of being succesful.

What makes us to be succesful is the contributions and efforts made by us to alleviate the plight of people around us.No one should dream of being succesful if you can not see the need to make yourself relevant and available to fashion a way out in getting solutions to the need of others.

The mind to be a helping hand and a listening heart must be available before anyone can qualified to be a good contributor to the plight of others which will end up entrenching your stand as being qualified as one of the success.

In conclusion,it is pertinent for everyone to uderstand what needs to be done to put a smile on the face of others by living a life of selflessness and sacrifice that will help in pulling others out from the quagmire of deep challenges that have been the present realities of the world we live in since ages.

It is when you contribute your quota in making others to smile that all of us living in the world can experience true smile obtainable from a world whereby all inhabitants are experiencing the realities of global peace that have been eluding the fabrics of our society.

We help ourselves by helping others.

If you leave others to face their challenges, you will end up putting yourself at a risk of experiencing the negative effect of what comes out of their challenges.No one should be left alone to face any challenge.

We should contribute our quota in being:

an eye to the blind,

a ear to the deaf,

a mouth to the dumb,

a cloth to the naked,

a shelter to the destitute.

Our streets are filled with less priviledged and people that are homeless with no hope of a better tomorrow.

Our society are filled with teenagers hawking and young girls that are into prostitution thereby becoming a victim of rape.

Our world is filled with crowd of heads looking up to us in becoming their guild for them to have a direction in life.

Our success will become definitive and handy until when we relayed our efforts about what we have done in meeting the needs of others.Success should not be defined in words alone, it should be defined in acts and in deeds with smiles and laughters bein seen on the faces of people we helped to pull out of darkness.

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Blogging is a more lucrative job than banking – Laila Ijeoma, CEO, LailasBlog — Nigerian: Breaking News In Nigeria | Laila’s Blog

My interview with Vanguard, guys. In it, I talked about how I quit banking, which I did for 10 years, for full-time blogging – craziest, most daring decision I ever made in my life. Enjoy the excerpts below. In the Nigerian blogosphere, Laila Ijeoma commands a lot of respect, not just because she owns;

via Blogging is a more lucrative job than banking – Laila Ijeoma, CEO, LailasBlog — Nigerian: Breaking News In Nigeria | Laila’s Blog


I wrote this piece on the 22nd of July 2017 on a particular social media platform and when I submitted it to my viewers, followers and readers, someone close to me , an elderly person to be precise commented that:

“Son, you are conjuring a new earth where perfection will reign.This present world will continue to slide into disorderliness until it is replaced.Take heart son and let us work for our salvation”–Pa Fadeyi Ayoade Samuel FCA.

Since then, I have been asking myself if truly I was conjuring impossibilites because from the above comment, it can be deduced that my wishes are impossible on the earthly pedestal.

My dear reader,

My dear viewers,

My dear followers,

Please after reading my arrays of wishes,

Kindly tell me if truly I am conjuring the impossibilities but before you tell me,

Kindly read along with me.

Lets the reading starts……

How I wish my generation respect the truth,

How I wish my generation placed value on what is right,

How I wish my generation placed premium on virtues,

How I wish the essence of humanity is appreciated,

How I wish equity and equality are meted out properly and fairly in managing the affairs of the society,

How I wish we all believe that injustice to one is an injustice to all,

How I wish every human portrays humility and shun pride,

wishes 1

How I wish the downtrodden has a voice,

How I wish the poor are taken care of,

How I wish my generation witnessed no wars and battles,

How I wish all nations of the world are at peace with each other,

How I wish every society and every community exists in utmost serenity, tranquility and comfort,

How I wish my generation has a mind of building an eggalitarian society,

How I wish we all run after living a purposeful life,

How I wish our leaders are sacrificial and selfless,

How I wish the occuppiers of our pulpit, altars and every place of worship are true representatives of God and spiritual ambassadors,

How I wish humanity can practice agape love,

How I wish my generation believed in doing the right things,

How I wish our highways are free of teenagers hawking,

How I wish rape, prostitutions and child trafficking are no more,

How I wish the hungry can be well fed,

How I wish the son of the mighty and the daughters of the weak can eat together from thesame plate,

How I wish our streets can be free of crimes,

How I wish my generation can have a class-less society,

How I wish child trafficking can be no more,

How I wish famine and drought can be a thing of the past,

How I wish everyone can be educated,

How I wish there is no spread of diseases,

How I wish our world is free of plaques,

How I wish my wishes for a peaceful world can be abated.

As long as our world is filled with wishes and hope for a better day, our generation will forever be on a long walk to freedom.

If wishes were horses,

Beggars would ride.

wishes 2

I hope that my wishes will become a reality one day.

How I wish I am not conjuring the impossibilities,

How I wish my readers, viewers and followers understand the depth of my pain,

How I wish the world can listen to my voice,

How I wish I have a chance to open my mouth,

How I wish I am chanced to influence the plight of the masses,

These are the arrays of my wishes and concern.

In conclusion,

Am I conjuring the impossibilies?

Kindly comment and tell me.


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Hell was let loose once again at University of Maiduguri as twin bomb blasts rocked the university community again.The twin bomb exploded at an interval of one hour at different locations on the university campus

According to the President of the Student Union Government of University of Maiduguri–Abu Babati,a recent waves of twin bomb blasts have rocked the university community today.



It was on record that the first explosion occurred around 10:50PM on thursday around the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine while the second one went off around BOT Hostel, which is a female hostel around 12AM on Friday.

Recently the university campus has been attacked on several occassions.

The first one happenned on the 13th of May 2017 in which two university security officials,two soldiers and the male suicide bombers lost their life in the course of the carnage.

This one was observed to be carried out by a female suicide bomber and a male seurity official attached to BOT Hostel was found lying lifeless.

The irony….(3 Minutes Read)

One of the irony of life that i found so amazing is that often times than none we are the architect of our own misfortune.

We are always compassionate about people when we observed that they are enmeshed in one challenge or the order.We are swift in trying the best within our means to help them out of their vicissitudes, problems  and predicament by pulling the resources around us to see that they break even in no distance time.

While we are busy scratching the surface by scavenging for solutions that we are ignorant of the genesis and foundation, we waste a bunch of our resources in terms of material and physical belongings and properties to serve as a source of help to the person passing through the eye of the needle at such a moment.

Someone might be asking what do i mean by “waste of resources”?

It is until when we understand that people that we are trying to help in pulling out of problem does not worth a while that we will realized that we have wasted our precious time and resources in listening to the stories of woes and deep challenges that is tossing them around, even to the extent of wasting our time in showing concern to whatever they are passing through.

At a point in my life,when i subjected myself to deep observation and truthful personal analysis, i realized vividly and clearly that a bunch of the challenges people passed through are caused by them and the reason why the challenges keeps defying possible solutions is all about the pretense and the untruthfulness of such people in accepting that they are the cause of the problem they are facing.

A fruitful marriage is the hope of every married couple but we always feel bad seeing couples that are waiting unto God for their marriage to be fruitful.Even-though,God designed and divined every creature on the surface of the earth to reproduce without any stress and delay.It is quite alarming recently seeing many marriages being denied the fulfillment of this covenant.

Most of the time, we seek the face of God for solutions for the affected couples but at a point in my life ,in the course of asking some salient questions that boiled down to reality,i was able to identify easily that many of the people enmeshed in the woes of barrenness caused it consciously or unconsciously.

mystery 1

You cannot maltreat another person’s child and you think GOD will be foolish enough to give you a child.The reason for your barrenness has its root and route to you not being worthy of being blessed with one by God.

How on earth do you expect God to attend to your request and petition concerning marital fruitfulness when along the line you established a creche to take care of little children but it is amazing that you treat these kids as non-human but in your foolishness you are moving from pillar to post seeking for spiritual solution concerning your predicament.

mystery 2

Though,my submission seems to be harsh but truth must be told.No solution is in view if your behavior and character is not in tandem with the contents of your petition to God.If you want to be blessed,it is until when you understand the essence of being a blessing to others that your desired blessings will emerge.This simply confirm the law of God as it is chronicled in the Lord’s prayer:

“forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”

May the Lord give us understanding…..