It is a good thing to be fashion conscious or probably be a fashionista.
The introduction of undies is good especially when there was a general acceptance in the modification whereby the usage of panties have been overtaken by the usage of “tight” as it is locally called.
The usage of “tight” as it offers better coverage of private parts when compared to ordinary panties is a very reasonable fashion invention that no right thinking person can deny.


It offers a kind of convenience that makes any woman to be free in moving from one point to another.
Moving around Lagos,one could easily observed that the purpose of this introduction is been abused without any thought of what it portrays in our society.
Looking around while moving is becoming difficult because your the sanctity expected by your eyes and the sanity expected by your mind are been subjected to punishment when every nooks and crannies of your stay in a particular area is filled and overwhelmed by public display of open-female laps.
Just because the usage of “tight” provides comfort and coverage, many ladies have lost the consciousness of maintaining a closed lap when seated in the public.
A situation whereby our public places and spot are filled up with open laps simply connotes a Society that will soon be lost in immortality and distraction.
The level of distractions offered by our society is enough, it should not be added to by open female laps.
Ladies should endeavour to manage their laps very well when in public by closing it.
An open female laps in public spaces connotes nothing but an unnecessary distraction that is unexpected in a sane Society.



Meanwhile, some of the laps been on display are not worth it, some are dirty and if you are not careful, you might end up vomiting your intestine because they are irritating.
Being fashionable is good and acceptable but it becomes a social burden when the purpose is subjected to abuse.
In conclusion, you protect your dignity and integrity by maintaining a closed laps in the public.
Stop subjecting the sanctity and sanity of your society to unnecessary pornography that will make men to be distracted.
Thank you.


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