As it is now at 58 years of obtaining independence from colonialism established and managed by Britain, it is quite pertinent for a nation building mechanism and approach that will enhance the sanctity of every Nigerian should be designed, drafted crafted and established as a blueprint into the consciousness of every Nigerian which will be maximized to herald the birth of a new Nigerian whereby sons and daughters of average man on the streets will be elevated and treated not just as part of population statistics and decimal but as a stakeholder of a new nation that believed in the equality of all men having a base in being proactive towards the provision of basic social amenities necessary to make things better in Nigeria.


We are aware of the way we used to look forward to the celebration of Independence Day during our growing up days.


The memory of how we bask in the euphoria of a public holiday is always overwhelming and it is designed to be maximized to remember and appreciating the day the union Jack flag was lowered to give chance to the dawn of a new era announcing the birth of a new nation still lingers in our memory.


It becomes appalling and disheartening that the spark of the moments like this is becoming a thing of the past with the millennia having difficulties in respecting and referencing the relevance of remembering a day like this which has defied the purpose, hope and aspirations of our founding fathers’ when they were busy agitating for a nation of their own.


No doubt about it, we are successful in having a country, but we have failed in having a nation and nothing meaningful have been done in building an egalitarian society that will make the hopes and dreams of our founding fathers for the largest black nation on earth to come to fruition.


Since 1960, hopes for a nation of our own have been dashed and trashed, we kept looking ahead for a day when the salvation and redemption of humanity that will enhance that Nigeria as a country to stand as a viable force in the comity of developed nation to come to reality.


Past generation has failed, ours are already on the verge of failing caused by nothing but bad leadership that could be a reality in every area of our endeavor.


No doubt about it, posterity is on queue to query our generation on what we have been able to do in harnessing and maximizing the latent potential in us to build a society whereby the hopes and dreams of the man on the street would become a reality.


Our generation being on the verge of failure could spell doom for posterity if care is not taken because it is what we doled out to them in terms of philosophy and ideas could be potent enough to make or mar their stand and stance in building a society whereby their aspiration can be fulfilled easily in the nearest future.


No wonder the euphoria and basking that accompany Independence Day in our days has fizzle out.


This placed a responsibility on us to look deeply inward and fashion out a practical means by which our society will become better.


Without mincing words, it is through good leadership that we can achieve this lofty goal, but it will remain a forlorn hope if we fold our hands and arms doing nothing to create a platform whereby the concept of good leadership will be promulgated, propagated and planted.


In your little way, you have to be sensitive in doing the right thing that will make everyone around you to be conscious and sensitive in promoting ideology and contents  via which good leadership will become a culture and a total way of life.


This is to sensitize you and I to play our part in our own little ways to enshrine and ensure that the concept of doing what is right at the right time so that right ideas and philosophies will be available for our unborn children as a legacy that can be emulated to make our country great again.




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I was on transit recently in a bus one beautiful morning and there was this young man who sat just close to me.He started a converstaion and we got talking in the course of the long journey.He obviously was an extrovert, so it wasn’t difficult for him to pick up a chat.


Somehow I got to know he was thirty-three years old sometimes after that day.He was keeping my company with all his gists.


And then, he asked me about what I am doing for a living.Gladly,I told him what I was into at first and then smiled with greater hope for years to come.


Suddenly,he kept mute and his countenance changed and went down.




You aren’t saying anything….I said.


He took a deep breath and sighed…


Hmmm….could this be what people refer to as “enemy of progress”.I thought.


But he doesn’t know me,I pondered.


It was glaring that something was wrong at that point.I needed not a soothsayers to tell me.


But I chose to keep quiet.Then I turned to the window side and avoided anymore talk.


Few minutes after I turned, he called for my attention, and then he later opened up to me that he was frustrated with his career choice.He made it clear that where he was at that point was as a wrong decision made back in high school by trying to be where his friends and colleagues were or doing what they wanted.


According to him,he wasn’t satisfied, he was struggling with such inner pain and the height of it all was that he had just made a decision to start all over again from sciences to arts and humanities.


Of course, it’s never too late to right the wrong but then, time is no man’s friend.He missed out at the early stage.


At this juncture, I want you to look at yourself deeply,check your life in the mirror of the path you are treading on and ask yourself these questions:


Am I fulfilled?

Am I happy with the choices I made?

Can I stand alone without trying to bank on people in this journey where I am towing?


I really need you to take a pause and answer these questions wholeheartedly without deceit and with a clear conscience.


If your answer is positive, I congratulate you.


If your answer is negative, I really also appreciate your sincerity and then I asked that you paused, ponder and have a rethink on the danger of following someone’s else’s dream.


There is one thing you should understand,which is,there is only one ‘you’ and you were born,made and wired for a specific purpose.


People, friends and familiars might laugh at you while you are moving on your path but you must understand that all jesting and mockery would only be for a season that would end up fizzling out when the result begins to manifest.


You were not born to be like everybody or someone else.You are unique and special.


Now tell me,what would be unique about you if your life was exactly like someone else or you do exactly what every of your friends do?


The specialty and uniqueness in you was set to affect someone’s life or even a large number of people.


In my days in high school, there was this notion about those in the arts department which is somehow negative,It was about art students not being intelligent and smart pupils are meant for science and technical departments.


There were conflicts within me.I knew I had an inbuilt affinity for arts naturally but then I never wanted to be recokned with anything that has to do with being tagged, counted and called a dull or an unintelligent student.


Fortunately for me,I thank goodness for sending my then English Language teacher who came at the right time and whispered a seemingly light but then strong word to me.He said,’it is better to be where you can be at your best than to be where you might end up being confused’.


And today,with a glad heart,I can proudly say that Art is life.I would have been less relevant if I had gone my way because of what people think or what people would say.




I have mentors–People I looked up or admire their lifestyle but that doesn’t neccessarily mean that I have to be like them.I can only emulate some attributes, values and virtues that sustained them in their journey to be whom I was meant to be.


In other words, it is not wrong for you to have mentors, as a matter of fact having a mentor challenges you to greater and lofty heights but you must put on that mentality of wanting to be better than your mentor by reaching for more higher grounds.


This does not come easily by mere wishes or wishful-thinking, it comes by extra responsibilities, sacrifices,selflessness,commitment,dedication and responsiveness.


Being succesful entails doing more to get more.It comes as an outcome of discipline that is incomparable in terms of dedication, diligence and commitment.


When you find yourself on the right path, there is a kind of easiness, candour, calmness and self-fulfilment that accompany such.


It is when your purpose is discovered and when it is followed strictly that the essence of your existence becomes achievable.


To make personal discovery demands personal investment in terms of personal development that entails soul searching  fashioned towards understanding your area of strength and your area of weakness which is one of the focal points of what SWOT ANALYSIS entails.


SWOT ANALYSIS simply entails identification of internal strength and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threat.


The benefit of SWOT ANALYSIS is to make you to understand the essence of taking personal responsibilities that will birth self discovery fashioned towards self development wrapped with continous and periodic self appraisal that will aid the total development of the entirety of any human life.


The best you can do for yourself in the course of your existence is for you to stop running after another person’s dream and make sure you run after your own dreams until it becomes handy and a subject of practical reality that will be dynamic and flexible enough to entertain and accommodate others who are yet to understand what it takes to run after personal dreams in the course of earthly existence.


As it is, we are all created, designed and wired to deliver a message to the world in the course of our exitence on earth but it is pitiful that it is only few people that are prepared and have what it takes to deliver the message before the curtain of their existence on earth is drawn.


In conclusion, your best is reserved for that moment you are able to define your path and you are able to walk on it without being distracted with what people might end up saying about the path you decided to take.



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Meghan Markle has been baptised into the church of England in a secret ceremony with Prince Harry at her side.


The intimate 45-minute service was conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury at the Chapel Royal on Tuesday evening.




They were joined by Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall,but neither Prince Williams nor the Queen were present.


Miss Markle’s baptism, which formally introduces her into the Anglican faith ahead of her wedding to Harry in two months,marks an important step on her transformation from divorced American actress to future granddaughter-in-law to the Queen.


The ceremony was a closely-guarded secret with only a handful of royal aides involved.


Miss Markle,36,had asked the 62-year-old Archbishop, Justin Welby, to lead the service after forming a close bond with him in recent weeks as he instructed her on the rites and sacraments of the church.


meghan markle


Her baptism was followed immediately by her confirmation,which means she will be able to join Harry, 33, at her Holy Communion.


Miss Markle did not need to become an Anglican in order to marry Harry in Church, but at the time of engagement last November she made clear she had chosen to be baptised and confirmed out of respect for the Queen’s role as the head of the church of England.


Insiders also said it was fitting that the Prince of Wales,who will be the next head of the churchattended the service.


Miss Markle and Harry will marry on May 19 at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.The marriage service will be conducted by the Dean of Windsor,David Connor with the Archbishop presiding as the couple make their vows.


Tuesday’s service observed from the full ritual of the church with Holy water from the River Jordan from the private Royal Family font poured on Miss Markle’s head.


The chapel Royal at St James’s Palace is particularly significant in Harry’s life as well as the history of the Royal Family.


It is where Princess Diana’s body lay for a week before her funeral in 1997 and where King Charles I received the Holy Sacrament before his execution in 1649.


The chapel also hosted Prince George’s christening in 2013.


Among those assisting with the service was the crown Jeweller Mark Appleby who brought the silverware used for Royal Family Christening.


This included a silver font,basin and flask of holy oil.


In accordance with tradition,Miss Markle had two sponsors, the equivalent of godparents,to support her in the baptism.


It is understood one supporter was a close girlfriend.


Miss Markle was following partly in the footsteps of the Duchess of Cambridge, who was baptised as an infant but had a private confirmation after engagement to Prince William.


The chapel Royal choir of six Gentlemen-in-Ordinary and ten children of the chapel-the oldest continuous musical organisation in the world-performed throughtout in the service.


It is not thought either Miss Markle’s mother,Diana Ragland,or her father, Thomas Markle,who are divorced travelled from US for the service.


However, it is understood there were 18 guests who after the ceremony walked to clarence House, where Charles and Camilla hosted a dinner.


Miss Markle’s multi-faith upbringing is not uncommon in California where she was born in 1981.


Her father, a retired Hollywood lighting director, was Episcopalia-the main US offshoot of the Anglican Church-while her mother belonged to another Protestant denomination.


After  her parents split,Miss Markle attended the Roman Catholic Immaculate Heart girls’ high school in Los Angeles, although she was not Catholic.


Her first husband Trevor Engelson was Jewish but she did not convert to his faith.


Thje couple met in 2004 and married in 2011 but weere divorced two years later.


Church guidelines suggest that Miss Markle may be interviewed about her divorce from Engelson a fil producer.


If such a conversation were to occur, the minister would ask if there had been ‘sufficient healing of the personal and social wounds’ from the divorce.


The church of England conducted 111,500 baptisms last year, of which 9 percent were those aged over 13.


Guidance from one church notes:


“If you are an adult and want to be baptised and/or confirmed, you must undertake a course of preparation called cathechesis.


“This takes place over several months in order to give you a thorough grounding in  knowledge of the christian faith.


Kessington Palace declined to comment .










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Like the saying goes, a father who loves a child,corrects the child.


Correction is simply a sytematic practical, prompt and pragmatic control approach that makes any given instruction or laid down rules and regulation to be effectively and efficiently  carried out in order to achieve and accomplish laid down aims and objectives of such instruction.


It is when an instructionis not adhered to properly and accordingly that correction is triggered or applied in order to make such instruction to be free from error or mistake in the course of its being discharged.


It is a known fact that as human,we are fallible and prone to mistakes and errors which made any source or traces of correction of any committed by us to be as important as the given instruction itself.


Light beckons and our horizon enlarges when we adhered to corrections in details without any form of resentment and reluctance.


The channels of correction might be from any source and it might be at any given point in time but no matter what the source or channel looks like, no matter how irrelevant the timing and contents of the correction might be,our response to the contents and contexts of the particular correction matters because it is a viable determinant of the outcome of the correction.


It is when the outcome of the correction is in tandem,in alignment and in consonance with the given instruction that we all agreed that progress has been made in our efforts to make neccessary impacts on a given assignment or given endeavour.


Your response to a corresponding correction determines the corresponding outcome.Corresponding to a corresponding correction determines corresponding outcome.


Adhering and accepting correction is always difficult and it is a virtue that is scarce in this generation whereby humility and simplicity has become paleolithic and archaic.


Being corrected and accepting to adhere and pay the needed sacrifice is a product and outcome of humility, simplicity,humaness,understanding and maturity.




All these are virtues and values that have gone into extinction with the little traces of any one of it becoming a luxury that the millenia cannot afford to abide by and cope with.


Abiding by any form of correction without resentment,reluctance and complaints takes discipline and sacrifice.


Errors committed without the approprriate commitment to correction of such errors constitute a cancerous clogs that will become a viscious cycle of contaminants that will aid prolong spread and extension of such errors till it becomes a culture confined deeply in the totality of any individual who seems to be oblivious and unconcerned about the effects of such errors thereby making the entirety of such individual’s life conditioned to permanent phases of errors.


A life that accepts coorection easily and cheaply without any form of cuddling,pampering and enforcement is can simply be described as a disciplined and a matured one.


Discipline, I would break it down here means:


“Doing what is right and what you like”


Do you see how that word is?


It doesn’t seem to be sweet or easy.Everyone desires to do what they like,but do you also know that sometimes, what we like or what we want can be a source of danger to us unknowingly?


Get this the person who takes time to correct you is that person that understands that you are yound and have your own ‘likes’ but takes it upon himself or herself to streamline your ‘likes’ and desires in order to pull you off the path or radar of perdition and destruction thereby making you to see reasons why you should be on the right path or on the radar of self discovery that will announce how matured you are in the course of your existence.


Have you ever thought about why lots of young people dislike or hate anyone who push them to be serious and studious?


Why do young minds tag those who try to push them out of their comfort zones into being useful for themselves as heartless,wicked, hard and harsh?


It’s simple.


This is simply because as human being, we are wired for pleasure which is against any form of pressure that is attached to any form of correction.


Correction as it is, no matter how inconsequential it is, when adhered to brings you out of darkness and obscurity, and then lace you into limelight whereby honour and success becomes the order of the day.


One of the days I cannot easily forget in a rush as a yound person was on an occassion when my high school director had to correct me openly.I was late for the normal morning assembly and devotion which was always held at the school compound.


Unfortuanately for me,that morning, I was feeling unusually funny and unnecessarily tired,fagged out,weak and irritated over nothing exactly.It was a proper mood for lazy students actually.Akind of mood swing.It wasn’t like I has a personal challenge as such.I was taught manners in the hard way.If only you knew the way I was sluggishly dragging my foot as if I was not going to face the task of the day before I was called to order.That was what I felt like doing or maybe what I chose to do but it wasn’t the right thing to do.I had the option of walking smartly and putting myself together through self-discipline but I was doing what I felt like doing.I got corrected immediately but at that point,I thought he was a wicked person but I was wrong, so wrong.


Infact that correction gave me a lasting effect.Those who knew me personally or have come in contact with me physically can tell that I am up and doing.


On your own part, it may not be as similar as mine, but in essence, take it,accept it,it is not always pleasant but I tell you this, it brings out the best and the gold in you.


You must understand that those who correct you today,loves you and are trying in their own capacity to connect you with the beauty and with the reality of your destiny.


They are willing to displease you and even loose their familiarity, friendship and companionship rather than seeing your destruction.These set of people can do bitter things just to make you and mold you into maturity thereby making you to become a complete person that will not end up becoming a burden and a source of concern to the entire human race.


At the point of being useful, responsible, responsive and matured in the right direction, you may call the experience obtainable in the process as being bitter but as time passes by, those memories will become sweet at last.


On the other hand, those who hate you will allow you and give you a free hand in doing whatever is pleasing to you.


It is high time you understand that every praise is not good and every criticism is not bad or evil.


If you really ant to make a good place in the journey of life,whenever you are corrected, take it,sit down and then reflects on what you were corrected about.


Pick out your weaknesses from what you were corrected about and act positively upon it.When you do that ,you have just helped yourself out of a weak point because of your humility to pick up correction and then you end up becoming better and your race to fulfill your aspiration in life ends up becoming a reality.





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This short piece was written on the 2nd of March 2016 as part of my daily post or publication on facebook.The source of the inspiration which is personal remain somehow unknown and unclear but I believe the content therin will serve as a sort of resources that will enhance our self-esteem that will birth a kind of re-orientation about our view along the line of maintaining good personal and corporate relationship.


It is observed that many of us become saddened,moody and pensive when we get an inkling that we are been mocked and talked about by others.It is a kind of attitude that is common across the length and breadth of the entire human race whereby many people spend a bunch of their time backbitting and throwing stones at others.Many of us are actors of this irrelevant and many of us are victims of this irrelevant.


It is necessary for many of us to understand and develop a thick skin with blocked ear to some of this irrelevancies that is commonality among human being remains unquantifiable.


According to Winston Churchill:


“You will never get to your destination when you throw stones at every dog that bark at you”


You will get nothing out of life if you are bothered about what people are saying about you.Being bothered and being suspicious about what people are saying about you is a sign and a product of immaturity and low self-esteem.


Like food,people will feed on your matter.


Like water,people will gulp your issue to quench their thirst.


Like a dog, people will nag their loose tongue.


Even the dead are being talked about everyday.


I want you to have this in mind that those who gossip about you remains at your back forever.




When people talk about you!!!


One of the best effective ways of knowing the level of maturity you are made of is simply shown outrightly through your response and reaction to whatever people are saying about you.


When you expected little or nothing from people around you,your reaction and response to disappointment will be minimal and less-shocking but when you raised your hope about people and build your castle in the air, you will end up being saddened and biittered when you are disappointed .


I want you to know this mystery that you are being gossipped about because you are important to them,if you are not important to them, they will never spend a bunch of their precious time debating and deliberating about issues that concern you.




So, whenever you have an inkling that you are being gossipped about, just have this understanding that your life is meaningfully filled with virtues that are important to them,hence they are jealous and they desire having an opportunity to possess such a virtue.


Instead of complaining and reacting to people’s view and assertion about you,the best response to the contents of their gossip is top wave it aside with a bare hand and move ahead with your life being focussed on your purpose in life.


It is only those who are incapable of discovering their purpose in life that spend their little time at their disposal discussing issues that has nothing to do with them.


When you want to know and understand the worth of any man,it is necessary to know what the mouth of such person says about another person.


As life is real, gossipping also is real.It is an evil that almost every human is guilty of but the worst of its evil spring up when the person being gossipped about becomes embittered and saddened about it.


Since no two wrongs can make a right, it is better to manage your emotion in terms of response and reaction towards whatever people might be saying at your back.


Kindly allow whatever is being discussed at your back to remain at your back.Do not brink it forward to your face so that you will not end up frowning and it will prevent you from wearing a harsh look accompany with you looking for a way to revenge by taking your own pound of flesh.


Whatever is being said at your back should remain at your back till eternity.This is one of the secrets of longevity that will help in making you to understand the value of your purpose in life accompany with efforts that will make you achieve such purpose in the course of your existence.


When you are saddened about people talking about you,you have given them cahnces and opportunities to control your feelings and emotions.Once this happened, you have exchanged the power in you in response to your reaction about what has been said about you.


Your response and reactions in the face of adversity is what determines whether you will end up winning or loosing in the course of your fight for conquest or victory.When your reaction and response is negative, you have given your enemy power over you but once your reponse is calm and positive, all your enemies become weakened and they end up loosing their power and potency that might have been used to cage and control you.


The golden key to your happinness lies with you.Never give loose it through your response and reaction to situations around you.No matter how long you live on earth, there will always be moments of ups and downs but it is your preparation and readiness for staying above the reality of any moment that will determine how matured you are and how capable and able you are to ride the roller-coaster of life that is always unstable.




Can you measure the Kilojoule of inherent latent energy wasted and expended when you react and respond negatively to whatever rumour is being peddled about you?It is quite ironical that many of us spend our energy on what we not add any value to us and one of the areas we wasted energy on is our reaction and response to gossip from people around us.


No matter what the situation might be, you have what it takes to live your life above whatever the rumour that might be peddled and spread around about you.


Rumour mongering and gossipping are parts of human life.If humans refrain from this, I dont think the existence of human beings could be possible.


When you consider what is being rumoured and gossipped about you as irrelevant and inconsequential, it will reamin a minor issue that can never remove anything from you and you will be able to stay afloat and be in charge of your emotion.


To cap it all:













Sadness takes away virtues and values from you.It is a stylish and a slow channel to making someone becoming a beast that has lost the grip of what life is all about.


Sadness does nothing but  weakens your nerves and bones thereby becoming old and worn-out withing a little period of time.


Sadness makes you look haggard and unkempt.







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It can never be viewed as something strange and unnecessary when someone is bothered, wondering and pondering when one of the major cities in Nigeria that could be classified in terms of industries, housing,infracstructures and population as a metropolitan city is  gradually loosing her splendour, beauty,administrative grip and efficacy in terms of proper and efficient management of both indstrial and domestic wastes in recent times.


The approaches and methodological dexterity and acumen maximized by past administration in the area of waste management should be appraised and recommended eventhough it might not be one hundred percent  but comparing it with the recent one being used by the administration of Akinwumi Ambode,one could easily noticed that the past administration performed far better than this present administration.


The present administration of Governor Akinwumi Ambode should have studied the loopholes in the method used in managing municipal waste by the past administration and make sure that the loopholes are filled up.This would have made waste management in Lagos State better and more efficient.


The rate or rural to urban migration in Nigeria has always beeing overwhelming with Lagos being one of the choicest destination state in Nigeria bearing the brunch of this economic and demographic imbalance that is forcing and luring many Nigerians to find economic solace and respite in Lagos State by clusterring together with no respect for the green-house effect of such decision on the immediate environment.It is factual that that as the population keeps increasing, the momentum at which waste is generated will keep inceasing geometrically and astronomically which is directly proportional to the population growth of Lagos state and its environs.


With this, it is quite important and pertinent for the administration of a state populated to the tune of more than 22 million inhabitatants to have an efficient and effective waste management blueprint and methodological practical approach that is potent enough and reliable to make the entire Lagos environment neat,claen and habitatble.


A situation whereby Lagosians strugle to dodge the dirty and filthy scenery that is presently cheaply and freely occupying every availaible vacant space is quite mind-boggling,unacceptable and mind-blowing and it is simply a show of shame for our environment and it is also a sign of disrespect for human dignity thereby creating an avenue for rodents,microbial and viral growth to scale up taking over our immediate environment which might end up triggerring infections and epidemics.


There is an urgent need and necessity with quick and swift evacuation process and procedures that will be strictly adhered to by the private waste management company that is saddled with the statutory responsibilities of managing waste in Lagos State.


Recently and presently, it has been observed that many highway cleaners have been employed and seen performing their duties of removing dirts from our streets but the sight of heaps of waste on a mini-scale is still a constant scenery on our roads everyday.This can be asserted to be an oucome of an ineffective method of prompt evacuation that will ensure that at least three times in a day,there will be a patrol by the evacuation team positioned in each area or Local government area saddled with the responsibilities of ensuring that all the mini-waste dump sites created by the residents of Lagos State on their own are located, marked-out and they should ensure that all the heaps of waste are removed promptly.




The evacuation,removal and clearing of all these mini-waste dump sites should be preferably carried out in the middle of the night so that the irritating scenery of waste removal that residents of Lagos State are subjected to will be minimally reduced thereby enhancing human dignity.


The transfer of the statutory responsibilty  or function of waste management to “VISION SCAPE” is a good idea but it would have been better if the transfer was done to consolidate that of LAWMA.This sort of collaboration would have made waste management in Lagos  State to climb up a little bit by gradually being transformed to what is obtainable in developed world whereby waste management can end up becoming a very good source of human development capacity building that is viable enough to become a source of IGR increment  with its ability to become a means of generating manure,fertilizer,power, and raw materials locally for the ailing manufacturing industry in Nigeria.


Drifting along political line a little bit, a metropolitan state would end up becoming a metropolitan dump site when our political terrain is filled up with the choice of leadership that believed in the prospect of electing and selecting representatives based on relegating,subjecting,jettissioning and substituting merit for mediocrity.


When the choice and the election leadership is based ,promoted,prompted and platformed by nepotism and god-fatherism a chicken or rat end up becoming the lion of the jungle.


A governor that is struggling to control and manage waste properly and efficiently is already having his posters pasted in all the nooks and crannies of the state seeking chance for a second term in office and canvassing for votes and support .


This is nothing but a show of ineptness,mediocrity and ineptitudeness.


In conclusion,let’s join hands in saving, redeeming and salvaging Lagos State from being turned into a state of filthy splendour whereby heaps of waste becoming a source of tourist attraction ironically.A situation whereby heaps of waste is struggling to be in control of all available vacant spaces is unacceptable and it should not be a story any part of this country should be relaying.


All hands must be on deck to maintatin a cleaner LAGOS.







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Without any doubt,this is one of the questions that always accompany the achievement of a particular feat and task or series of accomplishment.


While some of us get clarity of what the next step ought to be or should be,others are always in quandary and utmost confusion of where to start from or what is the next step.


This phase of human existence is not strange and peculiar to a perticular tribe, sex,race,ethnicity,social group,peer group,political and religious affliation.The peculiarity of this phase of human existence is all encompassing and overwhelming to the point that everyone  found existing on earthly pedestal will pass through this phase asking and pondering about ‘what could be next step”.


It is a phase of life that can never be denied, dodged and overlooked.


It is a moment whereby decisions that will make or mar the destiny of anyone who is presently in existence.


It is a fact and a statement of assurance that over 7 billion population of human being is being accommodated on the surface of earth and they are all going to be a product of this phase or they are all going to get to get to a point in the course of their existence whereby such question will demand an answer from them.


After all have been done,

After all sacrifices and selfless inputs,

After given all the resources at your disposal,

After contributing immensely,

After giving a hand of help and hope to others,

After being the light amidst gross darkness,

After being lifting others from miry clay,

After crossing the rubicon,


What next!!!


No doubt about it,at a particular point in life, we are all going to encounter an experience that has to do with a feeling of satisfaction or a feeling of disappointment and discouragement.


We are all going to believe that we have done what we can do within our capacity to salvage and restore situations around us.We are all going to feel resentful and discouraged after all we have done in sacrificing selflessly for others but societal system deliberately or indeliberately failed to recognize,recommend and renumerate our efforts.


why 2


In the midst of this experience,it is never abnormal,strange and abysmal for anyone to feel cheated or discouraged but one thing that sure is that at this point that the latent strength in us ought to push us forward to forge ahead continuing doing what is necessary,good and right for the elevation and emancipation of the entire world.


Every human being on the surface of the earth can be likened to a farmer.While some of will sow a good seed on a good soil,some will sow a bad seed on a good soil but it is only few people that would sow a good seed on a good soil.


Then, while the seed sown by you is strangled and prevented to germinate due to poor societal systematic decadence,it is pertinent for you to encourage yourself ,dust yourself and keep moving until you get a good seed in your hand and a good soil whereby it will be sown,germinate and end up becoming an evergreen tree that will turn into a forest in the nearest future.


No matter how inconsequential an effort geared towards alleviating the plight of the next person around you might be,it is reasonable and rationale that it should be appreciated but it is appalling and disheartning that the system being operated in our world today has no value and appreciation for truthful human endeavour chanelled towards making the world a better place,hence many people that have good intention to make things better ends up being frustrated and they keep on asking questions about “what is the next step”.


No matter how disappointed and discouraged you are, the best way to handle this kind of experience is for you to become relentless and unrepentant in your desire to make things right in the course of your existence on earth.


Though,many of your efforts will end up being unappreciated with some of it ending up putting you in problem and also making you to be at a logger-head with some people,cabals and authorities.


The best solution is for you to define your goals,targets and fashion out series of strategies that will allow your efforts to be appreciated.


Always remember that there are over 7 billion people that needs the littleness of your efforts to trigger and birth the latent greatness inherent in them.


In conclusion, whenever your effort in alleviating the plight of one person is not appreciated, do not give up,always remember that the world you live in has a population of over 7 billion people.Always remember and consider the remaining sea of heads that are waiting for the unappreciated effort wasted on that one person.That effort expended on one person that is not appreciated and valued is enough, powerful and potent to raise million of people out of the miry clay.


Once your effort is not appreciated, change the scope and make sure you find other people that are in dire need of what you can offer as a form of effort and resources needed for their dream to come to reality.


In essence, the next step is for you to look for other people that will appreciate what you can offer.


You have wasted precious time being pensive and ruminating about what the next step.


Maximize your precious time to look for people that need what you can offer.




#next step#














Recently,prosperous and succesful marriage is gradually becoming scarce and it is speedily going into extinction in this present age.This was traced to been due to dearth or lack of basic underatnding of what the tenets of the institution of marriage entails and demand.


A prosperous marriage is a marriage that is not built on mere general and common definition that marriage is a union between  a man and a woman but when a marriage is established on a deeper and firm understanding that marriage is a union between a man,a woman and God,it will end up becoming blisful,beautiful,succesful and prosperous.


A prosperous marriage becomes achievable and a subject of physical reality when it is anchored on a tripatite arrangement and not on dual arangement of being  a union between mere mortals of man and woman but when it is built on a tripatite arrangement made by  divinity with its foundation erected on immortality that made God the originator and the source of marriage as a partner,such marital union can never hit the rock in the course of its existence.


Any marriage that is working blisfully and beautifully is a kind of marriage in which parties involved have a functioning understanding that each partner is a stakeholder and not slaves.


Any marital union in which partners involved contributes their quota in accordance to agreed convenanted and contractual  agreement accompanied with the context and concept of their relationship based on mutual,symbiotic and platonic understanding with respect for one another view,emotion and feelings can never be far from being a good description of a perfect marriage that is worthy of emulation and admonition.


Marriage becomes succesful without friction when you treat your partner,children and relatives as stakeholders and not as slaves with all the parties involved have a deep understanding of what their role in building prosperous marital foundation and edifice entails.


It is on the paltform of deep understanding of the basic binding force of marriage that love as one of the pillars of prosperous marriage can thrive smoothly without resentment,reluctance and rancour.


As earlier stated that love is one of the basic force that triggers the establishment and the entrenchment of relationship that ends up in marital union,it is worthy to note that love alone can never enhance, keep and maintain the smooth running of any marriage.


Love can simply be described and defined as a facilitator and a means through which the execution of responsibilities that are designed to make the purpose of marital union fulfilled.


No marital union can survive when the drive,urge and passion needed in fulfilling its purpose is not responsibly and smartly executed and carried out.


Don’t manage your marriage by mere mouthing of:


“I love you and I care for you.”


The essence of partners coming together or being yoked together as one in marriage is to take care of each other without any form of cheating,partialty and reluctance.


Since giving is synonymous in context and concept to love and it is in giving that the whole essence of love is revealed,then the maintenance of a succesful marital union demands this simple and common mantra that should become a guide for everyone who desire succesful marriage.


“I give you,you give me,”


“I rub your back,you rub mine.”


Our hands becomes cleaner when the right hand ans the left hand is engaged in cleaning each other.


Marriage entails and demands that partners should be equal and maintain balance in rubbing each others back.This is what guarantees safety and all-encompassing peace of mind once partners involved in marital union have this basic understanding and they are both ready to maximize and optimize this idea in the course of their mariatal bliss.





Asuccesful marriage becomes possible when partners involved uphold the tenets of equity and equality that are potent enough to project the existence and the entrenchment of other pillars of prosperous marriage.


The concept and context of equity and equality in marriage is all about theis common mantra:


“I keep you warm,you keep me warm”


On the contrary,partners involed in marital union who believed in the idealogy and philosophy of equity and equality should be matured enough by not allowing equity and equality as a form of misconception that will fan the amber of disrespect and dishonour chanelled towards destroying the self image of any of the partners or stakeholder involved in marriage.





Pillars of prosperous marriage are:




1.Love.This must be symbiotic,selfless,sacrificial and platonic.





6.Being responsible.


8.Being hardworking.








17.Being reliable.

18.Bein humane

19.Being concern in helping each other

20.Openness and plainless in dealing with each other.

21.Spirutuality through fasting and prayer.

22.Personal development on the part of the parties involved.


24.Sexual satisfaction and understanding of each others sexual needs and demands.

25.Focus and investment of needed resources.





These are some of the basic pillars that must be maintained before any succesful and prosperous marital union can be established.Though the foundation  might be laid by love but if other pillars are amiss,such marriage is bound to hit the rock in the course of time.






There is a  need for every married couples and those who are planning and wishing to become married to seek for deeper understanding and learn the basic necessities of what should be done in the course of their marriage that will stand as an enhancer and a booster of blisful union.


Taking time to understand each other is necessary and it is on this that the birth of a succesful marriage will become possible.

Marriage is designed by God to be enjoyed and not to be endured but before the enjoyment needed in any marriage to become achievable, there is a need for personal discovery and appraisal on the part of couples involved.


It is when this is carried out that the understanding of the strength and weakness of each partner will be maximized to build a marriage that will be prosperous in the process of time.


Marriage is a project that demands constant and continuous investment on the part of all the stakeholders and it must be consciously carried out for the betterment of each of the parties involved.


Stakeholders involved must ensure that they contribute their quota in form of responses and responsibilities needed to build a blisful marital union.


In view of all the aforementioned, I wish every married couple success in their marriage.


Happy New Month.


Welcome to the month of LOVE.

















The original version of this article was written and published on Facebook on the 7th of September 2016.


I read through it not quite long and I am confident that the quality of the content therein will serve as an eye-opener and a source of inspiration and motivation for many marriages and relationship that are struggling to stand and those that are on the verge of collapsing.


I believed that the purpose will be fulfilled expressly.


This is how it goes:


Without any form of argument or being old schooled, marriage imposed a level of reasonable authority on every man.


Authority is imposed by divinity through marital vow on every husband and this must be exhibited and discharged meaningfully not by masculinity and “machoness” only but by simple discharge of timely responsibility without any iota and atom of reluctance,delay and resentment.


Responsible married men are known and praised by discharging their responsibilities without any form of coaxing and cuddling.


No wife should be bold and confident enough to challenge or raise an eye-brow by being indifferent to the correction and instruction of her husband once it is meant to be progressive and developmental without any readiness to share the responsibility needed in the family.


It will tantamount to meaningless insurbodination when you are deaf to your husband’s correction and instruction.This simply signal your desire to share parts of the responsibility needed in the family.



Authority is akin and equals shared responsibility discharged by the parties involved in marriage without any trace of self-centredness.


Being indifferent to your husband authority signals your desire and envy to share the autority purposed and bestowed on your husband by divinity.


Desired equality between husband and wife is quite good and right but it becomes meaningful when the husband and wife are ready to share the responsibilities required for a balanced marital union equally.

“Desired equality between husband and wife connote desired shared authority and desired shared authority denotes desired shared responsibilities being shared equally in content and context having thesame running cost and thesame accompanied reward”.


Once this is in place, the confusion and misunderstanding embedded in marriages in this generation will end up being a thing of the past.


“Gone are the days of Mr.and Mrs.”


“In this generation, we have more of Mr.and Mr. stylishly-a kind of gayism that has not being noted by us and defined by us.”


Marriage should not be a battle ground for unhealthy rivalry between husband and wife.


“Marriage is designed for completion and not competition”.


In spite of the authority given by divinity to man, it should not be misconstrued as a tool for oppression and subjudigation by the husband.It is a necessity that must be used to propel meaningful love and care to the wife and the children.


No trace of disrespect and maltreatment should be allowed in the idealogy of the husband in discharging the authority granted to him by divinity.


In conclusion,marriage gets more interesting and meaningful whenever the basic understanding and knowledge needed to make it work meaningfully are on ground.


It should be designed to make the partners involved better in every ramification of human endeavour.


It is an addition not a subtraction.


Marriage is a treasure and not a burden.




Early this morning,my mind just transcend into a realm that ended up into a reflection triggering a thought about a familiar  and his story in recent years bothered my conscience to the point that I ended up asking myself this question that made the title of this piece intended to be  a source of inspiration and motivation for me and everyone that is interested in reading along with me.


It goes thus:


He was in a relationship with his fiancee and the relationship has been on course for years with the expectation that both will soon walk down the isle.At a point, preparation for introduction was already at a top gear with the two love-birds preparing to know and familiarise with members of their families.


The joy of the fulfilment of the expected proposed introduction of the two families were overwhelming with both couples looking ahead to witness a moment and a day whereby what they have invested their time and resources into for couples of years will soon become a reality.









The unexpected happen and it was grievious to the point that the relationship was finally put asunder.


The lady in question was on her way to her country home for a funeral ceremony of a family member and while on their way to her country home,she lost her life in a ghastly auto-crash and the relationship went into an abyss.


News of her death was received with waves of shock and the guy in question nearly lost his mind in the course of this occurrence.


It was at this point the relationship crashed just as the life of the lady in question varnished into a thin air.


The guy in question spent a bunch of his time to mourn the irreparable loss of his fiancee over a long period of time which subjected him to physical emaciation and psychological depriviation.


This is not in anyway strange at all for anyone who has lost a loved one.It is normal that the person concerned should spent bunch of his precious time to mourn the exit of someone dear to him.


The character in the eye of the storm had this experience in 2014, he is a guy that is of age,close to 40 years or even above 40 years, and at this age, every one expected that after close to four years of the demise of his fiancee, he ought to have taken a step in starting another relationship but to the best of my understanding, he is not in any relationship and he seems not to be interested not to talk of making any trial or attempt that will end up making him to walk down the isle with someone soon.


It was this issue that was on my mind this morning and while ruminating about his ordeal, all I could ask myself was that:


“When will he stop mourning?”

“Will he take  a decade or a century to mourn the loss of his heartrob?”


“If so, when will he attempt another relationship with another lady?”


“When will the marital bell ring?”


Though, these arrays of questions might be difficult to answer by the concerned person because the deceased might be the best among the best but one factual reality in life is that there can never be an end to the best.There will always be the best of every human specie as long as we are ready to invest the necessary resources make the best out of every human.


In order not to drift to the extreme,let’s reason together in inspiring and motivating each other.


It is known fact that the beauty of life is cheapily and easitly expressed amidst the grip of challenges.Challenges are the major parameters and decimals that make the purpose of humanity to find reasonable expression in the course of existence on earth.


More often than  none,challenges always surface in a negative and in a retrogressive order but many challenges that have been conquered and chronicled in the annals of human history were known to end up with positivity accompanied by productivity being enhanced.


So, while we are experiencing a down moment and while we are having a negative upturn of reality in the course of our existence on earth,it is expedient for you and I to have a deep understanding that our challenges if they are managed properly and maintained effectively, they are inherently potent enough to launch us to a realm whereby we become better and our story of victory will make us to become a cynosure of all eyes.







It is normal,acceptable and human for anyone who lost a loved one to mourn and remained saddened but it is essential that while anyone is passing through this phase that you allow your eyes to be opened in clarity to behold the beauty of life that lies ahead of you.


No doubt about it,life is in phases and the phases of life always modulate between a high moment and a low moment.And no matter how long we live,these two phases are bound to interfere and affect us to a large extent mentally, psychologically,socially,economically, and financially.


We are created and wired in a manner that we should not always expect the unexpected but the reality of life is always exhibited and displayed in a manner that we should always expect the unexpected.There is a need for us not to shy away from this reality of life that often times than none,the life of every human being existing on earthly pedestal swings between the expected and the unexpected.


Every phase and every moment needs more of appropriate and prompt management of issues and situations by relying on the inherent values and benefits proferred by time to heal any form of injuries and wounds you might have sustained while you are deeply enmeshed in any form of challenges.


Without any iota of doubt, time heals.Time will always give you an ample opportunity to understand and see the brighter side of whatever you might be passing through because when there is life,hope of a better future always beckons.


There is hope for a glorious and a better future for anyone who believe in the concept of the healing virtues of time.


You might have lost a friend,a colleague,a relative and a heartrob to the cold hands of death and you might have been mourning over your loss for a long period of time,no matter how deeply the cut of your wounds and shattered heart might be, if you can give yourself time, the wound will heal up gradually.


It is at the point of allowing your wound to heal up, that you allow the best inherent in you to fizzle out thereby making you a better person with your story becoming a source of testimony and an article of motivation to others.


Never allow the moment of mourning you are passing through to take hold of the better part of you.The better part of you is made available for you to  be maximized and optimized for you to create a world whereby others that are passing through similar situationa and condition will learn from your story and have something to hold on to in the course of their passing through a phase that seems strange.


Weep not child!


Rise up!Rise up!! Rise up!!!


It is time for you to stand on your feet.


It is time for you to allow your days of mourning to fizzle out.


This is a personal responsibility.


You have what it takes to laugh even amidst the moment of mourning being experienced by you.


The best in every man is expressed when you are succesful in rising far above the challenges you are passing through.


Be the man you are created to be.


Heaven is in you.


Hell is in you.


You have all it takes to unravel the potentials in you.


Stop mourning!


Stop regretting!!


Stop weeping!!!


Ahead of you lies a glorious horizon.


Take hold of your glorious future.


Move on!!!


There are many coast and territories waiting to be conquered.


Never allow mourning to prevent you seeing a brighter day that lies ahead of you./






















Just of recent I had an encounter with the ministry of Holy Spirit,precisely last weekend.It was on the 18th of November 2017.


As I got back from work in the evening,the first issue or challenge I faced was that there was no elecricity supply and my tap has stopped running.


This simply means that there is no water.The water stored in case there is a challenge like this was almost running out and all I could do at the moment is to be bothered thinking about how the weekend will be without water coupled with the fact that there is so many domestic chores that are calling for attention like laundry and general cleaning of the entire house.


At a point, when power was restored, I dashed out to put on the pumping machine but to my chagrin,the pumping machine didnt power which trigger a kind of consternation in the process because I was overwhelmed with the thought of the pumping machine being faulty.


Later, I thought of the pumping machine being repaired but that will be a long-term solution due to the fact that before other co-tenants will rally around to get technician and contribute money for the repair,it might take a couple of days for such solution to arrive.


This disappointment made so many things to run through my mind at a time.And I was like:


“What is the way out now”


Am I going to be sourcing for where to get water from outside?


“What of if I didnt get a place”?




Later, I submitted that I will simply get the serve of “mai ruwa” and pay for some buckets of water but something in me kept asking another question that:


“What of if I didn’t get mai ruwa?


“What am I going to  do”


At this juncture,I was bottled up with emotion and anger blaming myself for not putting some palliative measures on ground to avert this type of situation like getting a bigger container that I can use in storing more volume of water that can last me and and my family for a period of three days.


I was in quandary of what to do and anger has started consuming the whole fabrics of me and I started reacting to everything and everyone around me.


The first person to receive such backlash was my wife.


But at a point I heard my inner mind telling me quietly in a low voice, though it was audibly telling me to calm down.


Despite this, I kept asking myself how the weekend will be without water or how are we going to manage with insufficient volume of water because power outage is easy to manage but managing water is something that can make someone life unbearable.


It is something I dont think someone should envisage or pray for because sourcing for water outside someone’s vicinity is quite arduous and painful.The thought of it is killing and suicidal.


This was the experience I have to manage and deal with on Friday evening–18th of November 2017 till the dawn of 19th of November 2017.


In the course of being moody and angered,I heard a voice telling me many times to calm down that things will sort itself out without any stress.It was by the second time, that I started being calm down.


And by the third time, I heard a silent voice telling me to be careful not to transfer the aggression on my wife.At this point, I realised that it is the Spirit of God cautioning me to be very careful with the situation on ground.


By the dawn of 19th of November, when I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night still thinking about an easy way out from the present predicament being faced by me.It was at this point I took a practical step to just uttered a point of prayer silently within me in this manner:


“Holy Spirit!!!”


“What can I do now?”


Then I heard a voice telling me to calm down.


It was at this point i was able to hold my peace.




Suddenly, around 6am,in the twilight of 19th of November 2017, I just heard noise of water splashing on the floor which simply signalled that the overhead storage tank is filled to the brim.


It was at this point that I realised that it was not our pumping machine that is faulty but it was the designated pre-paid meter for pumping machine that has run out.


Then, as a family we were able to attend for all the necessities that is on ground in the course of the weekend.


This encounter and experience offer me an opportunity to learn some practical gift that every christian is endued with in the spiritual.



It was recorded in the scripture that the Holy Spirit is a person with a pronoun “HE” by JESUS CHRIST.

It reads:


“These things I have spoken to you;while abiding with you.”But the Helper,the Holy Spirit,whom the Father will send in My name,HE will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you”.


Many Christians are oblivious of the fact that Just as we are in relationship with God-the father and Jesus Christ,the son,so also is our relationship with the Holy Spirit ought to be by seeing the Holy Spirit as a person in like image as any one of us.


With this,it is pertinent for any good christian to relate with the Holy Spirit as a person by offering prayers to Him as a person just the way we pray to God but the form by which our prayers should be offered to the Holy Spirit should be in the form of questions asking Him salient questions about issues that are not clear to us in every facet of our existence.


The Holy Spirit is a member of trinity that offers answers to prayers that have to do with questioning,leading and searching of deep things in the physical and in the spiritual.


It is a pity that many Christians are oblivious of this salient truth and they have not been doing anything to maximize this opportunity given to us by God which was announced to us at the point when Jesus Christ was returning back to heaven.


Another important virtue I learnt is:



While the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ was about coming to an end,Jesus Christ handed his disciples over to the Holy Spirit asking them to wait for the enduement of the Holy Spirit before they start their ministry which came to pass on the day of pentecost.—Acts of the Apostle 2.


In the book of John 14 verse 26:


It was chronicled that:


“But the comforter,which is the Holy Ghost,whom the Father will send in my name,he shall teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance whatsoever I have said to you”-KJV.


With this,it was explicitly written that the Holy Spirit is our comforter while other biblical verson recorded that the Holy Spirit  is our helper.So the “comfort and the help seeking” ministry in divinity is inherent in the Holy Spirit.


In the light of this, whenever our supplication and petition falls within the confines of seeking comfort and help,it is always being handled by the person of the Holy Spirit.


Many Christians are unaware of this application because they think that our relationship with the Holy Spirit is all about speaking in strange tongue and languages as it happenned on pentecost day.


This is quite wrong and it places a limitation on our relationship with the personality of the Holy Spirit.


Among other ministry, the ministry of the Holy Spirit relects in this areas:

  • Provision of comfort and ease.
  • Teaching
  • Leading
  • Remembrance
  • Help.
  • Empowement and enduement.


In addition,it is important to know that just as we relate with God and Jesus Christ in Prayers and worship, the Holy Spirit desire and deserve thesame level of relationship.This is something that is amiss largely in christiandom presently.If we can reference the first two members of divinity or trinity, why do we leave the third member without according to Him thesame reference and recognition.


No matter what you are passing through now,no matter how miry and dirty life might be,I want you to rely and rest on the comfort and help of the Holy Spirit.He is ready to bring out a coin from the mouth of the fish in order to meet your needs.


Before this can come to reality,you must recognise, reference and relate with the Holy Spirit so that His ministry will reflect and be visible in your life.


In conclusion,I will ask us one question.


It reads:


“Why are you panting or panicking when you have THE HOLY SPIRIT.”



NB:“The word “mai ruwa” is used in describing anyone who uses a cart-pusher to sell water in kegs usually 20 Litres Keg.It is an HAUSA LANGUAGE.







In a report filed by Christina Pellegrini on the 26th of November 2017 on MSN News.


There’s a major royal rumor circulating that Prince Harry is about to pop the question to Meghan Markle.


And it seems like the whole world is here for it.In fact,Buckingham Palace just addressed the engagement rumors.And now, we don’t know what to think.


If you can believe it, Prince William and Kate Middleton wed nearly seven years ago,and so much has happened since then.


William and Kate are already expecting their third child.Everyone seems to be ready for royal wedding part two.Even the bookmakers agree-they have suspended bets on a 2018 royal wedding because the possibility seems so highat this point.


Prince Harry 2


It’s no secret that things are serious between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.


According to reports,Markle has moved out of her Toronto residence and into Nottingham Cottage,Harry’s residence at Kessington Palace.Apparently,it’s not so much of an “if” they get engaged,but “when”.And that could seriously shake up the British Monarchy.


Perhaps eyes on the royal family even more so than usual,given that this year marked the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death.


We’ve also seen more incresible fairytale wedding(most recently,Serena Williams’s to Alexis Ohanian), and that’s only got us jonessing to see more.


So, what does the royal family have to say about all  this?


Well,according to Hello!;a spokesperson from Buckingham Palace responded to the rumors,only saying that they’would not give a running commentary on Harry’s love life.


If you ask us,that seems very suspicious.


Royal expert Katie Nitcholl agrees that an engagement seems like it’s comin soon, according to ET.But she does make a strong point that “it really is all about timing”.


“You have to remember there are other engagements and events coming up in the royal calendar that an engagement simply couldn’t clash with,”Nicholl to ET.”I think that the new year is probably a more realistic prospect for an engagement announcement.

From “”:

“Congratulations to the two love birds”.


Published by Christina Pellegrini on MSN News.


Culled by “” on MSN News.





In an entertainment news reported by Zach Johnson on February 22, 2018 at 4:45AM on


It was reported that Oprah Winfrey has no time for nonsense.

And thats precisely how she would describe President Donald Trump’s recent tweet,in which he criticized her interviewing abilities in a 60 Minutes segment, called her “very insecure” and dared her to run for office,just “so she can be exposed and defeated just like all of others!”


Winfrey did not respond to Trump’s via Twitter Sunday,but was asked about it on Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday.

“I woke up and I just thought…….”Winfrey said,raising her hands.”And I don’t like giving negativity power,so I just thought,”What?’


What I actually did was I went back and looked at the tape to see if there was any place that that could be true.Did I feel like it was slanted or biased?I went back and looked at every tape;I called the producers”


Just watched a very insecure Oprah Winfrey,who at one point I knew very well,I interview a panel of people on 60Minutes.The questions were biased and slanted,the facts incorrect.Hope Oprah runs as she can be exposed and defeated just like others!

-Donald J.Trump(@realDonaldTrump)February 19,2018.


As Winfrey explained to Ellen DeGeneres, whenever she films segments for the CBS program,


“You sit in a room with at least seven other people who critique the piece before you air it-before you do the introduction to it-and then they give you the critique.They critique every word.’Is this fair?’.You have this whole panel of people looking at whether it was fair,And actually,the first time I saw it,I said,”There’s something missing from the conversation”.


Winfrey  moderated a discussion with a diverse group of voters from Grand Rapids MI,asking questions based on recent headlines.”When I had asked question,’Do you care about what other people thinh about America?’they only used Democratic side.I remembered the guy Matt has said,’No.We’re the only people who are worried,that other countries are thinking of us.’And I said,’I think you should go back and put that in because it makes it more balanced.’So,I was working very hard to do the opposite of what I was hate-tweeted about,[but] it’s OK”


DeGeneres defended Winfrey earlier in the show,saying,Trump has “gone too far”.


‘Oprah is my friend”she warned Trump,”and when you mess with Oprah, you mess with me”.


“President Trump,it’s time for an aha moment”.


“You’re not just some guy on Twitter anymore.You’re the President for all of us.It is your job to unite people,and you don’t do it by attacking people,especially Oprah”,she added.”Like I said, you don’t mess with Oprah.She’s my friend.


Despite Trump’s challenge to run for President in 2020,Winfrey isn’t interested in the job.

“I’ve always felt very secure and confident with myself in knowing what I could do and what I could not.And so it’s not something that interests me,”she told Instyle.”I don’t have the DNA for it”.





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This publication was originally published on facebook on the 8th of November 2016 and reading it now made me believed that it will serve a purpose of being a source of motivation and inspiration for all my viewers,readers and followers.

It goes thus:


Getting along well in life with all its accompanied vagaries,distractions and disappointment without getting along well with God will author confusion and frustration with its end in vanity.


The strength required for exploit and the vigour needed for being above all can only be sourced from the author of life who called everything into existential without any iota of stress but by the spoken word.


Detaching yourself from the resourcefulness emebedded in using your tongue to confess and profess the right word with you standing aloof from the source of every creation will only end in doom and perdition.


Nothing in life should stand in the gap between you and your God no matter how relevant and important it might be.—Romans 8 verse 28-35.


Unknowingly your reference for men standing as an authority for you might end up standing against you from being permanently attached to God.


When you reference men more than what is expected, God’s wrath is never far away from you.


Men that refer men as God in words and in deeds are doing what is unacceptable by any standard because God is not in anyway at thesame level with any of His creation.



god 2.jpg


No human is worthy enough to be referenced as God.


Remember, God will never share His Glory with anyone.