MLST ENTERTAINMENT:Two bands become one:Backstreet Boys dress up as Spice Girls


On a cruise night called Party Like It’s 1993, the group performed some of the girl band’s greatest hits – including Wannabe.


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MLST ENTERTAINMENT:Rapper Dr Dre loses trademark battle with gyneacologist Dr Drai

Dr Drai, a TV gynaecologist, says he doesn’t want to be linked to the rapper as his lyrics are “offensive” to women he works with.


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MLST NEWS:Vatican treasurer facing sex abuse trial in Australia.—(3 Minutes Read).

Cardinal Pell, who denies the charges, is the highest-ranked Catholic ever to be sent to trial over historic sex offences.

Cardinal Pell will face at least one charge of sexual abuse
Image:Cardinal Pell will face at least one charge of sexual abuse


The man in charge of the Vatican’s finances is to face sex abuse charges in Australia.


Cardinal George Pell is the most senior Catholic Church official to be charged with such offences, which relate to his time as a priest and bishop in Australia.


Following a month-long pre-trial hearing, magistrate Belinda Wallington ruled that some of the historical allegations against the 76-year-old should be tested in court.


Cardinal Pell has pleaded not guilty to the charges.


He will next appear in court on Wednesday in Melbourne. He is facing at least one charge after being accused of sexually abusing multiple victims decades ago.


The prosecution alleged during the pre-trial hearing that Cardinal Pell’s offences took place at a swimming pool and a cinema in Victoria state, a church and other locations.


His lawyer, Robert Richter, argued there was no evidence to support the charges against his client.


In 2016 an Australian Royal Commission accused Cardinal Pell of mishandling misconduct cases against clergy members while he served as the leader of the Archdioceses of Melbourne and Sydney.




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