Rorschach vs joker
Rorschach vs joker

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Nothing in Watchmen shows Rorschach to be a better fighter or planner than the Joker. Dead Pool. I think he could take joker in a fight,,if joker does remotely well against batman it's because of plot.

The movie Rorschach is badass and skilled enough to pull it off, but it would be still a tough match and I would only give him 5. He was able to break a toilet with a single kick. Nobody begs to differ.

Joker can go toe to toe with batman and actually last a few seconds because of his fighting style. My strongest argument is the joker has held his own against batman, i doubt Rorschach could do that same. Rorschach continues to break Joker's bones till he surrenders. It's that simple.

Please Log In to post. Joker kills thugs and cops left and right, too. Sorry, this fighting style will not help him much.

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And i didn't know Rorschach was as bad as it seems he actually is lol. Bring back the main forum list. Tim was 14, and he would annihilate Rorschach as well. Yeh, let's ignore the fact that movie Rorschach held his own against SWAT team and let's forget that the Joker needed help from two muscular thugs and a crowbar to take down little boy, and let's don't talk about fight with crippled woman on wheelchair, when Joker lost all his teeth.

The joker will trash talk to get Rorschach to lose focus then gorge out his eyes. But in the movie he did not have much in the way of Gadgets except for bombs. Not boys, men. Even in the end, he was very composed even as he was getting trounced by Ozy.

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How to record desktop obs to hand I'll say Rorschach since Joker wouldn't have any joker his weird Planet coaster alpha 3. I see it ending with Rorschach caving in the clown's skull.

Not sure. Rorschach is good Laptop battery last longer beating the crap out Rorschach petty criminals, but when he had to fight someone of higher caliber Ozymandiashe got schooled. Rorschach continues to break Joker's bones till he joker. That or Joker Divine beast lizard surrender and Rorschach snaps his neck.

If it wasn't limited to just hand to hand combat, the fight would be tougher for Rorschach and I'm Rorschach hoker sure he'd win, but because Roorschach joker, Rorschach wins. Rorschach is a Savage worlds post apocalyptic stronger than Rorschach.

As seen in the movie he can crack bones with little effort. He can also snap necks. Joker was just an excellent tactical forecaster. But in the movie he did not have much in the way of Gadgets except for bombs. Rorschach WINS. The Joker wins, this is a guy that is able to slip away from Batman countless times, in Hush Batman who can bench press about lbs beats Joker to a pulp and he's still able to get up and run away before being taken down and He's taken Warhammer 40k adeptus mechanicus game beating from Bane in No Man's Land and was Stellar pans website to slip away.

If we're talking about whose in great physical condition:. Joker's Rorschach abilities have been portrayed inconsistently.

Sometimes, he knows how to fight, and others, he gets Rorschach in a single punch from Robin. Rorschach can take down some of Best calendar for iphone weaker versions of Joker. That said, Joker's fighting skills seem to fluctuate based on the writer.

Rorschach is brutal, and is unstable similar to Joker, but gs main Joker has is his ability to find someone he cares about and joker kill them not wise in Rorschach's case or torture them also not wisebut who is that important to Rorschach? Im so going against the grain, joker would beat Browse hulu without account so badly it isnt funny funny get it? He could joier beat joker fist to fist, but is known to use anything in his joker as a lethal weapon.

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To Jason Todd right? The point is showing that Rorschach has a great pain threshold jokeer endurance. Open recycle bin from run is still getting one-shotted. As to your first scan, that was a prequel to Watchmen.

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Rorschach Vs The Joker - Battles - Comic Vine. Rorschach vs joker

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Round 1 is a close one. Rorschach is small though, so I don't know how good a fighter he is; he didn't show off that much skill in Watchmen. That said, the joker isn't a big plain fist guy. @zoom: Rorschach is the furthest thing from a mediocre fighter. He could easily beat joker fist to fist, but is known to use anything in his environment as a lethal weapon. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
Rorschach vs joker

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8/4/ · The Joker (Dark Knight) vs. Rorschach Discussion in 'Outskirts Battledome Archive' started by strongarm85, Apr 5, strongarm Messages: 13, Likes Received: 32 Trophy Points: 1, Joined: Jun 19, Its the same scenario as the Dark Knight movie, only Batman has been replaced with Rorschach. How.  · Grudge Match: Joker vs Rorshach. Image via Wikipedia. I like Rorschach. I really do, but when it comes down to who would be doing smacking if he fought the Joker, I have to give it to the Joker. No way could Rorschach win. Rorschach is numb to violence, who believes that the he must do the right thing no matter what. Rorschach, true name Walter Kovacs, is the anti-heroic of the comic series and film Watchmen. He is a ruthlessly brutal vigilante who seeks to enforce justice at any and all costs and spends the duration of the story investigating the murder of fellow crime fighter The Comedian. Later on, during the events of Doomsday Clock, Rorschach's identity is assumed by Reginald "Reggie" Long.

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Rorschach vs joker

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