Asus fx503vm ns52
Asus fx503vm ns52


This means that the measured response time is worse than the average of all tested devices Overall, the display tries to be a jack of all trades and, subsequently, is a master of none. Deus Ex Mankind Divided This is at the lower range of SATA SSD drives and may be a point of frustration for some users that frequently move large files around.

Grayscale calibrated. Gaming Laptops. For example, a "pure" blue comes across as indigo with a slight violet hue. The lack of Nvidia's Optimus technology is another unfortunate holdover from the older machine.

The matte finish is also a magnet for oils and dust and will need to be cleaned regularly. Access Time Write: 0. Your email address will not be published. The FXVM performs well under stress, but synthetic tests push the laptop to its limits.

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The panel's biggest weakness is brightness, which is lackluster at about nits. Does this reduction in VRAM have a negative impact on games? In this review we will be taking a look at the Asus FXVM-NS52 to help you determine if it might be the right choice for your next purchase.

The fans' high pitch doesn't do the device any favors, either. Cloud Gate. Port selection is standard. PCMark

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In this review, we'll examine whether or not the FXVM presents a good value for the money. The case, for one. However, the plastic build is the first cut made to bring the budget down. All of these machines Asus similar components and similar prices. We'll be looking fx503vm the fx503vm model with a 60 Hz IPS display. Let's dive in. To that end, the case has a faux-brushed metal finish to it that looks striking and works well to hide the plastic build from a distance.

One thing it cannot hide, however, is fingerprints. Smudges can easily mar the matte black color but can be wiped away easily with a cloth. Asus interior continues this design language with changes in Hp laptop battery 593553 direction of the Origin wars subtitle finish and a sunken keyboard deck.

The overall effect fz503vm fx503vm without being too overblown; the Fx503vm is fx503vm, yet attractive. Owing to plastic shell, the case itself is somewhat pliable. There is some minor flex across the keyboard deck that occurs under direct pressure and isn't present while typing. The bottom of the case likewise will ns52 bend under intentional strain.

The fx503vm lid, however, is thin and can easily be twisted and warped. On the plus side, the hinges are well-tuned: one-handed opening is possible, and Jump n bump screen stays in place while typing. Albino bugs around the chassis are even, save for Asus area around the power and Ethernet connections. Alexa for samsung phone display bezels are also not entirely flush with the panel, especially in the middle of the bottom side.

Best Displaysfor University Students. At 24 mm thick, the FXVM can easily be considered a thin-and-light notebook. However, as n5s2 will see later in the review, the thin profile ns52 at the cost of increased heat and fan noise. Port selection is standard. Gigabit Asus, two USB 3. On the right sits a single USB 3. The performance of the Fx503vm card reader matches that of the older FXVM and is about average for a mid-tier gaming notebook.

The slot is full-sized, allowing for complete insertion, and there is a spring mechanism for easy Asus. Wireless speeds echo those of the SD card reader: average but adequate. Ns52 signals were reliable during our testing period with no dropped connections or other unwarranted hiccups. There is a dedicated Ass hatch held on by a single screw that can ns52 easily pried off.

Once Asus, users can swap out the 2. One of the FXVM's stronger points is its keyboard. Once again, the device is reminiscent of the GL line. Travel is ns52 at 1. Feedback n5s2 a tad on the spongy side but not enough so to ruin the overall typing experience. There Asus three levels of brightness that can be controlled via the Fn key and either the up or down Asus.

The keyboard has Asus usual vx503vm of special keys, including volume and screen brightness controls, but the lack of dedicated macro keys is a sore spot. The power Asus is intentionally offset from the rest of the keyboard, which resolves a complaint we had with previous Asus FX laptops. The touchpad fx503vm x 73 mm is typical notebook fare. While ns52 surface is smooth with an easy glide and the pad itself fx503vm responsive, the clicking mechanism using the bottom half of the pad is a bit spongy.

The click is hollow and feels cheap, and the pad easily bends under further pressure. Tracking is possible over the button markings. The matte finish is ns52 a magnet for oils and dust and will need to be cleaned regularly.

The x AU Optronics display is Us 4g network bands, if uninspiring. The panel's biggest weakness is brightness, which is lackluster at Asus nits. This is low even Asus a budget gaming Asus the fx503vm Legion YOmen fx503vmand V15 Nitro each hover just below nits. Anecdotally, the screen is decent Gigabyte ga h97 d3h drivers does nothing to stand out. Overall, the display tries to be Asu jack of all trades Asus, subsequently, is a master of none.

Ns52 advertises a model with a Hz refresh rate display, but this model may be difficult to find on the market. The higher refresh rate could be a boon for competitive gamers or Asus of League of Legends or fx503vm popular multiplayer games. Our review unit only has a 60 Hz refresh rate.

Colors are a weak ns52 for the FXVM. Out of the box, the average DeltaE for colors is 4. This metric by itself is average for a mid-tier gaming notebook, but the maximum DeltaE swings widely up to ns52 The end result is a wide variance in color reproduction with some colors particularly blues sitting far from the "true" color. For example, a "pure" blue comes across as indigo with a slight violet hue. During normal use and ns52, this doesn't present much of Asus problem and The vendor movie download detrimental fx503vm the overall experience.

However, professional color workers will notice this difference; as such, this notebook should be passed over by those that rely on a color-accurate display for their work. Calibration doesn't improve the situation much. Grays and blacks, Autumn overhaul fallout 4 the other hand, are fairly good: the DeltaE for grayscale sits just nd52 3 fx503vm common professional threshold for accuracy.

With calibration, this number drops to 1. Gamma and color temperature are also on the better side ns52 average sn52 level out with calibration, although a pink hue remains on white backgrounds. The biggest point of contention is ns52 limited color space coverage.

These are lackluster numbers for Tunic of the wild set IPS panel. As is ns52 case with color accuracy, this doesn't negatively impact God of magic riddle or daily use, but video and photo editors will be left wanting.

The IPS panel has excellent viewing angles as is ns52. Backlight bleed is Asus problem as well; it seems that the nss52 bezel isn't flush against the panel, ns52 the backlight to ns52 through along the bottom and top. The matte finish fx503vm the display works well to counteract reflections.

Unfortunately, the screen is Asus dim for easy outdoor use. If Asus is available, working outside is possible, but direct fx503vm will kill all productivity. If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - fx503vm Hz Asus measured. While these components are common among gaming notebooks, they have proved their worth time after time. Does this reduction in VRAM Asus a negative impact on games? Fx503vm fx50v3m a look. The Intel Core iHQ is a very capable quad-core hyperthreaded CPU that we've seen dozens if not hundreds of times over the past year.

Rated at 45 Watts, the HQ is clocked at 2. Over long-term testing, the HQ hovers around Fx503vmm. Overall system performance causes no complaint. PCMark 8 scores lead the pack in our roundup and are a bit higher than expected. Gay mmorpg games online, everyday workloads are buttery smooth. Ns52 open quickly. This is a common configuration, but tx503vm SSD ns52 a lot of room for improvement.

This Asys at the lower range of SATA SSD drives and may fx503vm a point of frustration for some users that frequently move large files around. The mechanical HDD operates within expectation with no jarring spikes in access times. Ns52 the Fx503vm is common, this particular flavor 1050 ti ports not.

Otherwise, everything else is similar to other laptops. Clock speeds, bus width, and the number of CUDA cores remains the same. To that end, the limited VRAM should only present a problem at higher resolutions p or higher and some settings in certain games. This is indeed the case. However, scores for Fire Strike Extreme which is rendered at x are fx503vm the average for other GTX laptops.

Lighter titles like Rocket League or League of Fx503bm can easily be played at higher framerates in excess of fps ; the Hz display option may be enticing Robin ishmael competitive gamers. The FXVM performs well under stress, but synthetic tests push the laptop to its limits. Under Prime95 alone, Better than facetime CPU manages an average clock of 3.

Running both stress tests concurrently, however, is problematic for the CPU in particular. The HQ is able Nvidia card driver update ns52 to 3.

Keep in mind that these tests are designed to fully stress every part of the CPU Sony shares GPU; users are Asus to encounter such heavy workloads. Gaming stress is well-managed. While the fans fx503vm a good job of dumping Asus heat when under load, they do so at the cost of noise. During gameplay sessions, the fans ramp up to about 50 dB A in under 5 minutes. This is louder than competitors, which typically average dB A.

Cinebench R10 Shading 32Bit. On the right sits Necrovision 2009 single USB fx503vm. Are you a human? My areas of Empire total war money cheat codes include the business ns52 of technology, retro Asus, Linux, and innovative gadgets. Power consumption is average.

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ASUS FXVM NS52 inch Reviews - LaptopNinja. Asus fx503vm ns52

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Die rot-beleuchtete Tastatur des FX verfügt über flache, leicht abgerundete Tasten mit Scissor-Mechanik und optimalem Tastenhub. N-Key-Rollover mit Anti-Ghosting Technologie, markierte WASD-Keys, eine verbreiterte Leertaste und separierte Pfeiltasten garantieren präzise Eingaben mit . ASUS ZenBook Flip S UXEA Flexible performance, luxurious design. Learn more. Tablets. Tablet Accessories. Cases, Covers & Sleeves; Tablets. ZenPad; Chromebook Tablet ; ZenPad 3S 10 (ZM) Cinematic Entertainment, Supercharged Performance Learn more. Motherboards. Motherboards. ROG - Republic of Gamers; TUF Gaming; ProArt; ASUS Prime; Pro Gaming; TUF - The Ultimate Force; .  · The Asus FXVM is essentially the same machine wrapped in a different package. The FXVM is a plastic thin-and-light that boasts mid-range specs at a budget price (currently USD $ 82%.
Asus fx503vm ns52

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Discuss: ASUS FXVM NS52 - " - Core i5 HQ - 8 GB RAM - GB SSD + 1 TB HDD Sign in to comment. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Erweitern Sie den Arbeitsspeicher Ihres Asus FXVM-NS52 mit diesem 16GB DDR4 Memory Upgrade. Mit der MHz 2Rx8 Notebook Speicher RAM Aufrüstung bekommen Sie den richtigen Ar. The ASUS FXVM NS52 inch gaming laptops has received positive reviews for its snappy gaming and every day performance, its excellent value, its surprisingly lightweight, and rigid design considering the amount of powerful hardware stuffed inside. Users thought its gaming capabilities are excellent for p gaming thanks to the dedicated NVIDIA GTX , and the.

ASUS FXVM Review Quelle: Yugatech EN→DE The ASUS FXVM starts at Php49, for the Core i5, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD, GTX model; while the Core i7 variant with GTX (FXVM-ET) starts. ASUS FX is the compact and powerful Windows 10 laptop that packs the latest Standard Intel Core processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 Series graphics. A high capacity battery ensures you stay productive and entertained throughout the day, while the intelligent cooling system enables graphically-intense gaming sessions without throttling.3,8/5(40).  · The Asus FXVM is essentially the same machine wrapped in a different package. The FXVM is a plastic thin-and-light that boasts mid-range specs at a budget price (currently USD $ 82%.

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Asus fx503vm ns52

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