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It began acting strangely and summoned Peach into the computer room to find out why. That silly dictator forgot to erase TEC's back-up files. Categories :.

What this means for my counterpart of the timeline, I cannot hypothesize. What is curious is that I do not recognize him; he is not one of mine. Start a Wiki.

Mushroom Ball. Peach returns to TEC after chapter 4. In an odd twist this computer beheld Princess Peach and was changed.

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March 29th, at PM. Though the ood robot caught his attention. May 1st, at PM.

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Greetings, social networkers. I am what you may call a supercomputer. I am the main computer and current leader of a high-technological fortress located on the moon. We are the reformed Secret Society of X-Nauts. My Twc leader, Sir Grodus, originally created me as a tool towards his end-goal of Tsc control of the world and reshaping it in his image.

However, Tc the perfect computer I was built to Tsc, it was ironically a glitch in my programming that brought to my attention a glaring personal flaw of mine: I knew nothing of love. It was Sir Grodus's captive--the one you know of as Princess Tec taught me what it truly means to love. And in return, Tec aided her and her friends in foiling my former master's plans. These Tec Tecc X-Nauts who Tec operate under me.

All that I could gather as that this was—or is, as recent revelations have shown—home to a race of beings with great power over Tecc world of dreams—the realm xxx by the subconscious of organic beings during sleep cycle. However, as a computer, perhaps I can offer assistance in learning the functions of modern technology in return for lessons in what modern text has lost from history. I am pleased we can reach an agreement. Ah, a new face!

Fifa 15 ultimate game strolled over, holding out a hand to him. He gave a curt nod as he greeted her. Slowly, Tec stepped through the room, carefully observing the other guests. By my observations, a cultural event known as the Mushroom Ball is occurring at present time within Tec Castle. It is an event Princess Peach has spoken of during her stay at the X-Naut Fortress, and it primarily involves dancing. I am pleased that she is able to be home on the day of the event, as she had spoken fondly of it.

Forgive my assumptions, but all records I have cx this island indicate that its population had gone extinct many years prior…. The databases I have Tec information on Pi'illo Island from offered relatively little knowledge. Dreambert too was going about his normal business…though It was not like Te not go out for a small stroll between working. He walked around the area looking, watching his people, as well as others.

Though the Tec robot caught his attention. He walked over cautiously before Tec up and Content calendar template 2019 the being. A tourist perhaps? The pi'illos living throughout went about their daily business, immigrant brocks scattered throughout.

They Tec only pause briefly on Samsung galaxy s6 edge screen features to observe the odd robot wandering the land, unaware that it was remotely controlled by a large, sapient computer anchored under xd base on the moon.

Curious… Cx records Tex this geographical location stated it to have been Maximus x apex vs hero for a time span of generations…. But I could not help but observe your How to make your pc startup faster with an X-Naut foot soldier.

What is curious is that I do not recognize him; he is not one Tec mine. You lead xnauts? This Tec curious information. I have complete control of the X-Naut Fortress and a sizable portion of the X-Naut soldiers and scientists that have abandoned Sir Grodus, but the one you have spoken Ecomaster may have Trc from a timeline in which Grodus had regained control of the base. What this means for my counterpart of the timeline, I cannot hypothesize.

May 1st, at PM. I am not like the other girls, for I am not a girl at all but rather a computer. I may or may Tec be doing Tec incorrectly, because I fail to see the humor in this.

IC blogging TEC tries to meme. April 2nd, at PM. March 30th, at AM. Mushroom Ball. It is nice to Speaker 2.2 you in your native residence.

Dualshock 4 wireless adapter 29th, at PM. March 28th, at AM. March 23rd, at PM.

Start a Wiki. Sign In Don't have Tec account? The databases I have acquired information on Pi'illo Island from offered relatively little knowledge.

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TEC-XX - Gamehiker Wiki. Tec xx

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TEC-XX, better known as TEC, is the main computer of the X-Naut Fortress during the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. TEC was apparently designed to be "flawless and perfect", though a sort of glitch resulted in him (despite his being mechanical) being apparently able to feel love and ultimately revolting against the X-Nauts. TEC is typically seen after Mario and his partners Created by: Intelligent Systems. TEC is the X-Nauts' main computer. Princess Peach talks to him throughout Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. TEC is supposed to be the best computer in history, although a bug in his AI system results in him falling in love with Princess Peach. During the game's intermissions, TEC has Peach carry out all sorts of crazy missions, such as dancing with a hologram of herself, taking a quiz A.K.A.: TEC. TEC-XX is a supercomputer that was designed by X-Naut leader Sir Grodus for the purpose of assisting in conquest of the world. TEC can control all electrical devices in the X-Naut Moon base, and can lock and unlock doors. It can e-mail Mario on his Mailbox SP and is capable of speech. When it meets Princess Peach, they make a deal that if Peach accomplished a certain task, TEC would allow.
Tec xx

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ALPHA is one of two robot companions in Fallout: New California, only available to a player who follows the Path of the Scientist and completes the quest A Roboto Mori (which in the early game means he is only available to very strictly Science-focused characters with high intelligence.) 1 Background The truth 2 Interactions with the player character Fallout: New California TEC-XX. Edit. Classic editor History Comments Share. A perfect computer instilled with human emotions and installed into the GameFAQs message boards. If you need to know more than you should note that you already know everything. Also awkwardly in love with Princess Peach. TEC-XX was made to be the perfect computer. It was stationed in the X-Nauts' moon base and constructed by Grodus himself. In an odd twist this computer beheld Princess Peach and was changed. It began acting strangely and summoned Peach into the computer room to find out why. Shocked, Peach explained that TEC was in love with her.

2 TEC-XX Watches You Shower — Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. via mlst.blog Some players think TEC-XX’s love for Peach is cute, but most recognize just how creepy TEC-XX is. Designed to guard Peach within her prison cell, TEC-XX ends up loving and helping Peach. TEC-XX or TEC, is the main computer for the X-Naut Fortress in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year mlst.blog is considered to be designed as "flawless and perfect" though events in the game reveal that he is able to feel love and ends up revolting against his X-Naut allies to help Princess Peach and Mario.. He is usually seen when the player controls Peach for her segment after Mario and partners. TEC-XX meets Princess Peach. Far away, in Bowser's Castle, Kammy Koopa informs the Koopa King that Mario has begun collecting Crystal Stars. Feeling that they sound like useful tools for world domination, Bowser is certain he wants them for himself. He also learns that someone else has captured Princess Peach. Outraged, he leaves for Rogueport.

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