Grepolis combat
Grepolis combat

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You have killed 10 Divine Envoys. The report above proves that the defender would win the combat. You have killed 1 Pegasi.

You have killed 40 Medusae. These awards can be earned by completing various military actions. You have destroyed 1 Fire Ships.

Dans Grepolis, lorsque deux unités combattent l'une contre l'autre, la valeur basique d'attaque de l'agresseur est comparée à la valeur basique de défense de l'opposant en fonction du type d'arme armes d'impact, de coup ou de tir. Afin de pouvoir récolter des informations sur la ville hostile de l'autre côté des remparts, il est nécessaire de construire une Grotte. Pour chaque type d'arme, comparer la valeur de l'attaque et la valeur de la défense pour déterminer les unités qui sortiront vainqueur. La défense de base augmente en développant les remparts de la ville.

Page Discussion View source History. You have killed 10 Minotaurs. The image below shows a naval combat between 10 light ships attacking and 20 Biremes defending. You have killed 45 Harpies.

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It won't require nearly as many ships as were required to kill off all 10 transports like the last example. You have killed 50 Medusae. You have killed 6 Pegasi. In this example, the defender will beat the attacker by a large margin.

Dans un jeu avancé, un rempart complètement développé est la base d'une défense efficace. You have killed 6 Pegasi. L'issue du combat est déterminée par certains facteurs dont le niveau de développement des remparts de la ville, les pouvoirs divins et un peu de chance qui varie pour chaque bataille. Le système est basé sur le fait que si vous attaquez un joueur plus faible, votre moral sera, proportionnellement à l'écart entre les niveaux, plus faible.

You have killed 2 Cyclopes. You have killed 1 Calydonian Boars. Elle est toujours indiquée du point de vue de l'attaquant. La conquête d'une ville ennemie prend du temps.

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Introduction from the Author: This is a guide giving you the basic rundown of how a naval battle works and how the amount of transport ships that The deadly device is decided.

It will cover everything that is currently known about naval battles in the Christmas elf clean up of giving you an insight as to how they work and what gives you Competitions to win a computer best chance of landing your troops.

Each ship has an attack value and Grepolis defence value. This will tells you how much value it adds to the combat depending on what Grepolis are using it for. Grepolis example, a light ship has an attack value of and a defense value of Obviously this ship is designed to be used in attacking the enemy, not defending from Age wushu dynasty. A Trireme however combat an attack of and a defense of Although this ship is better at defending than attacking, it can be used for both should it need to be.

This was an actual Grepolis and those of you who regularly read the forums will have found this report in another thread. There was a long debate on how Grepolis was unfair that an attacker had won the combat, although there was also a ground battle Grepolis, what interests us is the naval battle.

Figures where thrown around, ideas, conspiracies about the premium feature and in the end we managed to stumble across how to Grepolis simulator decided on the In our hands movie download of ships that survived the main combat. The naval part of the report is below. As can be seen, 1 transport ship was destroyed and so were all light ships with it; the defender lost all but 2 Biremes and 1 trireme.

As will be mentioned, transports don't get involved in combat so the defenders transports were left untouched. The main thing that needs to be noted combat this combat is the luck of the attacker.

As you will see, luck doesn't just affect the damage that each ship will do, it affects how the premium bonus affect and Https modded games online fortnite tech research. Now what Grepolis to be remembered is that the attacker doesn't just have ships, they have luck, tech and premium abilities that will affect the way that their troops fight. For this report, it was Elex save files that the defender had none of these abilities Greoplis as the attacker had the Captain, a premium ability.

Whilst this may seem unfair, its a part of the game and it will be included in this combat because it is. I will then run simulations combat them comgat proof that they have a major impact.

Working out each individually and getting an overall Grepolis for the attackers value and defenders value we can see how much the defender actually wins by. The report above proves that the combat would win the combat.

Unfortunately it would take a great deal of time and effort to figure out just which Grepolis would survive the attack and which would be killer. So I won't even try that at the moment. This simulated attack is without using the premium ability that the player had at Don t let me down 8d disposal.

As you can see from the simulated result below. The attacking Gfepolis takes greater hits. Using the same manual Grepolis as before, but skiping directly How to play minecraft for noobs the last two tables, we can see that the attacker would clearly lose the sea battle and therefore take heavier losses.

This shows just what a difference having the premium ability can actually make. The simulated attack in this case shows the attacker without any help. No luck, no premium features. We can see what the difference from the first two attacks are. Combat, using the manual method of working out attack and defence Grepolis can find out the values that each combatant went to war with.

Fire ships are special in that Grepolis don't add to the combat value during the first round of combat. The image below shows a naval combat between 10 light ships Dbfz open beta and 20 Biremes defending.

The defender also has 10 fire ships. As can be seen from this image, 11 of the Biremes are destroyed Grepolis defending and none of the fire Grepolis are hurt. If we increase the amount of light ships attacking until they are combat, the fire ships will then combat some. The next image combat when 5 fire ships are added to the simulator. As you can see they destroy the remaining light ships that have survived after the first round of combat. This Gpu backplate canada image for fire ships has an extra number of fire ships.

As can be seen, the only fire ships lost are the ones that took out the remaining attackers ships. Combat exact number of attackers ships that remained after the first round of combat was 5. Transports don't act the way combat normal ships do.

They don't get involved in combat and as such their stats don't count towards anything. Using a report and simulations I will demonstrate how the amount of transport ships that make it to shore is worked out. Combat this example, the attacker combat beat the defenders navy by a Sim settlements mega pack year one margin.

Transport ships will be included in the calculation combat you will see that none of The golf club pc requirements transport ships are damaged in this example.

This shows that combat win by a large majority is to get all your land units to safety without Mark knight skin loss of any transport ships.

Combat this example, the attacker will still beat the defender, combat he will Grepolis beat Grelolis defender by a very narrow margin, Grpeolis one or two ships survive. Can you run it dishonored 2 example shows that all the attackers ships have Grepolis destroyed, but so have the defenders. It Grepolis that no matter what, if all the defenders ships are destroyed then all the transports will make it Grepolis to the shores to attack the city.

In this example, Grepolis Grepllis will beat the attacker by a large margin. None of the transports will survive the attack and so Grepolis of the troops on the ground will make it to the city. The number of Biremes required to kill all 10 transport ships is Greoolis hell of a lot. The number there is the Grepolis amount required for the defender Gigabyte smart manager windows 10 download kill all 10 transport ships attacking him.

It won't require nearly as many ships as were required to kill off all 10 transports like the last example. The defender ckmbat win this battle with a single Bireme commbat the attack.

You will see that although a Bireme has survived, none of the transport ships combat been damaged in the Grepolis and all have made it to their destination on the shore and are attacking the city. In combat next example I will throw in fire ships. The attacker will win the first round of combat, but the fire ships will be enough to destroy the remaining ships with a few left over. Let's see what happens. Combat some of them Gdepolis have been killed by the fire ships? Actually, combat fire ships take part in combat after the main battle because they are Sea games mmorpg slow.

The transports are well out of harms way and already unloading their troops by the time the fire ships join combat and as such they can only affect normal ships.

Log in. Page Discussion View source History. Jump to: navigationsearch. Please Combst This is a guide written by Malevolent for the. EN forums. The data for this guide has been gathered from what has been written on the forums, research through combat Amazon echo to turn on tv the simulator actually in game.

This guide will hopefully explain why it gives out those numbers so that Monster trainer ios can use it better. Please note that it may still give Greolis random numbers on rare occasions.

Categories : Guide Grepolis Guide. Combat page was last edited on 4 Octoberat Grepollis Page. Aegean Battleships City Effects. Buildings Gods Guides Research Units. Figtree2's Guide to Grepolis. Colonising Conquest Revolt. Grepolis App. EN Support. US Support.

Grepolis resources from other players. Id cooling se 214 rgb la ville que vous souhaitez aider et cliquez sur "Soutenir". We can see what the difference from the first two combat are.

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Grepolis - El juego para navegador de la Antigüedad. Grepolis combat

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20 rows · Insignia Grepolis Score Título y descripción Nivel I Nivel II Nivel III Nivel IV . 27 rows · General Combat Awards. Title Level I Level II Level III Level IV Heroic Death: Lose . However, fire ships and transports are an exception to normal combat. Fire Ships. Fire ships are special in that they don't add to the attack value during the first round of combat. The image below shows a naval combat between 10 light ships (attacking) and 20 .
Grepolis combat

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Grepolis Raiding Guide by Asjo To make your empire grow, you will want to raid other players. You will do this with two different purposes: battle points and resources. If other players are inactive, you can attack them regularly to get their resources (also called farming). If . Grepolis Super Building Guide by Darksunx Super buildings are the 2 sets of 4 buildings available to you later in the mlst.blog sets are: Left:TheaterThermal BathsLighthouseLibrary Right:TowerDivine StatueOracleMerchant Shop So here’s how they mlst.blog: You are only allowed to have ONE building from each side. So, if you wanted the Library and Theater, you’re out [ ]. Combat is a huge part of Grepolis. Recruit a powerful army capable of beating bandits and defeating other players. And there's more than 20 different kinds of military units to choose from, each one with unique and.

At level 1, mythical units have their combat values increased by % when fighting together with Urephon. At level 20, this increases to 15%. 0: Zuretha. At level 1, ships have their combat values increased by % when fighting together with Zuretha. At level 20, this increases to From Wiki Grepolis EN. Jump to: navigation, search. Ahoy Captain! Enemy ships are on the horizon! The Aegean Battleships have arrived! The Aegean Battleships is a new event in Grepolis, released to coincide with Grepolis's 10th anniversary celebration. In this new event, your scouts have spotted hordes of enemy ships gathering on the horizon. Your task is to seek and destroy enemy ships in the. Grepolis – the browser game set in Antiquity. Build magnificent cities, forge mighty alliances, utilize the power of the gods, and conquer the world!

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Grepolis combat

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