MLST NEWS:Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson ordered to repay £2.4m she won from Bauer

Originally posted on A judge tells the actress she must pay back cash she received after a record-breaking defamation case against a magazine group. 10:29, UK, SOURCE: ?

MLST NEWS:Stockholm lorry attacker jailed for life after killing five people

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Rakhmat Akilov, a failed Uzbek asylum seeker, said he wanted to punish Sweden for joining a coalition against Islamic State. ? ? SOURCE: ? SKY NEWS ? TAG: ? #News# ? #Stockholm# ? #Lorry attacker#

MLST NEWS:Firefighters buried under tonnes of volcanic ash in Guatemala

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Sky’s Ian Woods reports from a demolished bridge where locals and volunteer firefighters “didn’t realise the danger they were in”. ? ? SOURCE: ? SKY NEWS ? TAG: ? #News# ? #Fire fighter#