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They had set the tables nice and neatly along the street as they had every morning for many years now. They had stacked the menus in the central position waiting for the daily rush to start. It was a rush that never arrived. For the whole day, the only thing to rustle the paper napkins was […]

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How can Anthony improve his productivity?

Anthony has been a colleague, a classmate and a friend of over two decades but at a point we lost contact.


Not quite long, around two weeks ago, as I was rushing to catch up with an appointment in the city mall, I sighted his face from afar sitting down in one of the eateries that has its stand in the city mall. He seems to be relaxing but not really aware of his environment. He was carried away in deep thought.


He didn’t recognize my presence as I kept walking to him. Though, he might find it difficult recognizing my face because time has really changed my physique.


Hey buddy!!!How are you?


Can you recognize this face?


Yeah!!!I am tying to figure it out. This is a familiar face that I shouldn’t forget. Anthony submitted.


I turned one of the vacant chair and took my seat. Then, I helped him by mentioning my name and remind him of all the moments we had together in our elementary days while in School. It was at this point that Anthony got the full consciousness of who is sitting down with him now.


A wild shout engulfed the whole atmosphere and people around were caught unaware of what could have happened as an explanation for the wild and loud outburst.


Then, we sat down after hugging each other and gist of past days started until we got to the present.


Then, at a point in the course of our discussion when we got to discussing success and career, Anthony managed to asked me about what has been bothering him since the beginning of 2019.


How can I improve my productivity in this year? Anthony asked.





I looked at his face and jokingly I told him that I am neither a Pastor, a counsellor or a motivational speaker but he insisted that he is short of ideas and he needs just one insight that might be needed for him at this moment.


Then, we get talking and I promised to give him about 3 means by which someone can improve his productivity.





These are:


1.Personal appraisal of previous efforts, performance and results based on the effectiveness of results and outcome.


2.Setting timely and strategic goals and objectives.


3.Sourcing for necessary and needed exposure in terms of information, education and ability to be a mentee to mentors who has gone ahead of you in your chosen or interested field of endeavor.






Oh! My God!!!


You are an angel. You have opened my mind to what I have been thinking about for days now. I can see reason in what you highlighted now. Anthony submitted.


Never mind. I am still your friend.


I will soon be on my way. Just give me your digit.


I hope to see you soon so that we can sit down again and talk more about our discussion.


See you soon.


Bye for now.


See you again bro…Anthony waved.


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