Nobody did anything wrong—Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston’s heartbreaking two sentences to Angelina Jolie before Brad Pitt affair

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New Prince Louis photos taken by mum Kate Middleton to mark his first birthday

A security source said: “The cost of protecting high profile royals would be at least £1million a year, most likely more with round-the-clock personal protection officers, in-country teams and British security services monitoring potential threats against them.

“It would be paid for from taxpayer funds while police and the security services are already stretched. It’s a mighty big ask.”

Celine Dion ‘knew’ she had to let her husband go

“Losing my husband, seeing him suffer was extremely hard. But I have learnt to love him like there is no tomorrow. I knew that I had to let him go in peace, and not be selfish trying to make him stay a little longer. I now see him in the eyes of my kids, and that makes me stronger. It helped me to keep going and to go back on stage. So, I continue to work hard, I have found new passions such as dance and, made new friends and I’m very well surrounded.”

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