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That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. Romans 10:9 KJV

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For past days now,she has been loud about today telling everyone on her way that today is her mum’s birthday.

She has made it a point of duty singing birthday ryhms in the hearing of the whole house reminding her mum what her mum must buy for her birthday.

The consciousness and sensitivity of ‘little mama’ to a day like this got me thinking about how I spent my childhood days.I don’t think I spent it the way little ones of today has 🐝 spending it.

Anyway,the reason might be due to exposure and places of residents.While I grew up in Ilesa,she is spending her lifetime in Lagos coupled with the realities of human existence in this age.

In other not to digress from the subject matter,I have been held down not knowing what to present this morning but it is impossible for me not to pen few lines on my timeline celebrating my heartbeat in life.




She has been golden in every facet of her life with calmness, gentleness and candour been her strength.

Virtues that I silently crave for and always put to rest in my personal life.

She has remained an epitome of beauty and a diadem of many colours.Her support to everyone around her is amazing to the point that I always ask her to be a little bit careful and conscious.

I doubt if I will ever be complete if I missed being her husband.Her contributions made me to have every reason to be focused and be a home boy .

What else can we say at this moment other than spending my time to celebrate an ebony and an Amazon that God gave to me at this moment of my life.



She is a year older today.

She is a year better today.

She is a year booming today.

She has been an exhibition of goodness every man should crave for.

She has been an answer to my prayer requests years ago.

I am grateful for keeping her to see the beauty of today.It has been God that has made it possible for you to be alive today.

Many waters has gone bye and you have been able to stay afloat becoming better in every area of life.

You have been successful in every area of life.You have a source of hope and help to people around you.

If I am chanced,I could have spend eternity celebrating you.

If I am chanced,I would spend the whole of my world telling the world the innate beauty in you.

You are a woman every woman should hold on to.




You are a mother that should be a source of inspiration to the entire woman world.

Today is your day,my beloved.

All I have to do is to wish you well and remind you how lovely you are.

Another 5th of August is around,let’s celebrate and pop champagne.

My beloved is a year older.

I love you forever.



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Starting a new month appreciating my followers, viewers and readers.

I am deeply impressed and highly elated with the numbers of followers I took census of this morning.


Counting the numbers of followers, readers and viewers that engage with me through my blog space in the month of July makes me fulfilled that I have not been wasting my time,energy and resources in contributing my quota in making our world a better one for each and every one of us in the process of time.



thank you 1.jpg


We realized our roles in life when we take up efforts to contribute our quota in making the world a better place.


The efforts of my readers,followers and viewers confirmed that I have been able to put what is necessary in making the world a better place.


I am grateful and appreciative to all my readers, followers and viewers who had contributed their effort in making my blog space relevant throughout the month of July.


I am here today to appreciate everyone.


Without mincing words, I am humbly grateful.


Thank you all.


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Don’t build a system that encourage filthiness and unrighteousness.


Never build a system or a process that will end up being acidic, toxic and poisonous to your calling. The quality of followership built by you will either make you or mar you.

While you are bent on winning souls into the kingdom,never be carried away by worldly attractions that will make you a prey in the hands of demon and their agents.

How can youths and members of your denominations or places of worship are largely people who dress loosely to church service and you didn’t bother to preach against it.

Now, the beast and Jezebel you made of them is no taunting your peace of mind with ladies coming out to alleged that you rape them and have illicit affairs with them.

The blame is on you because you raised an atmosphere of filthiness and seduction that has come back to pull you down.

The scriptures are clearly explicit about worldliness but you looked away from such as one of the irrelevances grace has taken care of.

If you fail in taming the potency of adultery, fornication and lustfuness in the life of your followers,they will end up destroying you and the ministry you think you are building.

While you are bent on doing exploit in your ministry,check if such exploits is encouraging holiness and righteousness that will make your followers candidates of heaven because without holiness,no one can see God.





The desire and aspiration of many men of God in this age and season has led them to build system and processes that encourage the prosperity of sin and unrighteousness in our society making the world to be in control of the word of God.


When your aspiration as a man of God is contravening the commandment of God,there is a need for you to check yourself and give yourself a break in returning back to the old path that the scripture encourage.


Failure to go back to the old path of righteousness might spell doom for you and your followers in the process of time. There have been great ministries that started well in the past but one could see that they have fizzled out without any sign of the exploits they are claiming at one point or the other in the past.


A spiritual system must be built on spirituality that focus on the undiluted word of God centered around encouraging holiness in the Church of God but in a situation whereby the word of God is been subjected to worldliness is a pointer to the fact that such a man of God has lost control of the ministry given to him by God.


It is when we build ourselves by the word of God and on the word of God that we can face the challenges of the world as it ought to be handled in the way and manner whereby many people that are on the road to perdition will be saved from the imminent destruction that awaits unbelievers and sinners at the end of the word.


In essence, every minister of God needs to be cautious of the unction of God on their life so that they will not be an instrument of destruction to their followers.


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I got inspired to pen my line of thought on this topic in the course of my observation when I travelled home from Lagos during Easter period.

I have been itching to write but I kept delaying and struggling with my thoughts asking myself whether it is needful or not until I decided doing something about it this night.

In the course of my sojourn to Ilesa in April,as I stepped into my street,I realised the silence and decadence that were physically on display in the entire street.

From one house to the other,decay in the appearances of the buildings across the length and breadth of the street is breathtaking.

Meanwhile, while the owners and landlords of these houses were around,these houses were lively, colourful and attractive then but now,rodents like rats,lizards,spiders and wall-gecko have taken over every available space with grasses and weeds having a free day.

When I started gisting and asking my mum about some of these houses with the owners of the houses,the response I got was that they have all gone beyond.

Not that some of these houses were not occupied presently by tenants but no one can compare the quality of cares and maintenance given to these structures when the owners were alive.

Then,I kept musing on the statement to my answers from my mum:

“They have all gone”

Some of them are gone with their pride,ego and wealth of foolishness while some were gone with their humility,tolerance and wealth of knowledge.

And I kept imagining their lifestyle while they are living.

Some of these people went to the extreme to get the wherewithals to build those buildings that were becoming dilapidated.Many among them, embezzled the Commonwealth of the people they put them in charge while working.Some were ritualistic and diabolical in getting wealthy to build those buildings.

No one can deny it that they made many people to shed tears in order to put those structures in place.

And at the end,I kept asking myself what exactly is the essence of our existence.

I realised that as many people in the past have been foolish in their desire to become better in life,many are still gullible in achieving feats of greatness till now.

In the recent days,greed,insensitiveness and being inconsiderate in achieving our goals have been the major evil eating up the fabrics of the society.

This is the reason why we have youth that give no damn at all to the voice of reason.They go to the extreme in making a living by theft and all sorts of vices.

It was in the course of this,that I remember at a point in 2010 that I found myself in the house of a PDP stalwart in Ilesa with my mum looking for help to get a job that he embarrassed us and sent us away from his house but only God knows where he is now because time and season have reduced him and his influence in politics,no one knows anything about him again.He fades out while in existence by becoming a persona non-grata.

Back to the story of gold,jewelries and personal effects belonging to former minister of petroleum confiscated through EFCC,I really berate the foolishness of this woman in amassing such a physical effect.

She is stupid to the extreme.

What is she doing with it knowing fully well that time and seasons make such things to fade out.

The fact is that the haves will fade out with time and the have not will also fade out with time.

It is expected of people to learn from others but it is quite amazing that we always repeat what others have done in the past that are detrimental to them and others.

How can someone be so stupid to the extreme that she embezzled National treasury to such level?

It is nothing but a display of foolishness because non of these effect is useful to her now.

It is until when everyone realised that the essence of humanity is not resident in material accumulation that the plight of each and everyone of us will be taken care of through selfless ability to serve others.

Nevertheless,I am just pushing my thoughts across to everyone.Whether we like it or not,there are still many Abachas and Diezani Madueke all around us who are bent to deep their hands and extract our National treasury without blinking an eyelids.

It is a pity that Nigeria is in a sorry state of corruption.

Vanity upon vanity.

The wise will ensure that good names are better than gold and silver but the foolish thinks about his belly alone.

Don’t be a slave to your belly.


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Why are roads in Lagos State in a deplorable state presently?

It was while I was on my way out on Saturday that I noticed in clear term how deplorable roads in Lagos State are.

The deplorable states of roads in Lagos State presently is mind-blowing and mind-boggling having waves of disturbance that makes commutting from one point to another difficult and discouraging.

Drivers are always in a tug of wars to manage and prevent their cars from gullied pot-holes while passengers always feel the pain of cars bumping into deep potholes in their bodies.

Since,we are in the rainy season,when you alight,it becomes a serious issue to know where you can put your legs in order not to mistake a drainage for a road path.


While some people have been fortunate navigating their paths, others have been unfortunate to have themselves mistaken a drainage for a free path and they end up having their bodies deep inside the deep and dirty drainages.

The state of roads in Lagos State presently demands that a state of emergency should be declared because it is an eye-sore to a state that pride itself as the state of excellence.

The present administration needs to rise up to this challenge and ensure that a new approach to road construction and road maintenance is established whereby every nooks and crannies of the entire state will be covered and catered for.

The socio-economic effects of the deplorable state of roads in Lagos State is beyond what a reasonable government can overlook.


Bad state of road deflates the level of productivity that will move the economy of any state forward.

When it becomes difficult for residents in the hinterland to link the centre of the state through good transportation system,such a state needs to check their priorities because it creates a situation whereby small and medium scale businesses will be choked and dried up.

“It is quite unbelievable how the rainy season exposes the poor states of roads across the length and breadth of the state”.


Many of the roads in Lagos State presently need overhaul from gullied pot holes are scattered on the surface of the roads.


The road maintenance arm of the Ministry of Works and Transport with their counterparts in the Ministry of Public Works should rejig their efforts and carried out a mapping of the entire states of roads in the entire state is the first approach because this will enhance all the agencies concerned to have a first hand information of what is necessary to salvage the plight of the masses and commuters plying Lagos roads.






Once there is downpour,commutting in Lagos State always become a hard nut to crack with unexpected traffic jams that encourages public transport to sky rocket without any reason which has been the only excuse for the sudden increase in transport fares.

Without any doubt,the news of the ten lane Badagry Express way that was put aside by Ambode administration that was on news yesterday that contractors have started working is a goodnews to the entire residents of Lagos State.

Inspite of this, Sanwo-Olu and Hamzat should sit down and push across another effective and efficient approaches that would make the expectations of residents in Lagos State to believe that they are capable of working efficiently to bring Lagos out of the doldrums of bad roads that can be seen in every nook and cranny of the entire state.

In conclusion,declaring a state of emergency on the deplorable state of roads in Lagos State can never be too much.

Sanwo-Olu and Hamzat should do what is right on time.We cannot wait and accept any form of laxity and levity on their paths.



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I couldn’t hide my feelings and emotions this morning observing that despite the inauguration of a new governor in Lagos State,the issue of waste is still popping on our faces without any solution at sight.


At a point,towards the election period,I observed that their was a slight improvement in the collection and general management of waste in Lagos compared to that of last administration.


Gradually,the tempo keeps going down and the heaps of waste in our environment became so visible that no one can believe that it will linger till this present moment.


There is a need for the new administration of Lagos State under Ssnwo-Olu and Hamzat to take time to understand the dynamics of waste generation in Lagos State accompanied with proper understanding of the mechanism of collection that will guarantee every resident of Lagos a clean environment.





Waste management is not as difficult as it is been portrayed but it became effective to and effective when all hands are on deck to salvage our environment from attitude and mentality that portrays it as nothing.


Agencies of government that are in-charge should up their games by procuring more resources that will enhance swift collection and management of waste in the entire state.

A dirty environment is a letter bomb that would explode on our faces not forgetting it’s potential to bring about plagues and diseases that might end up consuming the generality of the populace.


At this moment,it is expected that more hands in terms of personnel and other official paraphernalia necessary to make Lagos State clean and habitable should be enhanced and ensured.


It will not  be bad if a state of emergency is declared in Lagos State on Waste management.


Proper waste management will make our world and human environment habitable and eco-friendly.


Heaps of dirts and wastes on display at every nook and cranny of the city is a pointer to the fact that residents of Lagos State and those in the corridor of authority and governance are far from seeing what could be the adverse effect of such level of irresponsibility.


We cannot afford environmental emergency that would make Lagos State inhabitable for all and sundry.


Sanwo-Olu and Hamzat should take note.

Hypocrisy in the house of God.

It was quite amusing and extremely amazing seen and listening to many Christians not taken stand about the recent rape allegations that kept oozing out about a man of God.

It is quite surprising seen many Christians standing aloof just because they are been protective about the church.

God did not appoint anyone of us to protect the church and if God appoint anyone to protect the church,God did not give us any assignment to protect the church by standing as a shield of evil.

What makes the recent days to be interesting is that the recent allegations about rape did not only expose the man in the eye of the storm,it really shows how debased many Christians are.

It is a pity that many gather to worship their men of God but they are far away in knowing God and what the gospel of Christ is all about.

Your emotional attachment to evil in the name of being an advocate to evil makes you a devil’s advocate.

David had carnal knowledge of Barsheba’s wife known as Uriah.In other to cover up,David killed Barsheba.He thought he covered the dastardly act until Prophet Nathan point it out to him.

It is human for every human to lie and it is human for anyone to deny but it is abnormal for anyone to support evil by been defensive of evil even if such evil is mere allegation.

What am I saying?

Even if Busola lied against Fatoyinbo Abiodun,the question I am yet to have a clue to is:

Why is it Pastor Fatoyinbo all the time?

Is it only his ministry that is the target of the devil?

Why is other Men of God not having issues with ladies in their ministry?

While many are suggesting that we pray for Pastor Fatoyinbo and the entire church,I beg to differ on any form of Prayer.

Christians in this part of the world pray a lot but we can see how backward we are in all ramifications.

The question is:

Is God being partial by not attending to our prayers?


God is not partial.He answers prayer.

Our problems in this part of the world is hypocrisy,fakery, insincerity and lack of basic understanding of what God is saying to the entire human race.

This is why Christians that are expected to be the light to the world are the one dimming such light.That is why a Church established in a residential area will not understand that having vigil in the middle of the night with all their sound system been operated at high decibel is wrong and it is unconstitutional.

If anyone go against them,some of us we start ranting and start defending evil.

Supporting an allegation of rape is not wrong in anyway.It will enhance clarity that will either proof such allegation to be right or wrong but anyone who is trying to gag and choke such allegation should be seen as someone that needs psychological observation urgently.




Praying about anointing from God without Character development is a suicide mission.Every human needs to build character before running after anointing.

Anointing without character leads to confusion.

I see the man in the eye of the storm not having the right character needed to manage the anointing of God upon his life,this is not pertain to him alone.It has been like this from the days of Jesus Christ.

Judas Iscariot was among the 12 disciples handling the post of a treasurer.The fact that he was a treasurer with Jesus Christ made him to be a disciple with a special anointing but at the end he was destroyed due to the fact that he cannot handle the anointing on him which is due to lack of character that will make him to handle his ministerial post.

The weakness of every man is resident in the panties of women but wisdom is what separates men from boys.

A man of God that is lacking the fruit of the spirit of self control does not need to occupy the post of a Pastor,there are other means of serving God that will prevent you from tarnishing the image of the Church.

Anyone who lacks self control should master his or her weaknesses and stay away from a position that will put into limelight such weakness or a position that will harm others in the physical and in the spiritual.

Mind you,for the upteenth time,the recent allegations is a confirmation of the prophecy of Jesus Christ that many are called but few are chosen.





No doubt about it,there are many men of God but have you asked yourself if the one you are emotionally attached to are part of the few that are chosen.

God only recognised the chosen one.

It is better to be chosen than to be called.

Anyway,in the meantime,let’s be aware that there are many wolves in sheep clothing.


We are in the last days.

Build character first before running after unctions of anointing.

Say no to rape and every other form of wickedness.


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Thank you all!!!

It is another new month.

It is another new day.

It is the dawn of new season.

I can never continue with the new month without appraising what has happened in past months.


No doubt about it, the past months have been good in all ramifications.


The goodness of the past month has not been about my ingenuity and brilliance.


It has been about people who deem it fit to associate with my ideas and philosophy of being a blogger even though the journey ahead is still far.


Without mincing words, I am using this opportunity to appreciate my followers, readers and viewers on my blog space.


Having a census of close to forty-three bloggers following my blog in the month of June have an impact on me and it is quite encouraging that these number of bloggers registered their interest in being part of my idea at this point of my life.


It can only be about my followers, readers and viewers all the time.


I promised to up my game in satisfying our desires and expectations from my blog.


Once again,









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It is a good thing to be fashion conscious or probably be a fashionista.
The introduction of undies is good especially when there was a general acceptance in the modification whereby the usage of panties have been overtaken by the usage of “tight” as it is locally called.
The usage of “tight” as it offers better coverage of private parts when compared to ordinary panties is a very reasonable fashion invention that no right thinking person can deny.


It offers a kind of convenience that makes any woman to be free in moving from one point to another.
Moving around Lagos,one could easily observed that the purpose of this introduction is been abused without any thought of what it portrays in our society.
Looking around while moving is becoming difficult because your the sanctity expected by your eyes and the sanity expected by your mind are been subjected to punishment when every nooks and crannies of your stay in a particular area is filled and overwhelmed by public display of open-female laps.
Just because the usage of “tight” provides comfort and coverage, many ladies have lost the consciousness of maintaining a closed lap when seated in the public.
A situation whereby our public places and spot are filled up with open laps simply connotes a Society that will soon be lost in immortality and distraction.
The level of distractions offered by our society is enough, it should not be added to by open female laps.
Ladies should endeavour to manage their laps very well when in public by closing it.
An open female laps in public spaces connotes nothing but an unnecessary distraction that is unexpected in a sane Society.



Meanwhile, some of the laps been on display are not worth it, some are dirty and if you are not careful, you might end up vomiting your intestine because they are irritating.
Being fashionable is good and acceptable but it becomes a social burden when the purpose is subjected to abuse.
In conclusion, you protect your dignity and integrity by maintaining a closed laps in the public.
Stop subjecting the sanctity and sanity of your society to unnecessary pornography that will make men to be distracted.
Thank you.


®Mlstcommunications 2019.

Do you know the health benefits of eating sweet potatoes?

Natural, tasty, and full of vitamins and minerals, it’s no wonder that sweet potato has been considered an omnipresent dish on our tables. For so many years, it’s known as the oldest vegetable cultivated by man.

It’s not only a food that warms up the soul in holidays but also a nutritiously gift from mother nature.


The Sweet Potatoes Benefits List

1. Helps with digestion, low cholesterol, and healthy weight loss.

Research by the Cleveland Clinic shows that sweet potatoes are a fat-free, protein filled, and dietary fiber food by excellence. So, fiber is a main component in maintaining a healthy tract, preventing constipation and regulating digestion. In fact, one medium-sized sweet potato has approximately 4 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein, and sporamins being the main one.

It has been proved that the protein found in the sweet potato water can be the new miracle drink for weight loss, as it puts a leach on appetite and regulates metabolism. Hence, it has the amazing power of cleansing those blood vessels of cholesterol and triglycerides and pumping out more of the metabolic hormones leptin and adiponectin.

2. An anti-inflammatory powerhouse.

Anthocyanin, an antioxidant found in abundance in purple sweet potatoes has great anti-inflammatory properties.

Studies have shown that the consumption of sweet potatoes reduced inflammation drastically in the brain and nerve tissue in the body. Intake of sweet potatoes extracts lessened the effects of many health problems such as multiple sclerosis.

Sweet potato is also a great agent in mitigating inflammation related to serious health issues like Asthma, Bronchitis, Arthritis, stomach ulcers and cancer.

3. Improve cognitive function

A daily serving of sweet potatoes can help you stay alert, at full speed and ready to take on the next challenge whether physically or mentally.

This virtuous veggie has the reputation of improving cognitive function and literally help fight off brain cells degeneration. That being said, sweet potato consumption has the power to undo some types of brain dysfunction. It also helps with learning and memory among other things.


4. Energy booster

Contrary to mainstream beliefs, sweet potato is a superfood for the superheroes. It’s considered as an unmatched source of energy.


An average sweet potato is packed with slow-burning fiber. It has a low amount of cholesterol and contains virtually no fat. This miraculous root vegetable is loaded with provitamin A (carotene), vitamin C, B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6) and potassium along with many other minerals, which makes it the king of energy foods.

5. Reduces blood pressure

Research made by The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey suggests that the high concentration of potassium in an average sweet potato can lower blood pressure and cut down the risk of a stroke by up to 24%.

A small baked sweet potato contains twice the amount of potassium as a banana, which makes it the go-to food for athletes and people suffering from hypertension.

This magical electrolyte found in good amount in those root vegetables is a major factor in regulating the heart beats. It maintains a good functioning of the brain and central nervous system alike.In fact, this backs off the research made by the Medical News Daily that suggests that a diet high in potassium can decrease the risk of dying by a whole 20%!

6. Good for your heart and arteries

This phenomenal gift of nature comes in handy in heart matters as well.

Dietary slow burning fibers present in sweet potatoes is said to cut down the risks of developing certain heart conditions and cardiovascular diseases. Substantial research and studies made during the recent years note that a high fiber diet shields us against various conditions such as heart disease, diverticulosis, diabetes, constipation and different kinds of cancers among others.

Equally important, vitamin B6 present in high dosage in sweet potatoes is a crucial factor in helping us build new red blood cells and lower our risk for heart problems by reducing the chemical homocysteine in our organism. Homocysteine being associated with degenerative illnesses like heart attacks, Vitamin B6 contributes in maintaining healthy arteries and blood vessels to assure blood flowing in a healthy freeway.



sp 1.jpg


7. Helps with sleep, stress and promotes relaxation

Apart from being a great source of vitamins and antioxidants, sweet potatoes are loaded with different beneficial minerals such as magnesium and iron. In fact, Magnesium is well known for its relaxation effect; it’s the « chill pill » for stress-free and good mood seekers. Moreover, Sweet potatoes contain choline as well, which is a key agent in muscle relaxation, fatigue, and sleep problems.

8. Immunity booster

The antioxidant properties of sweet potatoes can help fight off illnesses.Actually, the high concentration of vitamin C and beta carotene in this tuber helps build a stronger immune system. So, one sweet potato provides you with half of your daily needs of vitamin C. Add to that, Vitamins A and E are also huge promoters of a healthy immune system.

9. A powerful anti-cancer food

Beta-Carotene, a nutrient present excessively in sweet potatoes is a potent agent that hinders cancer cells growth and helps in preventing from this malicious disease. That’s why incorporating high beta-carotene foods in our diet may reduce oxidative damage. Thus the risk of developing some kind of cancers such as stomach, kidney, in prostate and breast cancers.


Studies have shown that this orange tuber high in carotenoids contains powerful antioxidants useful in neutralizing free radicals, a substance responsible for increasing the risk of cancer.

Sweet potato being the potent anti-cancer food that is, helps drastically in reducing the risk of ovarian and breast cancer in postmenopausal and premenopausal women. It’s also known for playing an effective role in protecting against prostate cancer, according to the Harvard School of Public Health and the Journal Carcinogenesis study published in 2013.

10. Delays aging, heals dark circles and promotes glowy skin and healthy hair

Have you ever wondered why most of your skin care ointments have Vitamin A, C, and Retinol in them? Obviously, those components play a major role in fighting off aging and skin degeneration. As a matter of fact, these veggies happen to be a major source of those components as one medium-sized potato accounts for a 100% of our daily requirements of vitamin A and 47% of the daily recommended vitamin C.

This nutriously versatile tuber can actually delay aging, protect your skin and give the shine and power back to your hair! Too good to be true? Not at all!

In fact, Beta-carotene by converting vitamin A in the body helps repair the damage caused by UV lights and offers protection of the skin from the sun. It also enhances the production of new skin cells for a glowing, moisturized and wrinkles-free complexion. In addition, Vitamin A has its virtue on hair as well as it treats hair loss and dryness and strengthens those strands.

So for your new face cream or hair mask, opt for a home-made natural sweet potato-based remedy, it is totally worth it!


11. Loads and loads of vitamin D.

Both a vitamin and a hormone, Vitamin D are a major player in calcium absorption; it helps build up healthy bones and teeth and support the thyroid gland as well as boosting our mood and energy levels. Deficiency in this vitamin could cause you mood swings and gloominess, whereas, healthy intake of this vitamin will promote your immune system, boost your general health and protect you from mental disorders like dementia.

I think I made my point here! So next time on your trip to the grocery store, make sure to fill up on those yummy creamy orange fleshed babies!



Benefits of Sweet Potatoes for your Skin, Body, and Overall Health