It was in 1988,

I was in Primary 4,

Being one of her best student in Class then.

She saw a gap of weakness in me,

She made up her mind to strengthen it,

She made up her mind to step into it.

She noticed that,

In spite my brilliance in her class,

My handwriting falls short of expectation.

As a good mother,

As a professional teacher,

She called my attention to it,

She arranged for how I will get better.


Sincerely and truthfully,

She took me back to the basic,

Even in Primary 4,

She started all over again,

Teaching and tutoring on,

The best way to write each of the alphabets.

Step by step,

I started getting it,

Letters by letters,

My handwriting begins to get shape.

Not only that,

It was later in life,

That I realized that she was the one,

That exposed me to the Montessori method of learning,

Most of the elementary poetry and nursery rhymes I knew by then,

She was the one who introduced it to her class.


I could remember that I was in Primary 4A then,

In CAC Primary School B in Okesa Ilesa.


No wonder,

She was blessed with children that are extremely brilliant,

I could remember the brilliance of Brother Gbenga Haastrup then,

He was a Professor in Ilesa Grammar School among his peers,

I believe Ilesha Grammar School 1993 Set members remember him then.


She was blessed with another genius too,

He is my classmate in Ilesha Grammar School,

Surveyor Biodun Haastrup is another great mind,

She produced from her loins.


The last time I saw her at a function in Ilesa,

It was during Haastrups’ family gathering on December 26th,

When I greeted her,

She could still remember me without any introduction,

She asked about my mum and my siblings.

I was pained when I heard about her demise,

All I could remember is her effort on me then,

She took me as one of her sons,

And she gave me a reason to shout encomium on her today,

While other teachers look away and did nothing in giving me what I want,

She stood in the gap and gave me a reason to celebrate her today.


Eventhough, she is gone,

She will be remembered forever,




Anytime you see my handwriting and you appreciate it,just remember that LATE Elder(Mrs) Olufunmilayo Adesola Haastrup gave me a platform.

May her soul rest in Peace.

Adieu for now.

I missed you Ma.

Thanks for being a mother to me in the journey of my life.

May heaven reward your good deeds.


She will be committed to mother earth on the 21st of September 2019 in Ilesa Osun STATE.


©mlstcommunication 2019



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There is a need for everyone living and existing to engage the consciousness and sensitivity that is needed and required in birthing a Society of our dream.
No matter how deep and passionate our dream for an eggalitarian Society might be,it can never be possible if the Millenia is not carried along.
The beauty of the future of the entire human race lies deeply in the ability of the Millenia to understand that the fulcrum of an enviable tomorrow lies in their hands.
What is my drift all about?
I was in the office of a Photographer in my neighbourhood this morning and I was amazed and disappointed that the office was still under lock and key as at 09:32am.
I was about descending the stair case with fury on my face when one of the young lad that is working with the owner of the outlet emerged from the blues.
I challenged him and told him that I was about calling or chatting with his boss to inform him about his office being on lock and key till 09:32 am.
He looked scared and I embarrassed him further that how on earth he is just resuming.
This really baffles me and it disturb my conscience and consciousness about the breed of youth that are presently available in our society now.
It is a confirmation that many youth are lazy and they are not seen any reason for change of attitude.




“When a Society is filled with young minds they have no respect and references for punctuality, no one needs any form of clairvoyance to understand that such a Society is doomed and deeply on the fast lane to perdition and irredeemable destruction”.

It is high time that many of us who have been quiet in speaking out raise our voices to correct the sorts of anomalies and abnormalities that are available and cheap in our society.
Punctuality is one of the attributes that confirmed how serious and reasonable any inhabitants of a Society should be.
Without such an attribute on display, one needs to know that there is a missing gap and disconnection between those are ahead and those that are behind.
If your dream rallies round a safe and secured Society, you might not get such dream essentially until you build the platform that will make such dream to be fulfilled.
Such a platform simply connotes our youth that will end up holding the fulcrum of the society in the near future.


©Mlstcommunications 2019.

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Why am I grateful?

Not quite long I took a census of the numbers of followership I gathered in the month of August 2019 and I was wowed counting 46,even despite the fact that yesterday was the last day in August,I was able to have a follower.


I am not looking down on the efforts of great minds on this platform who have decided to be a follower,a reader and a viewer,I am leveraging on the fact that today is the first of a new month—1st of September 2019.


Many rivers are not yet crossed but with the crop of people around me on this platform,I am confident that we can move mountains.

Together we can.







©Mlstcommunications 2019.

Scientists Show How Gratitude Alters Our Heart And Brain Structure —

[ad_1] Words by Arjun Walia Gratitude is a funny thing. In some parts of the world, somebody who gets a clean drink of water, some food, or a worn out pair of shoes can be extremely grateful. Meanwhile, somebody else who has all the necessities they need to live can be found complaining about something. […]

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The recent happenings around us and the current realities at our disposal made my line of thought to be fixed on upgrading the mindset of many of us.
This has made my recent write up to be along this path of thinking.
Our minds is the seat of thought that we are all blessed with which becomes a reality at the end.
In other not to digress from the main subject of this topic,I will like to ask us one simple question?
The question is:
Do you have a mind that crave for all?
Many have given excuses in support of the recent waves of criminalized and vices that are committed by many Nigerians in and out of the country as a result of economic woes the entire country is passing through.
However,the recent FBI enlistment of 80 Nigerians committing monetarily fraud made me to ask myself a question this morning which bother on the fact that these people committed this crime in the USA of America.
The question is:
How can people who have the opportunity of residing in a country which is known as a land of opportunity across the entire world put their hands into crime?
When I look into it deeply, I realized that irrespective of the geographical location, religious affiliation, tribal lineage and social class, many people are blessed with a mind that is insatiable.
An insatiable mindset will build an insatiable orientation that crave for all.It is a mind that can never be satisfied with what he or she has.

It is a mind that believed that everything must be available all the time.
This is a kind of mindset that keeps many people on their toes all the time to look for ways to make more at the expense of everything that is around.
They don’t care about whose ox is gored as long as their needs and wants are met even to the extent of killing, maiming and shedding of blood.
They destroy anything that would stand on their way in order for their lavish lifestyle to be satisfied.
This is the kind of mindset that is making the entire African Nation to be less developed than other nations of the world.
It must be noted that such mindset is anti-progressive and anti-developmental.
It cuts across many institutions and corporate organization.

A situation whereby whatever belongs to your staff is being trapped upon by you or the Caucasus built by you shows how desperate, selfish and anti-human you are.
The worst of this mindset is that it doesn’t give respect to any organizational system at all.

This is the reason why our so called places of worship are even worse off in terms of corruption and embezzlement of funds or whatever belongs to the church and the needy.
Then, how can you stay above the tide of this mentality:
1.Your value should not be premised on what you have or your material possessions.
2.Develop a matured mentality that will choke your extreme crave for being in possession of all.
3.Endeavour to belong to the right company of people, associates, relatives, colleagues and friends.
4.Develop a mentality of satisfaction and contentment.
5.Always tell yourself that covetousness is against the will of God.
6.Refrain from being desperate in achieving your aim and objectives.
7.Always put others first in your drive to achieve more.
8.Endeavour that your drive to achieve more place value on human accompany with the recognition of human dignity and respect for the sanctity of human life.
9.Always know that nobody cuts corner in achieving a feat without regretting such feat.
10.Always a place a demand on yourself that you will always do the right thing no matter how tight or impossible situation on ground might be.
Anyone who see reasons in any of the aforementioned points will be free from the mindset that crave for all.

As the mindset is the seat of thought, it is the place whereby the real you resides, therefore the need to develop it is essential for your growth and that of the entire society.


©Mlstcommunications 2019.

MUSING ON BARRY AT 40–My 40th birthday.

I could remember and recollect vividly how I have free and undisturbed access to latest music records in my developmental age courtesy of my parents business then in Ilesa.
In Ilesa then,there were few music record stores and my parents has one of the best then.


The business involved dubbing of music with the usage of turn-tables,loud-speakers and other dubbing engines to copy music from a record into what is called cassettes then.

It also involved the sales of records directly to would be customers.
If you resident in Ilesa in the 80s and 90s,you should remember Aletile records store at Ereja Square,Gloria records Store at Ereguru,Odion records Store at Ereguru,Owaround records store at Orinkinran.These are the popular record store in Ilesa then of which Gloria records store at Ereguru belongs to my dad then.


It was this business that made me to have free flowing access to music directly.
Many oldies, highlife,Fuji,Apala,Awurebe,Juju and foreign music by Bob Marley are some of the music I can remember.


One of the music releases then that stuck to my mind when it was sent to me is the one by Barrister then which is about his 40th birthday.I could remember that King Sunny Ade and Ebenezer Obey made music about their 40th birthday which was a hit then.


I could remember then that I am always inquisitive and a little bothered about the speciality of 40th birthday and all I hope for in my mind is that one day I will be 40 years old.
It was a forlorn hope then that looked like eternity.



I never knew then that one day it will be a reality and I will be celebrating and happy just the way Barrister, Ebenezer Obey and King Sunny Ade were high to heaven then.
Just in a space of time,I could see the reality of what I hoped for in the land of the living.
Many waters has passed underneath the bridge,many of my mates have gone yonder and many people have lost hope of a greater future.
By God’s mercy,I have been able to stand firmly on my feet,I have been able to fulfill part of the deal I have with divinity and nature.
God has been faithful into me in making today a reality.

It looks like yesterday that I was announced and introduced into this world but today God had been the one who kept me up to this moment.

It is a double Celebration in Fadeyi’s family as my dad,uncle,friend and pal also shared thesame day with me.I thank God for the life of Mr.SA Fadeyi FCA for how far God has taken him to be a blessing unto his generation.As old as he his,he is young at heart.





All I can wish you is strength to remain alive and be a blessing unto your generation.


I appreciate my family, my mum, my sisters and brothers, my niece’s, nephews, cousins and in-laws.
Special appreciation also goes to all my friends–real and virtual friends scattered across the length and breadth of the world.
Never to forget my daughter and my wife.




They make my world worthy and meaningful in all ramifications.

Kudos to my beloved, the secret of what I am becoming in life.

I promised to spend my life celebrating and appreciating you because having a good wife or a good partner in the world of today deserves Celebration.
Since yesterday, I am overwhelmed seen series of comments on my Timeline.
I appreciate you all.
It is my 40th birthday.



Let’s raise the roof and pop champagne.


©Mlstcommunications 2019.


Not quite long,I was in a popular fast food outlet in Ogba known as Tantalizer to pick up cake.
Immediately, I was about entering, the door was left opened ajar with no security personnel around, so I used my hand to open the door.
When I entered, I have to tread softly looking around to be cocksure if I am in the right place.
When I got to one of the female attendant, in order to douse my doubt, I asked the female attendant if truly they provide on spot cake but she answered in the affirmative.
I waited for few minutes in order to get a fresh one.
While I was waiting, I was overwhelmed by waves of memory that made me to ask so many questions.
My questions boil down to the fact that Tantalizer and some other fast foods have become shadow of their old self.
I could recollect and remember in the early year 2000 when Tantalizer and Mr Biggs were the household name in the fast food service sector in Nigeria then and they are the Eldorado that will knew then in Nigeria.
They are places many look up to as a source of relaxation centre then.
Suddenly,they started expanding.While Mr Biggs was taking the lead then, Tantalizer ensured that they give Me.Biggs stiff competition then by ensuring that they site any of their outlet like few metres away to anywhere Mr.Biggs is.
The icing on the cake was when Mr Biggs started expanding to the extent that around 2003 and 2004 when I got back to Ilesa from school and I was told that Mr.Biggs is now somewhere in Ilesa–Imo to be precise.
I couldn’t believe my eyes having such in my place of residence then.
The expansion was good and a welcome idea but on what business model or idea was it based on?
Suddenly, clients and customers started complaining about variation in the service being rendered by one Mr Biggs outlet in differential to another one.
In the course if this complains,we heard that UAC as a company started using a kind of business model called Franchising.
To the best of my knowledge,franchising entails the sales of business name to would be interested parties or partners involving the partner or parties running and managing any of the outlet desired by the parties done in conformity and in accordance to laid down consensual agreement.
This was the beginning of days of woes and wanton destruction of what we knew Mr Biggs for until many of the outlets became nothing but a shadow of what is known for even the one at Ilesa was shut down when it got to a point that they were unable to power the outlet whenever there is power outage.
Though,I don’t have information about Tantalizer been franchised too but what I saw today made me to think along that part.It has also become what Mr Biggs is.
The two leaders in the fast food service sector in Nigeria have gone yonder within a decade of existence and expansion.
This is what I noticed recently in the course of the last public holiday while I was in a meeting with some of my colleagues in one of Domino’s outlet in Egbeda, I spent my time observing the quality of their service and I realized that in a couple of years, Domino too might fizzle out.

Even the one in Abule-Egba too is becoming a shadow gradually.
It is appalling why the kind of business model used in running the day to day activities of many corporate organization in Nigeria is not sustainable, though the economic woes if the country also contribute a large extent to this.
In spite of the low economic ebb of our country, a paranomic observation of the kind of lifestyle adopted by many business executives is against what can sustain a business established in an already toxic environment.
The largesse and excesses of many of the business executives is beyond what can make a business to survive which call for a situation whereby our so called managers and executive managers should be prudent and frugal in the kind of lifestyles adopted by them.

Nigeria as a country needs sustainable business model not business model that favours the top class executives alone leaving the lower cadre staff at the mercy of surviving with stipends at the end of the month.

It is high time we think of business model and adopt business idea that can weather the storm of economic woes to the point whereby such business can outlive those who started it and might end up becoming an heirloom just like McDonald’s,Coca- Cola and other multinationals that are standing firm for decades.


It is never the numbers of business outlets that matters or the drive for expansion that matters but the strength to manage the resources on ground at a particular point in time.


It is better to manage the little you have than having much but mismanaging it.


©Mlstcommunications 2019.

What are the 10 ways of becoming truthful with yourself

There is no doubt about it that many cultures and the overall human existence believed in the existence of demons,witches,wizards and all sorts of existence in the dark world.
Ephesians 6 verse 12 buttresses this believe and understanding which has made many Christians to believe in their existence and influence on the surface of the heart.
This made many religious gathering to have their contents and contexts been about winning and having victory over these demonic existence believed to be in control of the terrestrial and celestial existence.
Are they real?
No doubt about it,they are real and they are all out been commissioned to influence the destiny of men.
Now,this is my drift.
As I was in the laundry washing clothes just now,a content along this line of thought popped into my mind and I had a different view about what principalities and powers are.
Then,what are they?
Do you know that you might be your own principalities and power?
Do you know that the system been operated in your environment, Society,places of work, families and homes might be principalities and powers?
Do you know that your behaviour, attitude and characters might be the principalities and powers you need to contest with?
Do you know that your views about a subject matter or a particular endeavour might be your principalities and powers?
Do you know that your confession and overall expression might be your principalities and powers?
Do you know that lack of wisdom, knowledge and understanding might be your principalities and powers?
Life has taught me that the solutions to any challenge remains unattainable till you have the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of what could trigger the solution.
You are where you are today due to what you know and you will remain there till you know what you should know that have the potential to move you forward.
While many of us spend a large percentage of our time and season binding the devil,we should remember that we might be the devil that needs to be in chain.
A simple understanding of what attitudinal and behavioural change are all about might be enough to change your prospects and your fortunes.
While you as a Christian is busy running from pillar to post and from one mountain to another,you should remember that other people are not praying about what you are bothered about.

They just align themselves with the basic principles of life that ends up attracting their solutions.
Whenever you keep praying and fasting over an issue for a long time, endeavour to appraise and check yourself if you are not the source of the problem.

If you are the source of the problem, you will be the solution to it.
Every Christian should be careful of hypocrisy in their approach to spirituality.
God does not want irresponsible children.
God is bound to fulfill His part of the convenient and God expected you to fulfill your own part.
The taxonomy of the principalities and powers you are praying against might not be in the devil’s manifest ,the taxonomy might be you as a person.
There is hope for you if you can be truthful with yourself by:
1.Being objective in your views to issues around you.
2.Engaging in continuous and constant self appraisal.
3.Live a life of continuous self development.
4.Be attentive to advise and detailed instructions.
5.Be willing to live your comfort zone.
6.Be comfortable with the right company.
7.Be choosy, classic and selective in mingling with people.
8.Build the right environment for yourself.
9.Be hopeful and be positive.
10.Be on the look out for opportunities.
If you can engage some of this, you might end up living your life above the stronghold of self afflicted principalities and powers that has no connection with the devil.
Be warned.
Don’t be a victim of self afflicted battle.



At a point in time when I rushed into the news of award given to Obinwanne Okeke being one of the most influential youth in Africa at an age below 30,I was swayed into deep thought asking myself many unanswerable personal questions to the point of beating myself up.
His story challenged me and I was caught up in a kind of regret somehow.
Few days ago,while I was blogging and I saw his face and his story of arrest by FBI in the United States,I wondered and pondered about my shallowness at a point to the point of asking God for forgiveness.
This is how many of us have been dealing with the situation of things around us by engaging in a rat race of virtual display of comfort and convenience on all social media platforms.
Some of us even ask God questions blaming God for our inability to have become a person of influence and achievements.
Little did some of us understand that many of the so called men and women of influence that we tag as mentors live a dirty life with skeleton in their cupboard.
The likes of R.Kelly and another American Billionaire that committed suicide in the Prison who was a close ally of Bill Clinton and Donald Trump arrested for having carnal knowledge of minors who is a convicted paedophile known as Jeffrey Epstein is a pointer to the fact that some of us needs to apply brake in our motion or movement to have mentors.
All around us,we have many motivation speakers that uses sugar coated tongues to deceive us siting examples of people who had made it without delving into how such wealth are accumulated.
At a point in time, it is in the mouth of many motivation speakers that the richest man in Africa started small but one needs to question how can a man started small with an initial capital outlay of #500 thousand in 1978?
This is a lot of money then and it is only a wealthy purse that can invest such into a business then.
So,it is an abberration and a distortion of fact and figures for anyone to tell you that Dangote started small so that you will not be caught up in the web of deception designed by our motivational speakers.
Accumulation of wealth demands time and perseverance but anyone seen getting it within a few space of time needs to be investigated, just as Invictus was investigated by FBI and the skeleton in his cupboard popped out for us to know that he is a criminal.
He is a criminal that has been celebrated and sold to us as the face of the next generation fleets of billionaire but we are disappointed seeing a young guy spending the productive part of his life cooling off in prison.
Not that it is impossible for someone at a younger age to hit the class of the wealthy a younger age but questions about such wealth are asked in a sane clime whereby the sanctity of humanity is respected and referenced.
Not like Nigerian Society whereby all we care about is wealth that has no basis.
With the recent happenings, one needs to be careful and watchful in making assumptions about the status quo of people in our society.

There is an increase in fake lifestyles and virtual lifestyles are being promoted on all social media platforms continuously.
You should never be caught up in the display of fakery.
You should remember that contentment is a great gain.
Be careful about your choice of mentors.
There are many criminals around us now.
Don’t listening to the voice of deception.

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I don’t think I can remember the last time I took cognizance of any product or services rendered to me at a reduced price.

It was surprising a day before yesterday when a young lad from the cooking gas dispenser came around to return my cylinder after it has been refilled.

I asked him about the price of the service rendered by him but I was surprised when he told me that it was #3000.

Even at the point of giving me the price,I struggled believing him but I slowly took the amount out of my purse looking sensitively at his face expecting him to tell me that he made a mistake.

This was due to the fact that the last time I paid for such a service,I paid #3500 for it.


cooking gas 1

A difference of #500 wowed me and I was shocked to realise if such a thing is still happening in Nigeria whereby inflation has remained at a double-digit of around 11-12percent recently.



This made me to think that if Nigeria as a nation would prosper,the citizens and all stakeholders must see Nigeria as a project that must be judiciously executed by all and sundry.

The question is:

Are we all ready to pay the supreme price?

Every success in life has a price tag and it only those who are ready to pay the price that will be declared winner at the end of the day.

If Nigeria becomes better today,her betterment starts with you and I.




Your health is your wealth.

Show me a healthy personality and I will tell you how wealthy such a person is.

Many lifestyle diseases have been asserted to have their source in what we eat.

Terminal diseases like hypertension,stroke,diabetes and so on has been traced to have links with a situation called weight gain.

Weight again is an health condition whereby it arises when your consumption of sugar and any of its derivatives is uncontrolled.

Then,there is a need for an alternative.

The need for an alternative to sugar usage and consumption can be easily obtained from natural sources.

The best known Natural alternative for sugar from time immemorial is Natural Honey.

Natural honey has been known for its medicinal and culinary usage by men and women across the length and breadth of the world.

An original natural pure honey has no adverse effect,rather it contributes immensely and positively to the health every consumer.

In a bid to meet the challenge of getting a natural honey for your consumption, HERITAGE FOOD CONCEPT has packaged it for you at a cost that is affordable for your pocket.

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