Towards the end of yesterday,as I was in my living room with my family cooling off and gisting with television programme going on,my daughter started singing and when I asked her how she knew the song and the tune of the lyrics,she told me that her school bus driver always play it whenever they are going to school in the morning.
She kept singing and later I joined her singing and I was amazed about how she really put in everything in her singing such a song at her age.
I kept pondering on it how she managed to like such a song because I really liked the music too.
At a point, I was wondering how my love and her love for such song and many from the particular gospel artiste is so deep to such an extent.
Despite the fact that her ability to speak Yoruba flawlessly is low,she sang along with me and I marveled at her.

I asked her on a second occasion to know how she understand such lyrics and she still responded in the affirmative telling me her source.
It was at this point that I kept wondering and pondering how Tope Alabi’s music is becoming a transgenerational influence that binds families and relatives together.
Definitely,Tope Alabi is a transgenerational influencer and a leader of repute in her chosen career.
Nowadays, there are leaders all over the world but it only few that understand what it is all about.
Many believed that it is a means of oppressing, suppressing and subjugating their subordinate by treating them as slaves and objects of disrespect and dishonor forgetting that it a channel of influence that ought to make the leader and the led better in every ramifications of life.
Our life goes down to extinction every single second and we move to the edge of the grave gradually without any notice.
Some of us know this but many are oblivious of this fact and they keep on misbehaving while they are life.
The question is:
What are you leaving behind when the curtain is drawn?
Is it confusion?
Is it pride or ego?
Is it oppression or suppression?
Is it all sorts of negativities, bad attitude and characters?
Is it obstinacy or selfishness?
The ball lies in your court and it is duty to decide which part you will choose and what path you will trend upon.
Tope Alabi is doing well in shaping the destiny of many now and the destinies of the future generation is being shaped by her lyrics now.
Her music is becoming a nexus between old generation and new generation.
She is doing her bit and she will be remembered for it.
What are you doing now in adding values to this generation in that small space occupied by you?
What are people around you saying about you?
Are you known for good deeds or bad deeds?
No one is perfect and no one is expected to near perfection.
You cannot push out negative force to people around you and you will expect them to accept such. They will push it back to you in the same measure and quantity.
It is never too late for you to change your ways’ changed life is possible only when you are alive,you cannot get it done when you are no more.
When we are still alive,let’s do all to be an addition to this generation.
No one wants a burden.
Be a blessing to others not a burden.

©mlstcommunications 2019


Are you loosing your grip?

Recently,I was bothered about myself being unable to publish a single book this year.


Later, I promised myself that next year will never be allowed to roll out without a single book been traced to me as the author, at least E-book.


Then, compilation of ideas, thoughts and words started and I made up my mind that the new year will start with a book published by me.


In spite of this decision, it came with an ample of challenges,stress and sweat that made me to spend hours on my seat yesterday in order to make something out of nothing.


At the end the beauty of a new E-book emerged and I was extremely satisfied that my effort was not in vain.


Life and all its exigencies are akin to my experience yesterday.There is nothing that one decides to do in life that would be rosy.


Every decision always come with series of challenges, dissappointment and failures that if someone is not careful, such idea might end up suffocated without it seein the light of the day.


Anyone that desire getting anything done in life must be ready to be committed and sacrificial with many hours that would be burnt off to make it a success.


How have you been feeling presently with your projects and desires?


Are you giving up?


Are you throwing in the towel?


Life is a battle that no one would escape fighting in this battle.If you fail in planning and preparing for the battle of life, you will end up becoming something irrelevant in the scope of things while you are alife.


I want you to know that you are not wired as a human being to give up.


You are not created to chicken out.


You are made to fight and be victorious.


You are wired to be succesful in everything you put your mind upon no matter how tedious and hard such endeavour might look time.


Time and season has a way of making our effort to look immaterial and unsuccesful but it is necessary that the best you can do is to keep such endeavour aside and keep working on it until it becomes succesful.


There are times of failures.


There are times of success.




wishes 1.jpeg


No matter the timing, the best is for you is to keep working and keep making things around you going.


Time will come when such a thing will become succesful and you will be glad you have done something meaningful while you are existing.


The evil someone can do to himself or herself is to fold his or her hand doing nothing as a source of contribution to humanity while on earth because our presence on earth is for contribution to humanity.


“No matter the situation around whatever you are doing right now,the best you can do to yourself is to hold on and keep the flag flying by adding to it gradually until it becomes successful.”


Keep the ace while you hold the pace.


Do not loose your grip.


©mlstcommunications 2019





In the course of official duty this morning,I have to continue with an official obligation that warrant carrying out an inspection in the finished product warehouse.

The construction of the finished product warehouse has three floors with the down floor.

So,it it necessary that I have to climb the stairs case in order to get to the last floor which is the point at which the inspection will be carried out.

While pushing and propelling my weight on the stair climbing up,I kept on feeling how difficult it is for me to push against the force of gravity that was pushing me back.

In essence,it was difficult to climb up and I need to expend more kilojoules of energy to get myself to the point of inspection.

But when I got to the point of inspection and I finished my findings,I felt relieved when coming down the stair.I spent less energy and lesser time to get down to the down floor

It was at this point that I was inspired writing this piece.

While going up,it was difficult climbing up with more energy needed to climb and more time was spent going up the stairs.

So,I felt like a weakling with a fragile bone.

While coming down the stairs,the story was different and I felt like a champion with me having more strength to move down the stair cases.

The journey of life can be likened in description to what I experienced and encountered on the stair this morning.




With personal experiences and with the little I have heard from people around me,the story of people growing up in life is always painful and sometimes sluggish and bleak.

No doubt about it, moving ahead or propelling forward in life is always costly with pain and more energy is always spent in terms of resources needed to be successful in life.

People pass through many difficult situations before they become what they are today and before any feat of success can be acquired,it is always with tears and sweat.

Most of the time,tears and sweat confirm the genuity of any feat of Success that is real and original.

You are not supposed to be bothered with whatever the situation around you might be now because as you are busy spending time and energy to move up to the top of the ladder in your chosen path in life,once you achieved your intentions,it is very sure that the energy and resources expended by you will be gained back easily.

You might look like a weakling now with no one to help in making your heart desires becomes a reality,what you need is internal strength that will propel you to the point of achievement that will make you a cynosure of all eyes and when this is done,you will be relieved and the strength you have lost climbing the ladder of success will be gained back without anyone been part of you.

A lonely path awaits you in your journey to Success and stardom.

Do not feel bad now that you are moving alone in your quest to be successful,rather look ahead to the beauty of your desired Success and ensure that it is obtained the way it has been imagined.

And when you are done achieving it,all that has been done in investing resources will be gained back in due time.



I have been in argument with so many people in recent times over the level of decadence in LAGOS state presently that confirmed the kind of low ebb performance of the man at the helm of affairs.

In the course of argument,I realised that the led do more evil to leadership than what we think our leaders are doing.

Flimsy excuses and lean defence were made on behalf of our leaders that made someone to keep thinking how our society has become compromised to the level of moral and intellectual decadence.

Reading the caption on “Pulse Nigeria” yesterday about how the present Lagos State government agreed that his performance is below expectation.

This confirmed that he is a leader that listen to himself and his level of reasoning is human.

This sorts of self appraisal is rare in this part of the world,and it is what is needed for self discovery that would attract self development that is needed for a leader to perform to the expectations expected from them at any point in time.

With the kind of experience I had recently,I realised that it is better for any leader that wants to perform well to take time to listen and peruse over whatever people that are tagged Wailers are pushing across in reality and on virtual space—social media.

Many of the so called hailers and supporters are enemies of progress that open their eyes but refused to see and listen to the voice of reasoning.

Sanwo-Olu and Hamzat need to buckle up and study the templates Fashola maximised in making LAGOS State a toast of other states when he was at the helm of affairs.

Lagos needs a change in every facet of human and material development.

Infracstructures are in bad shape and it will be better for all of us to address this lacuna on time so that residents will understand that Lagos State has started becoming what it ought to be as a State that is practically on the move to be among the best place on earth where people can stay as a normal human being.

Notwithstanding, someone needs to appreciate Sanwo-Olu for being mature in owing up to himself that his performance is below expectation for now.

We hope that changes will surface gradually.

Wailers should continue wailing.

Hailers should have a change of mind.

As for me,I will always wail for good governance and better performance.This will forever be my contribution to humanity as long as I am living.


©mlstcommunications 2019


I was on my way to work this morning and I was listening to a programme on the radio whereby the presenter was dishing out a music titled: “ASSURANCE” by Davido.
This made the presenter and the co-presenter gisting about the recent delivery of a baby boy to the music crooner.
In the course of the discussion, it was asserted that a fake Instagram account opened for the new born baby has started generating traffic up to 200 followers.
I was wowed with this information and I started thinking about this feat made by a child born on the 20th of October 2019.
The question is:
Is it his making or effort in becoming gradually known by people all over the world?
The answer is NO.
He is just leveraging on his father’s popularity and achievements, and this might end up providing a platform of greatness for him in his lifetime.
This made me to understand that grace, glory and greatness are transferable.
This made it important for everyone to do all in his or her capacity in a meaningful way and manner to try as much as possible treading on the path of greatness because once it is achieved, it might end up being a heirloom that could be transferred from generation to generation.
It should be noted that your desire to achieve greatness in life is not about you alone but it has an effect on others that you might not be able to account for now.


Just to note that as greatness is transferable, so also mediocrity is transferable.
Both greatness and mediocrity can linger from one generation to another.
With this, there is a need for you to do everything meaningful and reasonable in your capacity to build a platform for yourself whereby the next generation will be able to leverage on your efforts to realize their purpose of existence.
No one should fold his or her arms doing nothing in contributing to the emancipation of humanity in a little way because no one knows who will end up being the beneficiary of such effort.
Grace, greatness, glory and achievements are transferable feats that no one should ignore for the sake of generation yet unborn.


©Mlstcommunications 2019.

Starting my November with Appreciation.

I cannot in anyway overlook or look down on the contribution of many people to the journey of my life.

I have been made to be what I am today by the efforts of many people around me.


The virtual world and space has become a reality to me as it has been another world,another family and another means of being with people of great minds and means.


Taking a census of the number of followers that was added to my list of followers in the last month going to 57 great minds,I can not be ungrateful in any means but to spend the first day in the month of November to appreciate both the old followers and the new ones.


My blog space still desire more of our contributions,and it is spacious enough to accommodate more viewership, readership and more followership.


Therefore,no follower or intending followers will be castigated or treated as persona non-grata.


Everyone is important on my blog and everyone has an equal opportunity to be part of a global family that will end up shaping the fate of the world we are living in.


No doubt about it,the world of ours need us and at every point in time, we should endeavour in our own little capacity and means to stand for whatever will be an addition to the existence of humanity.


“Human existence needs more positive contributions and vibes from each and every one of us and the one of the ways this can be achieved is for each and every one of us to cultivate a habit of appreciating contributions made by people around us.”



app 2.png


It is on this assertion that I platformed my line of thoughts this morning on leveraging on the beginning of a new month to appreciate everyone who has been a part of my success story been a blogger.


My aim and objectives of having a blog space is yet to be fulfilled and far from the target but I am grateful for the numbers of people who has been spending part of their tiomes and moment in checking on the little contributions my blog space has been able to make in the time past and now.


I will forever be a learner, so I am open-minded to any form of contributions,suggestions,discussions that can be an addition to me because I am wired for more improvement in the course of my journey in life.


Once again,I am grateful.




©Mlstcommunications 2019.



Kayla Mueller was an Aid worker alleged to have been abducted and raped repeatedly by Abu Ali Baghdadi before she was killed.

She was an American citizen.



I ran and copied this introduction when I was reading about the mode of operation that killed one of the most wanted man on earth by USA on Sunday.

To my surprise,the operation was named after Kayla Mueller.

After reading through,my mind was busy thinking about the level of humanity displayed by American government to preserve the memory of this young lady who was just 26 years old as at the time she lost her life.

This made me to think about my country which has no value and respect for the living not to talk about the dead.

Insurgency has claimed the life’s of many in Nigeria and many people are still dying including soldiers on the field of battle but nothing meaningful has been done to preserve the memory of these people.

Just as Kayla Mueller was an aid worker,there has been news about many aids workers that have been kidnapped and maimed by Boko Haram but no single idea has been put in place to preserve their memory.

This is a confirmation of how low we have gone in giving due respect in terms of dignity to both the living and the dead in a world we call our own.

Kudos to the American government that made it a point of reference by ensuring that the life of a single soul is precious and it must be protected and preserve anywhere in the world as long as such a soul carries the American green card.

Reverse is the case in my country as many occurrences has point to the fact that Nigeria as a nation has no premium for the citizens our leaders are expected to protect and preserve.

This is why we have many Nigerians been treated as a second class citizen both at home and abroad.

It is a pity that we are where we are due to the plague of bad leadership that has been recurrent on the corridor of power in this part of the world.

At 26 years of age, Kayla Mueller died gruesomely in the hand of Abu Al Baghdadi but American government ensured that she didn’t died in vain but she became a national hero by ensuring that the operation that executed her abductor and killer was code-named after her.

What a good way to preserve her memory.


Giving an ordinary citizen of a country such a recognition shows how such a nation believed in the dignity of her citizen which must be preserved and protected no matter how costly it might be.


This is a gesture that other nations of the world should imbibe in going to the extreme in protecting the dignity of humanity without any constraints.


In Nigeria,the thought of Leah Shuaibu,Chibok girls and other victims of Boko Haram insurgency is still fresh in our minds with no possible solution ahead to nip this evil against humanity in the bud.


leah 1


Life has been unbearable in many parts of Nigeria and even abroad with many Nigerian becoming species of attack and maltreatment across the length and breadth of the entire world.


Humanity must be preserved and protected at all cost by our leaders.


An injustice to one is an injustice to all.




God bless the United States of America.


©mlstcommunications 2019



With the experiences and observations made by me in the couple of two months,I realised in practical that to be a good mother is not by mere wishful thinking but a practical desire that demands practical level of commitment.
Seen many grandmothers scrambling to stay and sleep with their daughter-laws or daughters during and after delivery is a role that does not belong to anyone who is not prepare. A woman needs a heart filled with love and compassion to nurse,train and tutor her children and grandchildren in the course of her existence on earth.
This is one of the major reason that made the welfare of a girl child to be as important as the life we are living.
It will not be an aberration to submit that a girl child or a woman is the engine room of human creation.
It is a pity that many female folks have no understanding of their purpose in the course of their existence on earth,a reason behind the unacceptable ways they are fond of behaving in the Society.
The good ones must be praised and the bad ones must be encouraged to have a better understanding of their role as it relates to human creation.
Motherhood is all about a show of strength and valour.It is not about fashion,jamboree and partying.
It is not for the weak and the lazy.
Motherhood entails been available in all ramifications for people around you from your children to your great grand children.
It is a way of life that every girl child must be tutored about and every girl child must see a reason in becoming one that will not just be there but end up becoming the hope of generation unborn.
From the depth of my heart,I celebrates every good mothers.
My mum,my wife,my daughter and all the good women around me.
Generations unborn will continue to talk about you all.



This is simply dedicated to the Celebration of the girl child that happened recently all over the world.
Our girls or daughters are the anchor of light in our life’s and our mothers as are the pillar of human continuity on earth.
They made human continuity possible with love, dedication and commitment that is divine and natural.
May God bless our daughters.
May God bless our mothers.




As Lagos State is the only metropolitan and cosmopolitan city in Nigeria and it has been a State that has been known for her large population with the largest booming economy in Nigeria having an internally generated revenue that is far above that of other States in Nigeria.





As Lagos state is just like every other community across  the length and breadth of the world bedevilled by one challenge or the other,one cannot in anyway look down on the effect of one of the worst challenge been faced by residents of Lagos which has been a known challenge but the solutions to it is still far fetched.


As Lagos State is ascribed to be Largest economy in sub-saharan Africa,one needs to consider the impact of a City that is working and functioning in accordance to what is been experienced in other Cities of the world.

The recent realities by commutters in Lagos State especially in the rush hours of the day is becoming quite overwhelming and it is a pointer to the fact that we are yet to achieve the desired dream of a developed city that can stand at par with other developed cities in the world.


No doubt about it,many methodologies and approaches have been applied to douse the effect of traffic congestion in Lagos State but little has been achieved with solutions along the line of construction of good roads and maintenance.

One could observed that it has been much ado about nothing.

Then,this demand a kind of change in methodologies and approaches that might be a way out of this socio-economic syndrome that is making the existence of many to become unbearable.

Some of the approaches needed  to solve the challenge of traffic congestion in Lagos State might be:

1.Expansion of Hinterland Roads:Hinterland roads in Lagos are narrow and there is need for many to be expanded.
2.Urban and regional Planning  Departmentof each Local Government Authorities in Lagos State should do the needful in being professional in the discharge of their duties.Residents must be enforced to adhere to the planning arrangement of the City.
3.Ministry of works and housing in Lagos State have a lot to do in ensuring that our roads are worthy of use.This can be achieved when there is a periodical mainteneance arrangement for roads constructed at one point in time.

4.Infracstructues in Lagos surbubs should be upped with provision of relevant infracstructures to this areas which might end up discouraging many residents from lobbying to find a place or a space in the City centres.
5.The need for light rail should be looked into so that the large fleets of cars on our roads can fizzle out.How can a city of almost 30million people have no functioning rail way system.It is a form of deliberate punishment for the entire residents of Lagos State whereby there is no efficient rail service that could cater for the teeming populations of commutters in the entire state.
6.There should be a periodical system of road maintenance across the length and breadth of the state.This should be quarterly carried out.Construction of good roads are good in itself but it becomes better when there is arrangement for maintenance of such facilities which must be adhered to and followed up as a form of statutory responsibility.
7.A particular department in every Local Government should be saddled with statutory responsibility of maintaining drainages because bad drainages constitutes immensely to road damage.Many of the damaged roads in Lagos State can be seen to have been affected by poor or bad drainage system that are weak in accommodating the flow of waters from one point to another which end up discharging such surface water to wash away roads been constructed.


8.Ther should be implemetation of strict environmental Laws that will be designed to protect the environment from indiscriminate dumping of waste and refuse into the water bodies through the drainage system provided by the government becuase this has a way of blocking the drainage system with water pushing its way through the surface of the roads constructed by government thereby weakling the tarmac ending in the dilapidation of roads contructed.
Having some of these being put into consideration will go a long way in enhancing the overall development of the State,infracstructure provided will be protected and the the cost of living with the cost of doing business in Lagos State would end up been convenient for residents of Lagos State.


To an extent,if some of these are put in place,the issue of traffic congestion in Lagos State might fizzle out gradually to a large extent which will make commutting in Lagos to be a jolly ride as it is expected to be.


©Mlst communications 2019.


I am still wondering and pondering about the hypocritical reaction and fake responses that accompanied the University of Lagos cold room saga.
Our society feigned ignorance as if to say we are oblivious that such level of indiscipline just surfaced suddenly.
It is a pity that the level of inhumanity portrayed in the cold room saga has been in existence as African society itself.
Someone will ask me ‘how’
I could remember vividly a tale of this kind of indiscipline relayed to me by an elder when I left secondary school which has to do about teachers in the olden days having carnal knowledge of their students.
Later at a point in time,I was able to watch a particular comedy by one of the old popular comedian,if not Baba Sala or one of its colleagues then.

And I can remember one lyrics in the comedy that says:


Tisa o!
Tisa o!
Tisa o!
A o yo e o!
A fomo tiyin,
E n basun…..



We will remove you because you are sleeping with the students we put in your custody or care.


sh 1
This comedy and the lyrics therein dated back years ago and I think people older than me can remember.
It is a comedy that push across what is happening in our society then but no one bothers to give a damn about such.
Though,it was not widely spread as it is now but it has been in the fabrics of our society since.
Likewise, while I was in Secondary school,there were stories of many ladies befriending male teachers then and it cut across every Secondary school then but I have never heard about anyone of the male teacher punished for such till now.
So, while are we making a hypocritical fuss about the cold room saga.
Not that I am in support of such despicable act but it should not be surprising to any one of us who knows what our society has turned into in the past and in the present.
While many of us limit our thoughts and search light to government universities alone,we should not be too frugal with our sense of reasoning in the sense that many of the so called private universities and institutions have staffs and workers who are guilty of this despicable act that is against conscience.


sh 2
Our conscience in this part of the world is seared and no system is in place to curb and control indiscipline.
Those who decided to be disciplined are taken as fools in our society just because they see reasons in their efforts to walk on the right path.
Kudos to the BBC journalist that did everything possible to push the dirtiness we are covering out and many of us can see clearly that most of the spirituality and religiosity displayed by us are fake and it is filled with dirtiness and indiscipline.
The Professor found culpable in OAU is a Reverend and the god of UNILAG cold room caught by BBC investigation is also a Pastor in a Pentecostal church.
Just as our institution of learning are been investigated,our corporate world should be investigated too and many of us will understand that indiscipline is the order of the day.
Sexual harassment is as popular as the life we are living even elementary schools are not left behind.
This confirmed the reason why many of us should be careful so that we will not be a Victim of animals in human clothing who are on the loose looking for prey.
No doubt about it our, hypocrisy stinks to high heaven.




©mlst communications 2019.