I am still wondering and pondering about the hypocritical reaction and fake responses that accompanied the University of Lagos cold room saga.
Our society feigned ignorance as if to say we are oblivious that such level of indiscipline just surfaced suddenly.
It is a pity that the level of inhumanity portrayed in the cold room saga has been in existence as African society itself.
Someone will ask me ‘how’
I could remember vividly a tale of this kind of indiscipline relayed to me by an elder when I left secondary school which has to do about teachers in the olden days having carnal knowledge of their students.
Later at a point in time,I was able to watch a particular comedy by one of the old popular comedian,if not Baba Sala or one of its colleagues then.

And I can remember one lyrics in the comedy that says:


Tisa o!
Tisa o!
Tisa o!
A o yo e o!
A fomo tiyin,
E n basun…..



We will remove you because you are sleeping with the students we put in your custody or care.


sh 1
This comedy and the lyrics therein dated back years ago and I think people older than me can remember.
It is a comedy that push across what is happening in our society then but no one bothers to give a damn about such.
Though,it was not widely spread as it is now but it has been in the fabrics of our society since.
Likewise, while I was in Secondary school,there were stories of many ladies befriending male teachers then and it cut across every Secondary school then but I have never heard about anyone of the male teacher punished for such till now.
So, while are we making a hypocritical fuss about the cold room saga.
Not that I am in support of such despicable act but it should not be surprising to any one of us who knows what our society has turned into in the past and in the present.
While many of us limit our thoughts and search light to government universities alone,we should not be too frugal with our sense of reasoning in the sense that many of the so called private universities and institutions have staffs and workers who are guilty of this despicable act that is against conscience.


sh 2
Our conscience in this part of the world is seared and no system is in place to curb and control indiscipline.
Those who decided to be disciplined are taken as fools in our society just because they see reasons in their efforts to walk on the right path.
Kudos to the BBC journalist that did everything possible to push the dirtiness we are covering out and many of us can see clearly that most of the spirituality and religiosity displayed by us are fake and it is filled with dirtiness and indiscipline.
The Professor found culpable in OAU is a Reverend and the god of UNILAG cold room caught by BBC investigation is also a Pastor in a Pentecostal church.
Just as our institution of learning are been investigated,our corporate world should be investigated too and many of us will understand that indiscipline is the order of the day.
Sexual harassment is as popular as the life we are living even elementary schools are not left behind.
This confirmed the reason why many of us should be careful so that we will not be a Victim of animals in human clothing who are on the loose looking for prey.
No doubt about it our, hypocrisy stinks to high heaven.




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While you crave for the desires of your heart and while you do everything in your capacity to see that the desires of your heart is fulfilled,you should never forget that this world is not about you alone but it is created for the sole purpose of you and others.
Whatever you are doing, whatever you might be running after and whatever might be given you satisfaction at this moment must have a human face that is centred around genuine Love towards one another.
The story of creation would have been insufficient if creation is all about one man but the story became meaningful because it made provisions for the birth of other people which made the world we are living to have a population of around 7 billion people of which you and I are part of the digit.
God would have been selfish if He made provisions for Adam alone at the point of creation but God fulfilled a purpose that gave you and I an opportunity of existence when God created Eve.
This was made possible through love.
Love is the purpose that must be fulfilled by everyone and it should not be done based on any factor.
Love should be carried out beyond racial, ethnic and religious affiliation.
Every human being should be treated as important as life is and no approach to oppress or subject anyone should be allowed to prosper.
Those who treat others based on skin colour and along ethnic and religious divides are sick and they should be subjected to psychological observation and analysis.
We are all thesame.
No one is superior than others.
This is why that in spite the technological and scientific advancement the world is experiencing,the modus operandi of reproduction involving man and woman remain thesame,the process of conception is thesame and the method of giving birth is still thesame.
Likewise,the birth of a new born child remain thesame.
It is only when we start living that many put on the toga of pride and speciality that is based on things that is transient and ephemeral.
And it is quite funny that no matter how special you think you are and no matter how fortunate you believe you are,you are not going to live the world alive.
So, as our entry into the world is the same, so also our exit is the same and no one entered with something and no one will leave with anything.
When you are coming,you come with nothing and when you are going,you will go with nothing.
What is the fuss and noise about how special and fortunate you are?
The possession at your disposal has a time frame and others or strangers will soon take over.
Where are the great men of old?
Even they have become irrelevant before they died.
The only thing you can leave behind is your love for your fellow brothers and sisters.
Love is the purpose of your existence which you must fulfill while you are alive.


The fulfilment of purpose desired by you can only be fully expressed by your love for your neighbor.

How Nigeria Police dispersed shiites procession in Abuja yesterday.

The police on Friday dispersed a procession of Islamic Movement of Nigeria members around Wuse Market in Abuja.

The policemen reportedly fired tear gas canisters and gunshots in the air forcing the Shi’ites and passers-by to scamper for safety.

The IMN procession which started on Sultan Abubakar Road abruptly ended after the police action.


The Shi’ites also planned to hold a nationwide procession on Saturday (today), in commemoration of their annual Arbaeen trek sparking fears of another confrontation with security operatives.

Arbaeen is a Shiite annual religious practice usually conducted on 20th Safar of Islamic calendar to mark the 40th day of the murder of Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad who was killed on 10th Muharram.

The Shi’ites had had series of bloody confrontation with the police, the last of which resulted in the death of a senior police officer, a youth corps member and a number of IMN members in Abuja in July,2019.


The FCT police spokesman, DSP Anjuguri Manzah, said he could not confirm the encounter with the Shi’ites.

The IMN spokesman, Ibrahim Musa, could not be reached for comment as calls to his phone rang out.





EFCC Plans to rehabilitate young people who are engaged in internet fraud.

The Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Mr Ibrahim Magu, says the agency is planning to rehabilitate young people who are engaged in Internet fraud, popularly known as Yahoo Yahoo boys.

Magu stated this in Lagos on Thursday while delivering a paper titled,

‘Strategic change administration and innovation to curb corruption in Nigeria,’ at the third All Administrators National Conference of the Chartered Institute of Administration

According to him, Internet fraudsters could be useful to the agency in the future.


While speaking on collaboration between the Nigerian graft agency and other nations, Magu said EFCC had secured collaboration with ECOWAS member-states to aid in prosecution of cross-border crimes.

He stated,

“So if you carry money from Nigeria and escape to Ghana, we will just call the men in Ghana and say, ‘arrange this man and keep him for me.’

“This is what the Yahoo-Yahoo boys like to do. But we are planning to rehabilitate them because they can be useful to us in the future.”

Magu said the graft agency had been able to secure 614 convictions between January and September.

He attributed this to the increase in the agency’s zonal offices from seven in 2009 to 18 in 2018.


According to him, in addition to increasing its zonal offices, the agency had also increased and trained more personnel all in an effort to curb corruption in the country.

In the fight against corruption, synergy is important, the EFCC acting chairman said.

He urged the CIA to collaborate with the agency in the fight by making sure that they administer their affairs in a corruption-free manner.

He also called on civil organisations and members of the public to report cases of corruption to the agency.





‘Smoking Weed Doesn’t Make You Cool’ – Naira Marley — Information Nigeria

Nigerian Rapper Naira MarleyNigerian rapper Naira Marley has stirred Nigerians up again with his recent Twitter post. The rapper who came into limelight after his controversial comment about Internet fraud has come again to say that smoking weed doesn’t make one cool. READ ALSO – “Smoking Loud Makes Me Stay Happy” – Naira Marley He had earlier…

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How Patrick Day sustained brain injury and died.

American boxer Patrick Day died Wednesday after suffering a serious brain injury during his knockout defeat to Charles Conwell last weekend, promoter Lou DiBella said in a statement.

The 27-year-old super welterweight had undergone emergency surgery after being knocked out by Conwell on Saturday at Chicago’s Wintrust Arena.

“On behalf of Patrick’s family, team, and those closest to him, we are grateful for the prayers, expressions of support and outpouring of love for Pat that have been so obvious since his injury,” DiBella said.


Day, who had been in a coma following surgery at Northwestern Memorial hospital, died surrounded by family and friends.

The American fighter had been carried unconscious from the ring on a stretcher on Saturday following his 10th round knockout.

Conwell, a 2016 American Olympian, dropped Day in the fourth and eighth rounds and then landed a right hand in the 10th which caused Day to stumble.

Seconds later Conwell rocked Day with a massive left hook that resulted in Day falling backwards and his head bouncing off the canvas. Referee Celestino Ruiz called off the fight at one minute, 46 seconds of the round.

Day lay on the canvas for several minutes receiving medical treatment before being removed from the ring.



day 2.jpg


Day is at least the third boxer to die from injuries sustained in the ring this year.


Argentine boxer Hugo Santillan died in July following a bout in San Nicolas, just north of Buenos Aires.

Santillan’s death came just two days after Russian fighter Maxim Dadashev died from brain injuries suffered in a fight in Maryland.

In his statement on Wednesday, DiBella said he hoped Day’s death would prompt US authorities to adopt tougher safety standards.

“It becomes very difficult to explain away or justify the dangers of boxing at a time like this,” DiBella said.

“This is not a time where edicts or pronouncements are appropriate, or the answers are readily available. It is, however, a time for a call to action.

“While we don’t have the answers, we certainly know many of the questions, have the means to answer them, and have the opportunity to respond responsibly and accordingly and make boxing safer for all who participate.”




How Ambode shunned the procurement tradition of Lagos State.

A former Lagos State Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget, Olusegun Banjo, said on Tuesday that ex-governor Akinwunmi Ambode sidelined his ministry in the controversial purchase of 820 mass transit buses for N45bn.

Banjo said this during his appearance before an ad hoc committee set up by the Lagos State House of Assembly to probe the immediate-past governor over the purchase of the buses.

Ambode was expected to appear on Tuesday before the 16-man committee chaired by Fatai Mojeed, but he did not show up.


The immediate-past Commissioner for Finance, Mr Akinyemi Ashade; and ex-Commissioner for Special Duties, Oladejo Seye, also failed to appear but they both wrote to the committee explaining that they were out of the country.

Banjo, who served under Ambode as Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget, however, said his former principal shunned the procurement tradition he met on the ground and did not carry his ministry along as regards the purchase of the mass transit buses.

Banjo said, “The way the ministry was structured (under Ambode), it did not allow us to function well.


“The N24bn did not come to my ministry. We didn’t have a running system. As a commissioner, I could not approve one naira. All the MDAs approached the governor directly.”

The ex-commissioner said Ambode’s administration “was not transparent,” adding that “a lot of things could be done without the knowledge of the commissioners.”

“I don’t know what happens to unbudgeted funds when it comes because the Ministry of Finance does not inform my ministry; we don’t have a running system,” Banjo said.

But, the Accountant-General of Lagos State, Mrs Shukrat Umar, when asked if the budget for the purchase of the buses was approved by the State Executive Council, said, “The State Treasury Office acted on Exco’s approval. The buses were in line with Exco’s approval. I would not know whether the Paris Refund Club was discussed or not.”


The Speaker of the Assembly, Mudashiru Obasa, said the House would invite Ambode through a newspaper publication.

He said if the ex-governor failed to show up then, the Assembly would resort to issuing a warrant for his arrest.





There is no hunger in Nigeria – Agric Minister Nanono — Nigeria News | Laila’s Blog

Nigeria News | Laila’s BlogThere is no hunger in Nigeria – Agric Minister Nanono The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Muhammad Sabo Nanono on Monday said Nigeria is there is no hunger in Nigeria as the country is producing enough to feed itself. Nanono said this at a news conference in Abuja as part…

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How Nigeria Police rescued 67 from Islamic School in Maiduguri.

MAIDUGUIRI, Nigeria (Reuters) – Police in northern Nigeria rescued nearly 70 men and boys from a second purported Islamic school where they were shackled and subjected to “inhuman and degrading treatments.”

The raid in Katsina, the northwestern home state of President Muhammadu Buhari, came less than a month after about 300 men and boys were freed from another supposed Islamic school in neighboring Kaduna state where they were allegedly tortured and sexually abused.

“In the course of investigation, sixty-seven persons from the ages of 7 to 40 years were found shackled with chains,” Katsina police spokesman Sanusi Buba said in a statement. “Victims were also found to have been subjected to various inhuman and degrading treatments.”

The raid occurred on October 12 in Sabon Garin in the Daura local government area of Katsina state. Police issued a statement on Monday and said they were working to reunite the victims with their families.

Lawal Ahmad, a 33-year-old who was held captive, said he witnessed sexual assault, beatings and the death of other captives during his two years there.


“They were just beating, abusing and punishing us every day with the name of teaching us,” he said through tears, adding “they are not teaching us for the sake of God.”

Police arrested one man, 78-year-old Mallam Bello Abdullahi Umar, for running what they called an “illegal detention/remand home.”

Lawai Musa, a trader who lived near the center, told Reuters by phone that families sent unruly men and boys there believing it was an Islamic teaching facility that would straighten them out and teach them Islamic beliefs.

“The way he is treating the children is un-Islamic” he said. “We are not happy, they were treated illegally.”

Islamic schools, known as Almajiris, are common across the mostly Muslim north of Nigeria. Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), a local organization, estimates about 10 million children attend them.

In June, President Buhari, himself a Muslim, said the government planned to ban the schools, but would not do so immediately. After the incident in Kaduna, the president issued a statement calling on traditional authorities to work with government to expose “unwanted cultural practices that amount to the abuse of children.”

Buhari’s office declined to immediately comment on the Katsina raid, saying it would issue a statement after a full briefing from police.

“The command enjoins parents to desist from taking their children/wards to illegal, unauthorized or unapproved remand/rehabilitation centers,” the police statement said.





94-year-old man with 100 children, marries 4 new wives — Nigeria News | Laila’s Blog

Nigeria News | Laila’s Blog94-year-old man with 100 children, marries 4 new wives A 94-year-old Ugandan man with about 100 children, Nulu Ssemakula, has shown the world he is still much in the game, after taking four more wives . A resident of Ruyonza, a largely polygamous village in Uganda, Nulu was the first Muslim…

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Job for a Restaurant Manager at Shores (Hotel, Restaurant and Lounge) — Jobzilla Nigeria

Shores (Hotel, Restaurant and Lounge) is currently recruiting suitably qualified candidates to fill the position below: Job Title: Restaurant Manager Location: Lagos Basic Duties The ideal candidate for this position will be responsible for the following: You will be able to motivate our staff to provide excellent customer service. You will recommend ways……

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Can you wait and examine yourself?

Nigeria is not good you said but right in your presence DBanj, Davido, Banky W, Tiwa Savage, Naira Marley, DJ Cuppy came from abroad and while you are still wailing, they have made it in the music industry, controlling Dollars and living their dreams.

Wizkid, Olamide, Burna Boy, Flavour, P-Square, TuFace, Kiss Daniels,  are Naija born. But na the same economy and bad leadership. But through hard work and dedication, they have made it while you still dey shout, “Nigeria is bad!

Leave music, let’s talk about sport.

Kanu Nwankwo, Jay Jay Okocha, Vicent Enyeama, Odion Ighalo, Samuel Kanu, Ahmed Musa, Mikel Obi, Jamiu Collins, Victor Osihmen, Samuel Chukwueze, Uzoho, Oghenekaro, Ramon Azeez, na under this same “Nigeria is bad and bad leadership” their talents were discovered before international clubs discovered them.

What then is your excuse?

Many of Nigeria’s current sportsmen and women from athletics to basketball, boxing, table tennis, taekwondo, etc, who have conquered poverty and living big and doing Nigeria proud at home and abroad, started from this our obodo Nigeria. You still dey shout, “Nigeria is bad!”

Let’s move to entertainment.

Alibaba, Basket Mouth, I Go Dye, Klint Da Drunk, Lepacious Bose, Akpororo, Bovi, Ayo Makun, Helen Paul, Igosave, Chioma Omeruah, Emmanuela, Frank D Don, John Okafor, Ushbebe, Tee A, Mark Angel . The majority of these people were not born with a silver spoon. But through hard work, discipline, dedication, creativity, and diligence, they have waved poverty goodbye. While you are still shouting, “Nigeria is not working!”

Let’s move to Digital Marketing.

Linda Ekeji, Uche Eze Pedro, Demola Ogundele, Kemi Filani, Eme Achanga, Ladun Liadi, Japheth Joshua Omojuwa, Laila, Makinde Azeez, Jide Ogunsanya, Yemisi Aiyedun, Noble Igwe, Chude Jideonwo, Loy Okezie, Onibalusi Bamidele,Dimoko Korkus, Ayeni Adekunle, Ono Bello, Ajetunmobi Sheriff, Chidimma Umeh, Chioma Iwunze, Osemhen Akhibi, Temitope Balogun Akinmuda.

It is in this same “Nigeria no dey work” that the majority of them made it.

What then is your excuse?

What about entrepreneurship?

Temitope Ogunsemo, Oluwatobi Ajayi, Abubakar Sadiq Falalu, Obinna Okwodu, Etop Ikpe, Evans Akanno, Kehinde Ayanleye, Adedayo Saheed Amzat, Oluwaseun Tamitope Osewa, Razak Ahmed, Ijeoma Ndukwe-Egwuronu, Ohmai Atafo, Auodeji Adewunmi, Peter Banigo, Olorunyomi Omoniyi Makun, Ezra Olubi, Eyo Bassey, Olalekan Olude, Opeyemi Awoyemi.


The majority of these entrepreneurs attended the same calamitous universities you attended. But through hard work, dedication, discipline, faith, and diligence, they were able to surmount the Nigerian challenges and made it big. The same “Nigeria is not working”

In your koro eyes, when you were seeing Boko Haram in the North, one American lady, Mira Mehta while driving along Kaduna road saw a business opportunity in agro-processing via tomato roadside sellers and set up Tomato Jos Company in Kaduna. So did Retson A Tedheke and co set up the Nigeria Farmers Group and Cooperative Society (NFGCS) with headquarter in Nasarawa. Under-five years it was created, NFGCS with Retson as Managing Partner is breaking new grounds in the Nigerian agriculture sector and value chain. What then is your excuse? Still the same “Nigeria is not working” and “bad leadership” excuses?

Yes, things are hard. Nigeria has a lot of problems. But without challenges, there will be no opportunities. As big as Nigeria’s problems are, so are her opportunities.

Examine yourself.

What is your talent?

What are you doing right?

What are you not doing right?

What us your strengths and weaknesses?

Use your strengths to minimize your weaknesses.

What do you love doing?

What is that thing work you do that gives you peace of mind?

Many of the world’s most successful people are successful because they live what they do.

What’s your vision and mission?

What is your purpose in life?

A person without vision perishes. Many people in Nigeria complaining because they are perishing.

Check your environment, open your eyes to and sniff for opportunities in relation to your talent, identify it, write it down (business plan), pursue it, start small but aim big, pray to God for guidance. All jobs are not created by the government. Nollywood was started without any government intervention but see where it is today!

Pursue your dreams.

Don’t procrastinate. It is dangerous. Remember, you are not the only one that dreams. God’s rain falls on everybody.

Pray for those in the position of authority. In them lies your peace and your security. Pray for Nigeria and believe in her. What you don’t believe in doesn’t work for you.

Finally, eschew bitterness, remove hatred, be kind to people, remember the poor and needy, be at peace with all people, be financially disciplined, and long for knowledge. And your creator will crown your effort with success.

God Bless Nigeria 🇳🇬🛐🙏👏




Copied from Toriola Babajide’s Facebook Wall

Tacha’s fan allegedly sent death threat to Dotun over planned interview — Nigeria News | Laila’s Blog

Nigeria News | Laila’s BlogTacha’s fan allegedly sent death threat to Dotun over planned interview OAP Dotun has alleged that a certain Tacha’s fan sent him a death threat over his planned interview with the reality TV star on radio. Tacha’s fan allegedly sent death threat to Dotun over planned interviewThe OAP made the revelation…

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“I was single before going into the House. But now, you should expect love and friendship (between me and Ike). –Mercy Eke(winner of BBNaija season 4).

The winner of the fourth season of  Big Brother Naija Mercy Eke, has insisted that her relationship with a fellow housemate, Ike Onyema, would continue to go on smoothly. The two were fond of each other in the House.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop during the week, Mercy waved aside the insinuation that since she was now richer than Onyema, she might want to explore other options. She said, “I was single before going into the House. But now, you should expect love and friendship (between me and Ike). We would work as partners. Money has nothing to do with the love we share. Money has nothing to do with our relationship; it won’t affect us.”


On what endeared her to him, Mercy said, “Ike is a special person. It is something beyond what I can understand– it was just in him. I think every girl in the House liked him too. I realised that I had feelings for him about the fifth week in the house.”

Eke also maintained that she flaunted her body while in the House because she was confident in her own skin. She stated, “I feel every woman should be at peace with their body. I was comfortable with my body and that was it for me.”


The graduate of Imo State University noted that her focus, for now, would be on her business interests. “My first duty is my business– establishing my clothing brand and putting it out there. But, I want to take things slowly; I am not trying to rush. The immediate thing is for me to nurture my clothing brand and after that, any other thing can follow,” she added.