The beauty of humanity is best expressed and reflected when genuine love that is agape is the other of the day.


Nowadays,so many people display hatred and selfishness but they always wrap it as love until the end justifies the means with violence and sheer wickedness been the outcome of the squalid kind of love that they portray as a platonic one.


The real love expected to be an addition to the existence of humanity is scarce and it has gone to the abyss, what we have in existence now is deep display of insensitivity,wickedness and lust.


It should be noted that anyone who desire to love another person must love himself or herself first with the right understanding before claiming that he or she loves another person.


Understanding of a subject matter triggers a good outcome.


It is when your understanding about what it takes to love your neighbor that you could claim that you will be better person to love your fellow human being.

When you understand that the reason you are existing is to ensure that you preserve and protect the interest of others with love that you will end up becoming a better human being.

Many people have a wrong impression about love thinking that love is all about keeping mute or mum in the face of wrong doing until everything that has been good becomes totally bad.


They expected that even when correction must be made, it must be made in love as it is preached by the end time men of God we have all around us but on the contrary,any form of love that is against correction no matter how the correction is given is nothing but a kind of deception from the pit of hell.


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We are all created and wired to love one another for the prosperity of humanity.


Love is not about sensual and emotional feelings and attachment only,it is more than what sex and emotion can offer as it is the best way whereby selflessness and passion for the betterment of others can be expressed without any of the party been cheated.


Reverse has been the case as humanity has decided to journey on the path of hatred,selfishness,wickedness,backbiting and boot-licking. This has done nothing but to destroy the beauty humanity is expected to portray.


Today is another VALENTINE DAY and every available space has been filled with the concept of what love is all about but the outcome of the kind of evil that humanity is struggling with right now, one needs no soothsayer that the right concept of what love should be has been destroyed long time ago.


What we have right now is nothing but deception.


No one can understand what love is all about and kill,maim,destroy and murder another person because of reasons that is far from the essence of humanity.


Without any iota of doubt,genuine love is gone forever.


What we have now is sheer wickedness,selfishness,envy,jealousy and total disrespect for the sanctity of humanity.




©mlstcommunications 2020.

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