Practically, I realized that there is always the right time for everything we desired.


No doubt about it, our intention constitutes a major force that drives us into success to a large extent.


While the title of this great book has been with me many years ago, I was unable to have a complete manuscript.





Just be deciding to break limit in this year, I made it a target and it is quite surprising how my target is gradually becoming a book.


I wondered and pondered about the flow of words and I am greatly astonished how I have been able to move ahead without any hitch or clog with the frequency of words at the peak.












Now, the next chapter is being added gradually.



In life, you are going to experience low and high moment in your journey.People will pull you down and look down on you just because of envy and their inability to match up with the speed of your success.


They will talk you down and tell you more than one million ways by which you cannot achieve your intending feat.


Recently, I realized that no matter how long you spend with some so called friends and colleagues, you can never amount to anything.


Practically, I noticed that this has been my recent experience as I observed that I have been able to get my desires done when I was able to define my path far away from a particular personality.


The Spirit of some people around you is too toxic,acidic and poisonous that if you fail to do something about pushing them aside in your journey,you might end up been on a spot like them.


If you are not really in alignment with this,kindly check and read about the relationship of Abraham and Lot for you to understand the necessity of relationship in been a good determinant of how glorious your destiny would be.



Check yourself so that your destiny will not be checkmated by the wrong relationship you entangled yourself with.


The kind of company you belong to determines what accompanies you.


©mlstcommunications 2020

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