The above title came to my mind twice in the space of two days.


Yesterday,when I was in the midst a discussion with a colleague,I made mention of it.


Right now,while listening to a tract by Late Lucky Dube,he made mention of it.


No doubt about it, we are all trapped in this small space called  earth and it is quite funny that no one will leave it alive.


Is this not an entrapment?


The last few days have been filled with one of the realities of life.


People are dying on a daily basis and it is quite funny that death has no solution and no alternative.


There is an aberration I observed with humanity.


We live our lives as if to say we signed a contract of eternity on earth.


Some of us live our live as demigod relying on the transient position apportioned to us by mistake or by providence which will last for moments that we did not know.


“Some of us are foolish to the extent that


we demand respect from people instead

of working hard to earn it”.




prison 2


However, I realized that death is an advantage and an addition to the existence of humanity.


If there is nothing like death,only God knows what would been the hope and the fate of those who are powerless and those who are less privilege.


“We are all prisoners”.


No one should behave as if he is free.


Death is your prison.


Put your ego and you pride down.


We are all going to die one day.


We are all in debt.


And it shall be paid by death.


Death is your prison.


©mlstcommunications 2020.

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