The step taking by Chinese government to curtail the spread of coronavirus epidemic is quite laudable in the sense that the swiftness of Chinese government to build a hospital that will attend to the spread of such a deadly disease within a short period of time is a testimony to the understanding of what is needed to be done by a right thinking government.





This shows how efficient and prepared they are ready for any form of emergency in this part of the world.


China is a communist country that abhors and dislike religion in any form but if we study what a nation like this that forbid and give no reference to religion has kept on developing both human and material resources,one needs to understand that they understand God better than some nations of the world who spent their time being religious alone and forbid productivity.


china 1


If it is a nation like Nigeria,many churches would be praying and fasting for such a viral disease to be curtailed forgetting that spirituality can not be obtained in isolation without a relationship with the physical and the physical cannot be perfect in isolation without spirituality molding the physical.


So,it should be noted that the physical and the spiritual cannot be separated.


While other nations of the world that are developed understand this perspective and they are leveraging on it for the development of their existence, Africa and their leaders are yet to understand this.


What we have in Nigeria is spiritual development that is isolated from physical development.


Many believed that sourcing for solutions to challenges that will trigger development in every facet of life must be sought for solely in the spiritual while the physical is left unattended to.


If it is religiosity as it is viewed in Nigeria that gives a better world, Nigeria ought to be a tourist destination of the world but reverse is the case as it is nations of the world that apportion lesser time and resources to religion are developed and they are the one dictating the affairs of the world.


There is a need for re-orientation for anyone who cares to know that the kind of religion we practiced in Nigeria needs to be questioned as it has not been able to give the level of liberation needed for a nation like Nigeria to be the best in the comity of Nations.


If China can build a hospital in few days,other nations of the world like Nigeria should buckle up in being efficient and responsive to their duty of providing good governance to the teeming citizen of our dear country.



china 2


Once again,no-one operates the spiritual in isolation without the physical been put into consideration.


Thank you all.


©mlstcommunications 2020

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