I looked at her this morning and I tried to lift her up,her growth is quite fast and surprising.

I tried to rely on past memory of when I used to carry her around because the only overture she always find difficult to reject from me is when I proposed to her that I want to carry her up.

As usual,I did this morning but she is just too weighty for me to carry.

Anyway,I did.

She has been a source of joy to us and she has been a source of gratitude to us.

On my part,seeing myself been in charge of a girl at the age of six wow me and I always ask myself about how we have been doing it but till now I have no answer.

So,it has been God who has been a source of wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

She had been disturbing everyone about today for the past six months and dedicating a day like this to her means heaven and eternity to her.

I could vividly remember six years ago when she came around,what I can just put down in submission was that we have been privileged by Providence to enjoy the grace and glory of God.

God has been wonderful in all ways to give you to us as a gift of love and you have been a source of answered prayer to my family.

We are grateful to all friends, families,relatives, colleagues and well-wishers that have been part of us till this moment.

Little mama is doing well and she is happy to wish herself Happy Birthday to her.

For the love I have for her,I woke her up,put her head on my body and I sang for her and carry her around the whole house singing for her.

She is just a complete version of what we represent and stand for.

Congratulations to you.

May your existence become meaningful and the next generation will feel your impact in Jesus Name.

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