Dear Friends,


No one can deny the fact that we have already spent two weeks in this year.


The beginning of this year has been filled with arrays of goals and targets some of us want to achieve in the course of the year.


battle 1


While I have painstakingly created time to read what many writers have presented and published about how to set goals for the new year and how to achieve it.


I cannot remember if anyone of these writers push it across that achieving any of the set goals might be a matter of life and death with so many rumbling, toughness and roughness that would accompany your desire to achieve your goals in the new year.


While I believed in the efficacy of prayer and supplication,I have a kind of reservation for a situation whereby we pray for each other.I cringe to the extreme when I heard Christians telling me to pray for them.


Why do I need to pray for you?


Why do I need to approach your heavenly father on your behalf?


Prayer is a battlefield and it is expected of you to fight your enemy by yourself.


I have never watch or heard in the history of boxing whereby a champion is declared by proxy,no boxing coach has been on record to fight on behalf of his trainee.


A situation whereby you pray for people,it makes them become lazy and it has made many Christians to become a pawn in the hand of fake pastors and Randy men of God.


You will be prone and susceptible to people taking advantage of your situation when all you do is to look for who will pray for you.




battle 2

Prayer is a war-front where it is expected of you to wage war on your enemy on individual basis not on collective basis.


God needs to recognize your voice as an individual in this year.


Stop being lazy in your relationship with God.


Just as God called Samuel by name,God wants to know you by your name not through the name of anyone around you.


No human is worthy of being your channel to God,you have a direct access to God and your relationship should be directed to God without a medium.


In all,I beseech you to seek God on your knees this year so that all the goals you have drafted will see the light of the day.


Thank you all.


©mlstcommunications 2020.

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