Sometimes ago, towards the end of 2019,the news of arrest of an accountant of a particular Church who happens to be a Senior Pastor with her Secretary over the allegations of fraud going to millions of dollars spread out.


Recently this news was confirmed by the General overseer of the Church and it made it to be real and not a kind of rumor anyone can deny.


The question on my mind is:


Why won’t they steal?


It is a pity that we are now in the era whereby indiscipline and indecent act permeates both the secular and the spiritual places that is expected to be a sanctuary of God.


Rather,our spiritual places have turned into an anode of thieves and ritual killers.


In a situation whereby our society has been monetized and materialized,one ought not to surprised by what is happening right now.


In a situation whereby the church of God that is expected to be a game changer and an influence of change in this world has become a place whereby prosperity preaching has become the main focus of message of God needs no soothsayer to understand that if care is not taken,thieves and devil’s advocate will end up having a free day in doing whatever they like in the house of God.


Many strange issues all over the society but we kept on ordaining pastors and building mega house of worship but the quality of what the Gospel is all about kept going down.


When the message if prosperity is all about money and the testimonies shared on the altar are all about achievement of getting more money into our account,what do we expect in such an environment whereby money is a god?


No doubt theft will be the order of the day once we give credence and credibility to mundane things.


Whether we like it or not,there are still many thieves in the house of God and they will remain as long as our orientation concerning spiritual matters is still all about prosperity that has to do with money and materials.


Though,they have been arrested and sacked,it is pertinent to note that others that will be appointed might toil on the part of theft too.


In a situation whereby men of God that are just ordained are thinking about how they will be using the latest car in town,one needs to know that our spiritual places of worship needs overhauling which is necessary in checking and controlling how every dick and Harry becomes Pastor now.


If we don’t checkmate the way and manner they are ordained,we will keep having thieves preaching the word of God to us.




church 1


In a situation whereby some of us sees men of God as a demi-god makes many of us to become a prey to some of them which has cost many their hard earn money and even lifes.


Nowadays,you see men of God believing and praying for financiers to support their ministry.Meanwhile,whether the financier is a devil,they do not want to know.


My take is that if you know that you cannot be faithful to God and people as a man God,why are you disturbing yourself.


Is it compulsory to be a Pastor before you serve of God?


Wake up.


There are other means by which someone can serve God apart from being a pastor instead of disappointing yourself and the spiritual office you claimed to occupy.



church 3


Theft will not end in the house of God until we change our orientation about prosperity.


©mlstcommunications 2020.

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