My New Year homily for 2020.


Dear Friends,
As we are all witnessing the reality of a new year which was at a long distance to you in the course of the out-gone year,there have been a deluge of prophecies and prayers that marked the beginning of this new year.


While you may be carried away by the frenzy of the moment whether in the physical or in the spiritual,you need to know that you have embarked on a journey which has started today and it must be noted that you are some moments or hours away from another new year.


As it is the dawn of another epic journey that started few hours ago,it is pertinent for you to know and understand that every successful journey is a product of the usage of guide or the application of information about the journey.


It is written:


“I am the way,the truth and the life”—John 14 verse 16



Preaching 2


The way to any successful journey is knowing someone who has embarked on such journey.


You can have a successful journey when you are in contact with someone who knows the beginning and the end of such journey.


I want you to listen to my appeal that no matter your level of participation in any form of spiritual gathering marking the crossover if 2019 to 2020,if you fail in knowing the way itself which is Jesus Christ,you might encounter confusion that will make your expectations in 2020 to be a forlorn hope.


Jesus  Christ is the way,the truth and the life.


Jesus is what you need for a title of the prophecy you had yesterday to become a reality.


This is what is expected of you in the new year:


1.Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour.


2.Maintain a close relationship with Him.


3.Let the truth–Jesus Christ be your shield and buckler.


4.Maintain prayer and fasting as a lifestyle and a culture.


5.Spread the good-news of salvation as a lifestyle.


6.Abstain from sins and every other forms of distractions.


It is better to start well practically than feigning ignorance about what you are expected to do.


I wish you happy New year.


Remain watchful and prayerful till every limit is broken in your life.


You shall break limit in 2020.


From your friend in Christ.


©Mlst communications 2020.

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