One needs to starts asking if we have different God that gives instructions and commandment in accordance to the doctrine of men of God.


At a point,the man in charge of Mount Zion Drama Ministry gave a good submission about the celebration of Christmas but few days after the general overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry submitted boldly that such a celebration is not biblical.


This overwhelm my line of thought this morning asking myself if truly every christian on the surface of the earth has one goal that is expected to be all about eternity.


I kept on seeing every reason why I submitted at a point that the kind of Christianity been practiced nowadays is all about proofing that one denomination is better than the other.


This seems to be an advertisement strategy to draw more converts to their denomination thereby milking them financially .


Hence, Christianity is tending towards becoming a money making business ventures that is making one to ask questions if we are truly under the leadership of one God.


If popular men of God can be having different views about a particular issue in Christendom,one needs to think deeply about how to know God on a personal basis.


It seems that some of these men of God are confused and they are becoming a source of issue to the sanctity expected from the altar of God.


How can we be having different view about a subject matter in Christendom as if to say we are all reading different bible.


God is one and everything about God should be the same.


Human coloration and interpretation to the creed of God should be jettison and trash.


Christmas is biblical until the person that thinks it is not biblical go back to God and ask God to grant him fresh revelation because it was recorded that there was singing and joy in heaven when Jesus Christ was born.


So, if the host of heaven can be joyous when Jesus Christ was born,it can never be a wrong doing for such a celebration to be duplicated on earth.


No one in Christendom should think he has monopoly to spiritual knowledge because Spiritual knowledge is flexible as it is a channel of revelation that is dictated by the Holy Spirit.


Hence,enough to confusion from the altar of God.


Christmas is biblical but its celebration should be carried out to entrench the message of salvation.


Once again,MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone celebrating and those who are against it should use this period to ask for more revelation from God.


©Mlstcommunications 2019

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