What to do when you are down.

There are different phases of life and every phase is always accompanied with one attribute and characteristics that might be favorable or unfavorable.


When the chips are down,do not get down and dirty with the chips wallowing in regrets and frustrations but rise on your feet,step on the chips,dust yourself up and move on.


There are many issues needed to be attended to,never allow yourself to be tied down with anyone that seems to be pulling you down.


Rise above the situation around you and make another move.


Remember,no one move forward by sitting down in a place.


Remember,no one occupies a space without it being vacant.


Your moving forward is in your ability to see every reason to stand on your feet to move forward.


Stand on your feet.


Stop sitting down.


Rise on your feet and stand tall.




you 2


Face your fears and conquer your fear.


Get furious with your obstacles and skip them all.


Project and propel yourself to another level whereby the phase of life that seems to be holding you down will end up becoming a thing of the past.



©mlstcommunications 2019

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