This was the comment traceable to someone when I published my first e-book titled:
“50 BEDTIME NUGGETS–First Edition”



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When I asked myself about what could have warrant such a comment,what I can see and feel at the base of such comment is jealousy and envy deeply rooted in the inability of such a person to agree with the simple fact of being unable to have something as a source of value addition to humanity at that moment.

The question is:


Was I bothered about such a comment?


Yes.I was bothered but in a positive way.


Do you get my drift?


In the course of your sojourn in life,you would have noticed that you are yoked with what Tuface called “Frienemies”.


Frienemies is a term coined from the word Friends and enemies.


They are people who pretend to be your friend but they are your arch-enemies.


When I heard about this comment,I laughed at such a myopic comments traceable to someone who has nothing to offer but a story of been a burden to human existence.


I moved on with my vision not minding what anyone have in mind.


When I published the first book,I was a novice but I kept on with my mission and today,I have been able to add another one to the list of e-book published by me and having my name as the author.


Whether anyone is satisfied with the path I have chosen to tread upon in life,I do not give a damn to what their view and comment might be.


Views and comments are personal and you must allow such to remain personal without it affecting your purpose in life.


While they might be busy mocking,keep making the best out of yourself and you will realize the shame that will consume people around you who are standing with you as Frienemies.


They are everywhere but you will have your victory when you discover them with their poisoned sophistry and acidic gimmicks designed to put you on a spot or pull you down.


The only move you can make to silence them is your ability to remain steadfast in achieving more by been successful in whatever they think you can’t achieve.


The race of life is a serious business that needs a serious mind to make its purpose fulfilling but while on this race,there would be distractions from people who hates you but pretend to be your friend due to the fact that they might still be feeding day on what you can offer them.


You have no reason allowing their negative comments to pull you down,keep walking,keep kicking and keep making it while they are busy making comments.


Always give them something that is above their imagination,so that they can keep busy making comments while you are busy moving on achieving your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Beware of Frienemies!!!


They are right there with you.


While they are busy making negative comments,my second e-book is ready titled:





Don’t mind them,envy and jealousy are toxic, acidic and poisonous and they will be ɗestroyed by such.



©mlstcommunications 2019

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