I have been busy reading and seen many Christmas greetings across board which has being a custom and a culture that accompany period of a year like this.


It dawn on me to address and bore my mind on what this moment should stand for and to appraise my journey so far in this year but the struggle to pen my thought fizzle out until I picked and started listening to music by Majek Fashek.


The particular track that caught my fancy and inspired me was titled:


“Promised Land”


He kept on repeating and asking if you and I are ready for the promised land.


He further his lyrics by telling us that the promised land he is talking about is not in America, Europe,Asia or any part of the world.


Someone may be asking where it is just the way I was asking myself till he made me to realize that the promised land we all need to prepare for is our mind.


Then,a question dawn on me again asking myself how wealthy and healthy is our state of mind.


No doubt about it,the celebration of Christmas is good and it is intended to serve as a remembrance of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ purposed for the Salvation of our soul.


In essence,the purpose of Christmas is all about change of the physical and the spiritual intended for our world to become better.


We should know that the change in the scope of human affairs in the Physical and in the spiritual is rooted and routed in the mind.




For any substantial change to occur in the life of anyone,it must start from the mind and it is through the state of the mind that the promised land we crave for can be achieved.


We have spent the bunch of our time and resources this year clamoring for change in the affairs of our life and it should be noted that this change become obtainable until our minds is prepared for it.


Then,how can someone have a prepared mind that is wealthy and healthy for desired change?


One of the best way is by how I started my day today.


The first thing I did this morning is to lay my hand on a book as early as possible this morning titled:




xmas 3.jpg


This is a great document that is simply written in a manner that it is strong enough to transform the state of your mind for that change you desired.


It should be noted that good books And good music are keys to the transformation of the mind.


Your Christmas celebration should not be about jamborees and funfare but it should be towards the transformation of your mind by doing everything within you to change a perspective that has been holding you down from moving forward in accordance to your desire and expectation.


A mind lost to mediocrity will end up becoming a burden but a changed mind is a blessing that no one can quantify its effect on the sustainability of the beauty of human existence.


In conclusion,this is my Christmas submission drafted in a way that is quite different but it is purposed towards a paradigm shift in what the generality of humanity knows the primary intention of Christmas for.


xmas 1


The celebration of Christmas should not be about dinning and winning but a changed mind is an asset to humanity just as the birth of Jesus Christ became an asset to humanity and we are yet to recover from it which is impossible.


No one can recover and escape from the effect of a changed mind.


Change your mind and your perspective will make you become better.


Merry Christmas to you all.


Watch out for my 2019 annual appraisal.


©mlstcommunications 2019.

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