As another week is almost two days gone with today being the first working day of the week,what I want to ask from you is :


Can you do me a favor?


You may be asking and pondering what is the rationale behind this question but I want to let you know that I care about you and your betterment and progress is my concern day and night.


Life is practically filled with ups and downs that has no timely limit and these constitute in a large extent a clog to your progress and my progress.


There is always a wall of limitation to the progress and development of man while on earth.Everyone will have a fair share of this at one point in time while we are living here on earth.


In spite of this,no one has been chronicled to become better and achieve greatness by loosing grip and staying on the floor of defeat and disappointment.


Even,it is chronicled historically that the greatest of the greatest that ever lived on earth became the cynosure of all eyes and a reference point in history by been tenacious in their dreams and aspirations to become whatever they ended up becoming.


The question is?


Why are you thinking of giving up and throwing in the towel when you have not even started the journey that lies ahead of you?


It is practically truthful that all of us always think of giving up at one point in time but if everyone has been lazy in striving to become better at one point in time,do you think the world we live in would be better up to what it is today?


The little form of betterment and development humanity enjoys today has been a proof and an outcome of what some individuals laid down as a legacy at one point in time which has its root and route in tenacity, commitment, selflessness and dedication.


Then,why are you downcast this morning thinking about the negatives and defeats you have experienced in life?


I want you to know that before any of the challenges faced by you reared its ugly head,there are many forms of solutions to all the challenges.


What you just need to do is to find out how such challenges would become a launching pad for you to propel to the other side that is filled with grandeur, glamour,glitz, groove,bliss and breakthrough.



personal development 2
Can you do me a favor?



No one achieve a meaningful feat while buried in self pity.No one becomes better wallowing in the regrets and fear of the past.


While the strong and the wise rise up from defeat,the weak gets scared and stayed on the spot of defeat.


This is my message to you this morning that you have no choice other than you becoming strong to stay above the limitations of defeat and failures of the past.


No matter how ugly,stenching and drenching your past might be,waking up this morning is a pointer to the fact that you have a beautiful moments ahead of you.


You can only access this beautiful moments if you are ready to drop the load of your ugly past and stay away from its weight from holding you down.


Failures of the past is a signage of the success ahead of you.


Don’t think you are missing it.


Rather,think about you getting it all the time.


It is never too late for you to buckle up and stay above the hot waters that you find yourself.


Find your respite.


Get your relieve.


Life is beautiful having you around.


I am with you in your journey.


Don’t give up.


I need you.


You can talk to me.


Do me a favor.


Don’t give up.


Getting better is better than getting mad.





©mlst communications 2019

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