I will not fall sick or die young.—Boborisky.

– Popular cross dresser Bobrisky has reacted to a Rivers state prophetess who prophesied sickness upon him

– The controversial individual penned a lengthy note on social media and heavily berated the cleric

– According to Bobrisky, God is not a man, and for that reason death and sickness will never be his portion

Social media was recently set abuzz after one Rivers-based female prophet came out to share her prophesy upon the life of controversial cross-dresser Idris Okeneye aka Bobrisky.

Legit.ng earlier gathered that the prophet via a post shared on social media, claimed that she received a message from God concerning Bobrisky. She said if he does not change his abominable ways, he would end up getting an incurable sickness.

Well, it appears the self acclaimed male Barbie, who is currently vacationing in Dubai, has got wind of the news, and in response, he penned a lengthy note addressed to his haters and the prophet in particular.

Bobrisky started out by noting the amount of hate he has amassed simply because of how he chooses to live his life in Nigeria. According to him, there are several other pressing issues in the country that need urgent attention, but people have decided to get busy with his personal affairs.

“How am I the problem of Nigeria? How does being a cross dresser, and a transgender woman translate to abomination? It is rather bemusing to me that a lot of people will have me killed, than the evil politicians and people in power punished,” his message read in part.

Bobrisky called out to anyone that know the prophet to tell her that she would be the one experiencing sickness if she does not desist from going after him, and hiding under the guise of spirituality.

He wondered why she has not seen a solution to Nigeria’s problem but would rather concern herself with his affairs.


“Why hasn’t she seen how we are going to eradicate crime, joblessness and corruption in Nigeria? They are always seeing things about other people’s lifestyle that hurts nobody,”Bobrisky said. 

In conclusion, Bobrsiky noted that God is merciful as such, he would not be dying young.

He said:


“My greatest joy is that God is not man. God is kind, he is full of love and compassion and I am loved by him, I will not fall sick or die young, because God is a good 


Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that Bobrisky, took to social media to build anticipation for his new body and has assured his fans he’ll show it off in a short time. He had earlier revealed he was undergoing major surgery in Dubai.





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