One of the major issue some of us are having is having a platform that will push us out of obscurity to limelight.

Many struggle to the extreme to find a way whereby their voice could be heard at one point in time and this make them to look as failures just because they remain unknown in their chosen field of endeavor.

It is not bad in itself to face this kind of challenge in life,but it becomes bad when you are doing nothing at your disposal to push yourself out of the scriptural miry clay.

You can never be known until you know what to do to make yourself known to others by any meaningful means you think will make you to be known.

This is one of the reasons I have been religious about the open writers challenge 3 that started in few weeks ago.

I have been able to meet so many prolific writers on the platform that made me to understand that humanity is blessed with many talents that if maximized appropriately,the world we live in has no reason to be where it is at this moment.

We all need a productive platform for any one of us to excel in life, and we must endure and ensure that we are not disillusioned and discouraged in our pursuit of anything we think will shed light on whatever we are doing

The past few days have been encouraging for me seen and reading through people’s mind through their writings and I am satisfied that at this point of my life, my write ups have a place on a platform that is filled with many writers across the length and breadth of the world.



Have you been doing anything to make yourself known to others?

One thing that is cocksure as an attribute to any success is your passion and perseverance in ensuring that whatever you are doing as a craft or a hobby is made known to others in attracting success to yourself or maximizing such as a source of blessing to others.

As open writers challenge is gradually winding down,I am grateful for a platform like this,I wish everyone that has participated good Success in any of their chosen endeavor and the brain behind this beautiful idea is appreciated too.


Pushing ideas across to people is really difficult and challenging,it requires much sacrificial endeavor and the intelligence that will make people to accept it is a hard nut to crack.


It gulp time and other forms of resources which might survive or suffer death.


This made anyone that is reasonable to really appreciate any form of effort being invested as a form of idea by other people.


Thanks for giving me a place to showcase what I am passionate about.


©mlst communications 2019.

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