You have slept over some issues bothering you yesterday and the only decision made by you is for you to give up and run away.


I would like to put your mind into this.


There has never been anyone living on earth who deliberately give up looking for what to eat when he or she is hungry.



thirsty 1


The only way you can quench your hunger and thirst is for you to embark on a journey or an effort that will give you good and water.


I would like you to know that your satisfaction concerning any form of endeavor embarked upon by you is a function of a deliberate effort to get what is needed to make such endeavor successful.


No one has ever been successful without a tale of deliberate energy being invested into an endeavor that will birth the emergence of success at one point in time.


Being thirsty and being hungry become good when the entity concerned is ready to do everything to ensure that provisions are made for such feeling to fizzle out.


In what area of your life have you been hungry or thirsty?


What are you doing to ensure that you quench your thirst and your hunger disappear?


Are you giving up on that effort or are you making any effort to get solutions?


I would like to tell you that you cannot get any result without you being responsible and responsive in giving your energy to what will attract the needed solutions.


You need to work on yourself.


You need to build yourself.


You need to push yourself beyond that barrier.






The limitations you are running away from will not move until you push it away from your sight.


Be tenacious in creating a solution that will enhance your desired solutions over any circumstance that is weighing you down.


There is more to gain and get if only you can raise up your head above waters.


There is opportunity around you that will make you better if you decide not to give up.


Make sure you remain hungry and thirsty for more.


This is the only way champions are made.


Hunger and thirst make champions.


Do you want to be a champion?


If you want to be:


Kindly,help me to remain hungry and thirsty.


There is more to your life when you remain hungry and thirsty.


Your destiny will blossom when you live a life of hunger and thirst but you must be hungry and thirsty for what is right and reasonable.


©mlst communications 2019

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