Many of us are theoretical to the extent that we do not know the difference between a Friend and a foe due to the fact that the basic understanding of what friends stand for are no where to be found in this age and season.


While many believed that friendship is all about jamborees and funfare,others believe that it is more than that.


While someone is asking for my views and write up,someone sometimes ago nearly cut my head that my submission is all about her personality.


Since then,I understood that the best way to know and test a friend is checking on their disposition about the slightest thing you are doing with your life which some might conceived as an attack to their personalities.


Friendship is all about dedication, commitment and selflessness.Once, any one of these seems to be absent,you need to appraise yourself and probably quit.


In this age and season,many people just want to be close to you when you keep on giving and sacrificing your time and resources for their cause in life but you become a foe the minutes you stopped giving unnecessary audience and attention to anything that concern them.


Friendship is synonymous to two hands that can never get clean if the two hands are not locked together rubbing each other to remove any form of dirt the two hands might be entangled with.


You can know a friend or a foe by their attitude and responses to anything that concerns you.


Once they are not there in remembering whatever that concerns you,just shift and leave their space accompany with you tagging them as opportunist or a foe.


It is important to tell you that while someone is exhibiting jealousy and hatred about whatever you are doing, always understand that there are millions of souls longing to have a title of what you are doing.


While I have been accused of writing about issues that concerns personal life of an entity,there have many people asking me why they have not been seen any of my write up.


While a friend will ask about your progress,an enemy will always look for a way to pull you down and discourage you.


The difference is:

A friend yearn for your betterment but a foe look for ways to tarnish your image and pull you down.


Never be confused about the numbers of time they spent with you or the numbers of hours you spent with them,in the process of time,if you open your eyes wide with wisdom,you will understand and see where they belong.


They are opportunist that will do everything in their disposal to turn you into a puppet as long as you are doing their biddings and they will keep deceiving you that you are a friend.


When you take time to check,you will understand that the difference between a Friend and a foe is thin and slim.


It is only the deep that can fathom the difference.


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