I know how you are feeling.
The pain of dejection,disappointment and rejection are real

I know how you are feeling right now on your bed.

Your veins are aching tonight.

You have already tried and you are almost reaching your breaking limit with no tangible results to show for your efforts.

This reality is what everyone is bound to pass through at one point in the time in the course of our existence in life.

I have been there before.I am aware of this path of life that can only be expressed by the pain it offer.

The tear and wear of this phase of life cannot be denied by me.They are real as the life I am living is.

In spite of all these,do you think you are alone?

No!You are not alone.

Though,it always look as if you are alone but it is not.

You are just a little fraction of the numbers of people passing through one ordeal or the other.

I know that you always feel like the weight of challenges are being carried by you alone but it is until when you take time to listen to what others are passing through that you will understand that divinity has been on your side.

Everyone is created to pass through a dark path at a particular moment in life.This is a reality of life.

The goodnews is:

No matter how messy and miry situation might be, you are wired to stand above water.The innate power and potential in you are enough to turn the mess in your life to message.

The issue therein is:

Are you ready to take the bull by the horn ?

There is a need for you to face this reality and take the bull by the horn challenging whatever is making you to live a life that is below your expectations.

Nobody will help you until you help yourself to stand firm and conquer that fear that has been holding you down.

On your bed tonight,you might have decided to trash the efforts you have invested in an endeavour,but I want you to go back and revisit the endeavour.

Something is telling me that by tomorrow,things will work out in your favour.

Just sleep over it tonight and you will be strengthened to continue tomorrow.

You are born to conquer all not to give up.

Just to let you know that you are not alone.

We are all together to be the best in life.

Just keep moving.

We are all moving train that can never be stopped by any challenge.

Stay with me and I will stay with you.

You are not alone.

I am here with you.

We may be far away.

I am right here by your side.


©mlst communications 2019

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