Towards the end of yesterday,as I was in my living room with my family cooling off and gisting with television programme going on,my daughter started singing and when I asked her how she knew the song and the tune of the lyrics,she told me that her school bus driver always play it whenever they are going to school in the morning.
She kept singing and later I joined her singing and I was amazed about how she really put in everything in her singing such a song at her age.
I kept pondering on it how she managed to like such a song because I really liked the music too.
At a point, I was wondering how my love and her love for such song and many from the particular gospel artiste is so deep to such an extent.
Despite the fact that her ability to speak Yoruba flawlessly is low,she sang along with me and I marveled at her.

I asked her on a second occasion to know how she understand such lyrics and she still responded in the affirmative telling me her source.
It was at this point that I kept wondering and pondering how Tope Alabi’s music is becoming a transgenerational influence that binds families and relatives together.
Definitely,Tope Alabi is a transgenerational influencer and a leader of repute in her chosen career.
Nowadays, there are leaders all over the world but it only few that understand what it is all about.
Many believed that it is a means of oppressing, suppressing and subjugating their subordinate by treating them as slaves and objects of disrespect and dishonor forgetting that it a channel of influence that ought to make the leader and the led better in every ramifications of life.
Our life goes down to extinction every single second and we move to the edge of the grave gradually without any notice.
Some of us know this but many are oblivious of this fact and they keep on misbehaving while they are life.
The question is:
What are you leaving behind when the curtain is drawn?
Is it confusion?
Is it pride or ego?
Is it oppression or suppression?
Is it all sorts of negativities, bad attitude and characters?
Is it obstinacy or selfishness?
The ball lies in your court and it is duty to decide which part you will choose and what path you will trend upon.
Tope Alabi is doing well in shaping the destiny of many now and the destinies of the future generation is being shaped by her lyrics now.
Her music is becoming a nexus between old generation and new generation.
She is doing her bit and she will be remembered for it.
What are you doing now in adding values to this generation in that small space occupied by you?
What are people around you saying about you?
Are you known for good deeds or bad deeds?
No one is perfect and no one is expected to near perfection.
You cannot push out negative force to people around you and you will expect them to accept such. They will push it back to you in the same measure and quantity.
It is never too late for you to change your ways’ changed life is possible only when you are alive,you cannot get it done when you are no more.
When we are still alive,let’s do all to be an addition to this generation.
No one wants a burden.
Be a blessing to others not a burden.

©mlstcommunications 2019


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