Are you loosing your grip?

Recently,I was bothered about myself being unable to publish a single book this year.


Later, I promised myself that next year will never be allowed to roll out without a single book been traced to me as the author, at least E-book.


Then, compilation of ideas, thoughts and words started and I made up my mind that the new year will start with a book published by me.


In spite of this decision, it came with an ample of challenges,stress and sweat that made me to spend hours on my seat yesterday in order to make something out of nothing.


At the end the beauty of a new E-book emerged and I was extremely satisfied that my effort was not in vain.


Life and all its exigencies are akin to my experience yesterday.There is nothing that one decides to do in life that would be rosy.


Every decision always come with series of challenges, dissappointment and failures that if someone is not careful, such idea might end up suffocated without it seein the light of the day.


Anyone that desire getting anything done in life must be ready to be committed and sacrificial with many hours that would be burnt off to make it a success.


How have you been feeling presently with your projects and desires?


Are you giving up?


Are you throwing in the towel?


Life is a battle that no one would escape fighting in this battle.If you fail in planning and preparing for the battle of life, you will end up becoming something irrelevant in the scope of things while you are alife.


I want you to know that you are not wired as a human being to give up.


You are not created to chicken out.


You are made to fight and be victorious.


You are wired to be succesful in everything you put your mind upon no matter how tedious and hard such endeavour might look time.


Time and season has a way of making our effort to look immaterial and unsuccesful but it is necessary that the best you can do is to keep such endeavour aside and keep working on it until it becomes succesful.


There are times of failures.


There are times of success.




wishes 1.jpeg


No matter the timing, the best is for you is to keep working and keep making things around you going.


Time will come when such a thing will become succesful and you will be glad you have done something meaningful while you are existing.


The evil someone can do to himself or herself is to fold his or her hand doing nothing as a source of contribution to humanity while on earth because our presence on earth is for contribution to humanity.


“No matter the situation around whatever you are doing right now,the best you can do to yourself is to hold on and keep the flag flying by adding to it gradually until it becomes successful.”


Keep the ace while you hold the pace.


Do not loose your grip.


©mlstcommunications 2019



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