I have been in argument with so many people in recent times over the level of decadence in LAGOS state presently that confirmed the kind of low ebb performance of the man at the helm of affairs.

In the course of argument,I realised that the led do more evil to leadership than what we think our leaders are doing.

Flimsy excuses and lean defence were made on behalf of our leaders that made someone to keep thinking how our society has become compromised to the level of moral and intellectual decadence.

Reading the caption on “Pulse Nigeria” yesterday about how the present Lagos State government agreed that his performance is below expectation.

This confirmed that he is a leader that listen to himself and his level of reasoning is human.

This sorts of self appraisal is rare in this part of the world,and it is what is needed for self discovery that would attract self development that is needed for a leader to perform to the expectations expected from them at any point in time.

With the kind of experience I had recently,I realised that it is better for any leader that wants to perform well to take time to listen and peruse over whatever people that are tagged Wailers are pushing across in reality and on virtual space—social media.

Many of the so called hailers and supporters are enemies of progress that open their eyes but refused to see and listen to the voice of reasoning.

Sanwo-Olu and Hamzat need to buckle up and study the templates Fashola maximised in making LAGOS State a toast of other states when he was at the helm of affairs.

Lagos needs a change in every facet of human and material development.

Infracstructures are in bad shape and it will be better for all of us to address this lacuna on time so that residents will understand that Lagos State has started becoming what it ought to be as a State that is practically on the move to be among the best place on earth where people can stay as a normal human being.

Notwithstanding, someone needs to appreciate Sanwo-Olu for being mature in owing up to himself that his performance is below expectation for now.

We hope that changes will surface gradually.

Wailers should continue wailing.

Hailers should have a change of mind.

As for me,I will always wail for good governance and better performance.This will forever be my contribution to humanity as long as I am living.


©mlstcommunications 2019

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