With the experiences and observations made by me in the couple of two months,I realised in practical that to be a good mother is not by mere wishful thinking but a practical desire that demands practical level of commitment.
Seen many grandmothers scrambling to stay and sleep with their daughter-laws or daughters during and after delivery is a role that does not belong to anyone who is not prepare. A woman needs a heart filled with love and compassion to nurse,train and tutor her children and grandchildren in the course of her existence on earth.
This is one of the major reason that made the welfare of a girl child to be as important as the life we are living.
It will not be an aberration to submit that a girl child or a woman is the engine room of human creation.
It is a pity that many female folks have no understanding of their purpose in the course of their existence on earth,a reason behind the unacceptable ways they are fond of behaving in the Society.
The good ones must be praised and the bad ones must be encouraged to have a better understanding of their role as it relates to human creation.
Motherhood is all about a show of strength and valour.It is not about fashion,jamboree and partying.
It is not for the weak and the lazy.
Motherhood entails been available in all ramifications for people around you from your children to your great grand children.
It is a way of life that every girl child must be tutored about and every girl child must see a reason in becoming one that will not just be there but end up becoming the hope of generation unborn.
From the depth of my heart,I celebrates every good mothers.
My mum,my wife,my daughter and all the good women around me.
Generations unborn will continue to talk about you all.



This is simply dedicated to the Celebration of the girl child that happened recently all over the world.
Our girls or daughters are the anchor of light in our life’s and our mothers as are the pillar of human continuity on earth.
They made human continuity possible with love, dedication and commitment that is divine and natural.
May God bless our daughters.
May God bless our mothers.




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