How joint collaboration between Interpol and EFCC caught MOMPHA.

 Popular IG big Mompha is currently in the custody of the EFCC

– A spokesperson of the crimes commission confirmed Mompha’s arrest

– Although the reason for his arrest is yet to be disclosed, sources say that he was picked up for alleged graft


Nigerians on social media woke up to the news that flamboyant Nigerian big boy Ismaila Mustapha popularly known as Mompha, has been arrested by the Interpol.

The individual who works as a bureau de change operator in his country of residence, Dubai, was said to have visited Nigeria for some personal business before his arrest.

According to reports by Premium Times, the wealthy individual was arrested in connection to alleged graft, and is currently in the custody of the commission in Lagos.


The report noted that a spokesperson for the Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), identified as Wilson Uwujaren, confirmed the arrest of Mompha by anti-graft detectives. He, however, refused to give full details of the arrest.

It was further gathered that Mompha’s arrest was a joint collaboration between Interpol and the EFCC.

Although, Nigeria’s head of Interpol, Umar Garba, who said he was well aware of the situation, maintained that the EFCC should be in charge of everything regarding the case.


In a related story, previously gathered that several social media users on popular micro blogging platform, Twitter, received the news of Mompha’s arrest with mixed reactions. Many used the opportunity to speak against the larger than life lifestyle that the man usually portrays online.

It was also noted that the individual intimidates people with his lavish display of wealth, despite keeping the source of his income unknown.





How Saraki forfeited his houses in Ikoyi to EFCC.

The Federal High Court in Lagos on Monday ordered the forfeiture of houses in Ikoyi belonging to former Kwara State governor and ex-Senate President, Bukola Saraki.

Justice Mohammed Liman made the temporary forfeiture order following an ex parte application by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

The EFCC said the landed property “lying and known as No. 17A McDonald Road, Ikoyi,” was reasonably suspected to have been acquired with proceeds of unlawful activity.


It alleged in a supporting affidavit that Saraki, who served two terms as Kwara State governor between 2003 and 2011, “withdrew over N12bn cash from the account of the Kwara State Government and paid same into his accounts domiciled in Access and Zenith banks through one of his personal assistants, Abdul Adama, at different intervals.”

The EFCC lawyer, Nnaemeka Omewa, said the court was empowered to order the temporary forfeiture of the landed assets to the Federal Government.

Justice Liman agreed with him.

After ordering the temporary forfeiture of the property, the judge directed the EFCC to publish the order in a national newspaper.

He gave 14 days for Saraki or anyone interested in the property to appear before him to show cause why the property should not be permanently forfeited to the Federal Government.

Meanwhile, Saraki has stated that the judge was misled into making the forfeiture order.


In a statement by his Special Adviser (Media and Publicity), Yusuph Olaniyonu, Saraki said neither him nor his lawyers were aware of any application by the EFCC for any forfeiture order.

He said there was a subsisting court order issued by the Federal High Court, Abuja, in which the same property was a subject matter and where the EFCC and the Federal Ministry of Justice were parties. The court in that case gave an order restraining the EFCC from taking any further action until the matter was determined.

“We are sure the FHC judge in Lagos was not aware of all these facts and has therefore been misled into giving the temporary forfeiture order. The affected property, House Number 17 A and 17B, was specifically listed in the case against him at the Code of Conduct Tribunal in which the EFCC was part of the prosecution and the case went up to the Supreme Court where the apex court in its July 6, 2018 judgment ruled in his favour.

“The Supreme Court has ruled that the source of funds for the purchase of the property was not illicit as claimed by the prosecution. On pages 12, 13 and 26 of the judgment of the highest court, this particular property on 17A McDonald Street, Ikoyi, was specifically referred to and the court upheld the no case submission of Dr. Saraki and therefore ruled in his favour.

“We know that any action which tends to mislead the court amounts to misrepresentation and it is a good ground for us to get the court to throw away the order it issued today. We are sure the order will be reversed.

“We therefore call on all the friends, associates and supporters of Dr Saraki to remain calm because we know this action will not stand when the court gets to hear the side of the former Senate President,” the statement stated.







As Lagos State is the only metropolitan and cosmopolitan city in Nigeria and it has been a State that has been known for her large population with the largest booming economy in Nigeria having an internally generated revenue that is far above that of other States in Nigeria.





As Lagos state is just like every other community across  the length and breadth of the world bedevilled by one challenge or the other,one cannot in anyway look down on the effect of one of the worst challenge been faced by residents of Lagos which has been a known challenge but the solutions to it is still far fetched.


As Lagos State is ascribed to be Largest economy in sub-saharan Africa,one needs to consider the impact of a City that is working and functioning in accordance to what is been experienced in other Cities of the world.

The recent realities by commutters in Lagos State especially in the rush hours of the day is becoming quite overwhelming and it is a pointer to the fact that we are yet to achieve the desired dream of a developed city that can stand at par with other developed cities in the world.


No doubt about it,many methodologies and approaches have been applied to douse the effect of traffic congestion in Lagos State but little has been achieved with solutions along the line of construction of good roads and maintenance.

One could observed that it has been much ado about nothing.

Then,this demand a kind of change in methodologies and approaches that might be a way out of this socio-economic syndrome that is making the existence of many to become unbearable.

Some of the approaches needed  to solve the challenge of traffic congestion in Lagos State might be:

1.Expansion of Hinterland Roads:Hinterland roads in Lagos are narrow and there is need for many to be expanded.
2.Urban and regional Planning  Departmentof each Local Government Authorities in Lagos State should do the needful in being professional in the discharge of their duties.Residents must be enforced to adhere to the planning arrangement of the City.
3.Ministry of works and housing in Lagos State have a lot to do in ensuring that our roads are worthy of use.This can be achieved when there is a periodical mainteneance arrangement for roads constructed at one point in time.

4.Infracstructues in Lagos surbubs should be upped with provision of relevant infracstructures to this areas which might end up discouraging many residents from lobbying to find a place or a space in the City centres.
5.The need for light rail should be looked into so that the large fleets of cars on our roads can fizzle out.How can a city of almost 30million people have no functioning rail way system.It is a form of deliberate punishment for the entire residents of Lagos State whereby there is no efficient rail service that could cater for the teeming populations of commutters in the entire state.
6.There should be a periodical system of road maintenance across the length and breadth of the state.This should be quarterly carried out.Construction of good roads are good in itself but it becomes better when there is arrangement for maintenance of such facilities which must be adhered to and followed up as a form of statutory responsibility.
7.A particular department in every Local Government should be saddled with statutory responsibility of maintaining drainages because bad drainages constitutes immensely to road damage.Many of the damaged roads in Lagos State can be seen to have been affected by poor or bad drainage system that are weak in accommodating the flow of waters from one point to another which end up discharging such surface water to wash away roads been constructed.


8.Ther should be implemetation of strict environmental Laws that will be designed to protect the environment from indiscriminate dumping of waste and refuse into the water bodies through the drainage system provided by the government becuase this has a way of blocking the drainage system with water pushing its way through the surface of the roads constructed by government thereby weakling the tarmac ending in the dilapidation of roads contructed.
Having some of these being put into consideration will go a long way in enhancing the overall development of the State,infracstructure provided will be protected and the the cost of living with the cost of doing business in Lagos State would end up been convenient for residents of Lagos State.


To an extent,if some of these are put in place,the issue of traffic congestion in Lagos State might fizzle out gradually to a large extent which will make commutting in Lagos to be a jolly ride as it is expected to be.


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