I am still wondering and pondering about the hypocritical reaction and fake responses that accompanied the University of Lagos cold room saga.
Our society feigned ignorance as if to say we are oblivious that such level of indiscipline just surfaced suddenly.
It is a pity that the level of inhumanity portrayed in the cold room saga has been in existence as African society itself.
Someone will ask me ‘how’
I could remember vividly a tale of this kind of indiscipline relayed to me by an elder when I left secondary school which has to do about teachers in the olden days having carnal knowledge of their students.
Later at a point in time,I was able to watch a particular comedy by one of the old popular comedian,if not Baba Sala or one of its colleagues then.

And I can remember one lyrics in the comedy that says:


Tisa o!
Tisa o!
Tisa o!
A o yo e o!
A fomo tiyin,
E n basun…..



We will remove you because you are sleeping with the students we put in your custody or care.


sh 1
This comedy and the lyrics therein dated back years ago and I think people older than me can remember.
It is a comedy that push across what is happening in our society then but no one bothers to give a damn about such.
Though,it was not widely spread as it is now but it has been in the fabrics of our society since.
Likewise, while I was in Secondary school,there were stories of many ladies befriending male teachers then and it cut across every Secondary school then but I have never heard about anyone of the male teacher punished for such till now.
So, while are we making a hypocritical fuss about the cold room saga.
Not that I am in support of such despicable act but it should not be surprising to any one of us who knows what our society has turned into in the past and in the present.
While many of us limit our thoughts and search light to government universities alone,we should not be too frugal with our sense of reasoning in the sense that many of the so called private universities and institutions have staffs and workers who are guilty of this despicable act that is against conscience.


sh 2
Our conscience in this part of the world is seared and no system is in place to curb and control indiscipline.
Those who decided to be disciplined are taken as fools in our society just because they see reasons in their efforts to walk on the right path.
Kudos to the BBC journalist that did everything possible to push the dirtiness we are covering out and many of us can see clearly that most of the spirituality and religiosity displayed by us are fake and it is filled with dirtiness and indiscipline.
The Professor found culpable in OAU is a Reverend and the god of UNILAG cold room caught by BBC investigation is also a Pastor in a Pentecostal church.
Just as our institution of learning are been investigated,our corporate world should be investigated too and many of us will understand that indiscipline is the order of the day.
Sexual harassment is as popular as the life we are living even elementary schools are not left behind.
This confirmed the reason why many of us should be careful so that we will not be a Victim of animals in human clothing who are on the loose looking for prey.
No doubt about it our, hypocrisy stinks to high heaven.




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