While you crave for the desires of your heart and while you do everything in your capacity to see that the desires of your heart is fulfilled,you should never forget that this world is not about you alone but it is created for the sole purpose of you and others.
Whatever you are doing, whatever you might be running after and whatever might be given you satisfaction at this moment must have a human face that is centred around genuine Love towards one another.
The story of creation would have been insufficient if creation is all about one man but the story became meaningful because it made provisions for the birth of other people which made the world we are living to have a population of around 7 billion people of which you and I are part of the digit.
God would have been selfish if He made provisions for Adam alone at the point of creation but God fulfilled a purpose that gave you and I an opportunity of existence when God created Eve.
This was made possible through love.
Love is the purpose that must be fulfilled by everyone and it should not be done based on any factor.
Love should be carried out beyond racial, ethnic and religious affiliation.
Every human being should be treated as important as life is and no approach to oppress or subject anyone should be allowed to prosper.
Those who treat others based on skin colour and along ethnic and religious divides are sick and they should be subjected to psychological observation and analysis.
We are all thesame.
No one is superior than others.
This is why that in spite the technological and scientific advancement the world is experiencing,the modus operandi of reproduction involving man and woman remain thesame,the process of conception is thesame and the method of giving birth is still thesame.
Likewise,the birth of a new born child remain thesame.
It is only when we start living that many put on the toga of pride and speciality that is based on things that is transient and ephemeral.
And it is quite funny that no matter how special you think you are and no matter how fortunate you believe you are,you are not going to live the world alive.
So, as our entry into the world is the same, so also our exit is the same and no one entered with something and no one will leave with anything.
When you are coming,you come with nothing and when you are going,you will go with nothing.
What is the fuss and noise about how special and fortunate you are?
The possession at your disposal has a time frame and others or strangers will soon take over.
Where are the great men of old?
Even they have become irrelevant before they died.
The only thing you can leave behind is your love for your fellow brothers and sisters.
Love is the purpose of your existence which you must fulfill while you are alive.


The fulfilment of purpose desired by you can only be fully expressed by your love for your neighbor.



©mlstcommunications 2019

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