The recent realities by commutters in Lagos State especially in the rush hours of the day is becoming quite overwhelming and it is a pointer to the fact that we are yet to achieve the desired dream of a developed city that can stand at par with other developed cities in the world.

No doubt about it,many methodologies and approaches have been applied to douse the effect of traffic congestion in Lagos but little has been achieved with solutions along the line of construction of good roads and maintenance.

One could observed that it has been much ado about nothing.

Then,this demand a kind of change in methodologies and approaches that might be a way out of this socio-economic syndrome that is making the existence of many to become unbearable.







Some of the approaches needed might be:

1.Hinterland roads in Lagos are narrow and there is need for many to be expanded.

2.Urban and regional planning of each Local Government Authorities in Lagos State should do the needful in being professional in the discharge of their duties.

3.Ministry of works and housing in Lagos State have a lot to do in ensuring that our roads are worthy of use.

4.Infracstructues in Lagos surbubs should be upped.

5.The need for light rail should be looked into so that the large fleets of cars on our roads can fizzle out.How can a city of almost 30million people have no functioning rail way system.

6.There should be a periodical system of road maintenance across the length and breadth of the state.This should be quarterly carried out.

7.A particular department in every Local Government should be saddled with statutory responsibility of maintaining drainages because bad drainages constitutes immensely to road damage.

To an extent,if some of this is put in place,the issue of traffic congestion in Lagos State might fizzle out gradually to a large extent which will make commutting in Lagos to be a jolly ride as it is expected to be.


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