When will you start listening to God?

I was the only passenger in a bus on Saturday- 3rd of October 2015 on my way to work.At Obawole Junction the driver and the conductor parked to check if they can get more passengers.


So, they kept me and others waiting.


It’s getting to 6:30am and I must clocked in before 7:00am, they were even contemplating on going back to start  looking for passengers all over again.I became pensive and a little bit disturbed thinking about getting a moving bus that will take me out of Obawole on time.
At the point of getting down, my Spirit man received a word that I should wait ‘tell the driver to move forward, passengers are waiting for him in other bus stop’.I felt a little reluctant to deliver the message because I thought he might not believe me.
Amidst my reluctance another word came that ‘this bus will be filled up before you get to Ogba’ but as I was about telling the driver, he started the ignition.


prayer 2
To my amazement, from one bus stop to another, passenger kept boarding my bus until we get to Ogba.With my two eyes opened, God fulfilled His word.
Prayer simply connotes a two- way communication between man and God.

Prayer involves discussion with God and waiting for God to respond.Your prayer is incomplete without God’s response.


From creation, God intention is to have deep relation,friendship and fellowship with mankind.


Nothing can be more desirable than having a personal relationship and fellowship with God.God is looking for believers that will relate with Him without any medium.As it is in the days of Samuel as a little boy, God speaks loud and clear—1st Samuel 3 vs 1-7, Genesis 2 vs 1-25.
God’s response to your request is what herald the fulfillment and establishment of His promise and purpose for you–Joshua 21 vs 43, Luke 21 vs 33.

Praying fervently is good but listening fervently is better.



prayer 3.jpeg

When you develop your Spirit man to listen to God, you will enjoy a productive prayer life.
Have you been praying to God?

Have you been waiting for GOD’S divine plan and purpose to be established in your life?
Have you been spending your time listening to God for response?


I am glad to tell you  that the solution is when you take your time listening.

It was when Samuel listened to Prophet Eli and later listened to God that God’s plan for him and the children of Israel was delivered–1st Samuel 3 .


Don’t be too busy and occupied to listen to the voice of God.
God’s desire is for humanity to listen to HIS voice.
As you pray without ceasing, listen without ceasing.
A productive prayer life style demand listening attentively.
Never bother yourself with the simplicity of my story, be bothered about the simplicity of the lesson and the message.
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