Sometimes ago,I made a post concerning the above topic but the post buttress on a national interest demanding that a nation like Nigeria needs a kind of leadership that can identify the basics and ensure that they build on it gradually.

Now,there is a need to look deeply into another channel at which we can leverage on the basics but it rallies around maximising the basics in our personal life.

Recently,I have been using the services of UBER to move from one point to another.

One thing I noticed is the 99 percent perfection of such a wonderful idea that is really transforming the face of transportation in Nigeria.

This made me to think deep and get mad at the numbers of car owners around me that complain about not having enough money to take care of their personal obligations and needs.

It is a pity that many people are in abject poverty due to nothing but the state of their mind that has been programmed to be a reflection of penury.

How can you have a good car at your disposal and you will see no reason why you should use it for UBER Service at this point in time?




Having a car that is not been used to make extra money might be draining you financially since the maintenance of automobile is another source of financial wastage that anyone struggling to have streams of finances might be unable to cope with.

The face of transportation is changing in Nigeria and I am still wondering why many Nigerians are not seen the prospect in such a laudable turn around that one need to adopt as a source of making extra bucks of money.

Your car is one of the basics that you think will make you to be more convenient and comfortable,and if you change your mind and maximised it appropriately,you can end up being more convenient and comfortable by leveraging on it to launch yourself into financial gains that is in accordance to your status quo.

Never think that such an idea will be a minus to you,any idea that adds value to anything,no matter how it is carried should never be look down on .

Stop lamenting and complaining.

If you have assets at your disposal that you can leverage on,do not hesitate to do it.

Your good car might be a liability to you and people around you,but if you decide to leverage on it by changing your mindset,it can end up becoming an asset.


A word is always enought for those who are humble enough to be wise.


©mlstcommunications 2019

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