No doubt about it,it is a known fact that our challenges in this part of the world is quite enormous and scary with no single form of solutions in sight to douse the effect of the anomalies and abnormalities that were created and moulded by maladministration rooted in  visionless leadership our dear nation is blessed with.

What do I mean by “leveraging on the basics”?

The basics in this write up simply connotes some of the basic achievements been experienced in the day-to -day realities an average man on the streets is experiencing in terms of low cost of procurring some certain goods recently.

It is on record that some areas of residence in Lagos State are enjoying good electricity supply of which my area of residence have been enjoying hours of uninterrupted power supply recently.


This improvement in Electricity supply is out of the blue and it is an achievement that no one ever expected in this part of the world since Nigeria has a nation has been plaqued with por electricity supply for ages.


This improvement is an indication that if Nigeria as a nation can look inward and think about what could be done to address the issue of poor electricity supply practically and proactively,the issue of poor electricity supply would end up becoming a thing of the past.


This can be achieved when the approach of Nigerian government about providing good infrastructure becomes a priority and approaches about developing basic amenities that will have a chain value addition on the quality of living of Nigerians are put in place.

In another vein,the downward trend that the cost of cooking gas is experiencing is amazing going by the fact that the last purchase of 12.5kg of gas I bought was at #3000 from#3500 I use to buy it.And it has gone down to #2800 recently.

With thease two realities mentioned above,one could noticed that it is not difficult for the economy of our dear nation to improve if only we are ready to put what is right in place.

If the cost of every basic necessities of life keeps going down gradually,poverty will surely fizzle out and our dear nation will be known for a viable economy.

A good and a viable economy is neither by magic nor it is gotten by space science,  it is resident in the accumulation and investment of ideas and methodology that are potent enough in empowering the masses through the provision of basic amenities that could drive the economy and made it viable.

If electricity supply improves,more cottage industry will spring up and more people will become employed leading to a kind of competition in the production of goods and services that will end up making the cost of such goods and services to go down gradually.






A good electricity supply drives the economy to be competitive and it is when the economy becomes competitive that the cost of production will do down with prices of goods and services having a downward trend that is natural.

This becomes achievable when all the parameters necessary to make the economy of the country are looked into one after the other.


One of the basic parameters needed to be looked into is the provision of infrastructure and basic amenities that has a direct impact and influence on the living standards of average Nigerians.


Some of these basic amenities will become a driving force that will help in developing small and medium scale enterprises that has been known to be the foundation of every developed economy all over the world.


It is of essence for leaders in this part of the world to think deeply and develop blueprint about how the Nigerian economy can become viable in a short period of time.


Having a viable economy in Nigeria is the only solution to some of the vices and social evil that seems to be overlwhelming the Nigerian society.It will contribute extensively to douse the ever increasing insecurity challenges been experienced across the length and breadth of the Nigerian society.


If a larger percentage of our teeming youth are catered for through social welfare schemes with many been gainfully employed,the waves of insecurity will experience a natural death.


All these can be achieved when the economic parameter that will drive the achievemnet of viable economy is provided and it all rallies around the provision of basic amenities.


Let’s continue to leverage on the basics.


The kind of improvement observed in electricity supply can also be extended to other sectors of the economy  gradually.


Once other sectors started picking up by being efficient and effective,the Nigerian economy will have a hope of becoming better gradually.


©Mlstcommunications 2019.

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