There is a need for everyone living and existing to engage the consciousness and sensitivity that is needed and required in birthing a Society of our dream.
No matter how deep and passionate our dream for an eggalitarian Society might be,it can never be possible if the Millenia is not carried along.
The beauty of the future of the entire human race lies deeply in the ability of the Millenia to understand that the fulcrum of an enviable tomorrow lies in their hands.
What is my drift all about?
I was in the office of a Photographer in my neighbourhood this morning and I was amazed and disappointed that the office was still under lock and key as at 09:32am.
I was about descending the stair case with fury on my face when one of the young lad that is working with the owner of the outlet emerged from the blues.
I challenged him and told him that I was about calling or chatting with his boss to inform him about his office being on lock and key till 09:32 am.
He looked scared and I embarrassed him further that how on earth he is just resuming.
This really baffles me and it disturb my conscience and consciousness about the breed of youth that are presently available in our society now.
It is a confirmation that many youth are lazy and they are not seen any reason for change of attitude.




“When a Society is filled with young minds they have no respect and references for punctuality, no one needs any form of clairvoyance to understand that such a Society is doomed and deeply on the fast lane to perdition and irredeemable destruction”.

It is high time that many of us who have been quiet in speaking out raise our voices to correct the sorts of anomalies and abnormalities that are available and cheap in our society.
Punctuality is one of the attributes that confirmed how serious and reasonable any inhabitants of a Society should be.
Without such an attribute on display, one needs to know that there is a missing gap and disconnection between those are ahead and those that are behind.
If your dream rallies round a safe and secured Society, you might not get such dream essentially until you build the platform that will make such dream to be fulfilled.
Such a platform simply connotes our youth that will end up holding the fulcrum of the society in the near future.


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