The recent happenings around us and the current realities at our disposal made my line of thought to be fixed on upgrading the mindset of many of us.
This has made my recent write up to be along this path of thinking.
Our minds is the seat of thought that we are all blessed with which becomes a reality at the end.
In other not to digress from the main subject of this topic,I will like to ask us one simple question?
The question is:
Do you have a mind that crave for all?
Many have given excuses in support of the recent waves of criminalized and vices that are committed by many Nigerians in and out of the country as a result of economic woes the entire country is passing through.
However,the recent FBI enlistment of 80 Nigerians committing monetarily fraud made me to ask myself a question this morning which bother on the fact that these people committed this crime in the USA of America.
The question is:
How can people who have the opportunity of residing in a country which is known as a land of opportunity across the entire world put their hands into crime?
When I look into it deeply, I realized that irrespective of the geographical location, religious affiliation, tribal lineage and social class, many people are blessed with a mind that is insatiable.
An insatiable mindset will build an insatiable orientation that crave for all.It is a mind that can never be satisfied with what he or she has.

It is a mind that believed that everything must be available all the time.
This is a kind of mindset that keeps many people on their toes all the time to look for ways to make more at the expense of everything that is around.
They don’t care about whose ox is gored as long as their needs and wants are met even to the extent of killing, maiming and shedding of blood.
They destroy anything that would stand on their way in order for their lavish lifestyle to be satisfied.
This is the kind of mindset that is making the entire African Nation to be less developed than other nations of the world.
It must be noted that such mindset is anti-progressive and anti-developmental.
It cuts across many institutions and corporate organization.

A situation whereby whatever belongs to your staff is being trapped upon by you or the Caucasus built by you shows how desperate, selfish and anti-human you are.
The worst of this mindset is that it doesn’t give respect to any organizational system at all.

This is the reason why our so called places of worship are even worse off in terms of corruption and embezzlement of funds or whatever belongs to the church and the needy.
Then, how can you stay above the tide of this mentality:
1.Your value should not be premised on what you have or your material possessions.
2.Develop a matured mentality that will choke your extreme crave for being in possession of all.
3.Endeavour to belong to the right company of people, associates, relatives, colleagues and friends.
4.Develop a mentality of satisfaction and contentment.
5.Always tell yourself that covetousness is against the will of God.
6.Refrain from being desperate in achieving your aim and objectives.
7.Always put others first in your drive to achieve more.
8.Endeavour that your drive to achieve more place value on human accompany with the recognition of human dignity and respect for the sanctity of human life.
9.Always know that nobody cuts corner in achieving a feat without regretting such feat.
10.Always a place a demand on yourself that you will always do the right thing no matter how tight or impossible situation on ground might be.
Anyone who see reasons in any of the aforementioned points will be free from the mindset that crave for all.

As the mindset is the seat of thought, it is the place whereby the real you resides, therefore the need to develop it is essential for your growth and that of the entire society.


©Mlstcommunications 2019.

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